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05 Exciting Water Sports to Enjoy in Maldives – Archipelago of Many Treats

Maldives consists of over 1000 islands hence your holiday will be spent on and in the Indian Ocean most of the time. Water sports are huge thrills offering endless options of fun; read on for the best


Scuba Diving in Maldives

One of the world's best scuba diving locations the Maldives is not short of amazing places to explore. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean harbour an innumerable range of marine life from the smallest colourful coral fish to the large elusive whale sharks. The coral atolls are utterly stunning with a huge variety of sea fans, anemones, black coral, soft coral and hard coral in a myriad of colours to observe. The underwater caves, swim-throughs and tunnels are exciting to explore while the wrecks are similar to another world harbouring sea plants and fish of various types. You will love diving amongst the reef sharks, playing with the dolphins and staring in awe at the huge manta rays circling overhead. Choose from Maldives holiday packages offering varied experiences such as live aboard dive tours on a yacht's; these circle the coral atolls and drop anchor at the best dive spots.


Snorkelling in Maldives

One of the most popular and easiest water sports to enjoy across the archipelago all a snorkelling tour requires is the ability to swim and wear mask, snorkel and flippers. These you can take along, rent or buy. Just about all coral reefs in Maldives can be reached by simply swimming from the beach of your chosen resort. The coral beds are gorgeous colourful havens where fish of all sizes and hues dwell. Don't be surprised if a lazy turtle swims by you or a curious dolphin comes close for a better view. Mind you snorkelling tours too are available for families to explore the atolls, swim and snorkel in hidden bays and enjoy a picnic on a sandy beach. This is all part of the adventure and romance of Maldives; choose well by selecting the ideal escapade at Vacation Maldives.


Wind Surfing in the Lagoons

The secluded lagoons around the little islands are ideal for practising your windsurfing skills; besides, there are skilled instructors who will readily show you the ropes for skimming across the water. The lagoons are ideal for learning the sport as waves are minimal and water's quite smooth. Once you get the hang of it the entire Indian Ocean is yours to enjoy.


Island Hopping

Island hopping is a treat; the experiences are varied and very memorable. Do take along the cameras for pictures of isolated islands, verdant jungles and sun bleached white sand beaches on which you will chill. Explore the uninhabited islands and the local ones too. There you will taste tradition and culture; watch a fresh catch being brought in and mingle with the simple fisher folk.


Deep Sea Fishing

A fisher nation at heart the Maldives is the best place for a fishing tour. The ocean is blessed with a variety of big game fish and not even an amateur will come away empty handed. Professionals will enjoy the tours while novices will pick up the skills in no time with the aid of experienced instructors.