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Prestige Health Care Services, Inc.

Home Health Care in Worcester Massachusetts - Call 508-757-7878 and ask our friendly staff about Skilled Nursing, Home Health Aide and Physical Therapy.

The Importance of Vaccination for Senior Adults

Senior adults are more likely to contract illnesses such as flu or pneumonia due to their weakening immune systems. Vaccination is highly recommended even for adults to avoid contracting and spreading chronic diseases or conditions. Prestige Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts understands the importance of vaccination for senior adults. Home health care includes ensuring our patients the best state of their health. Our home health care in Worcester, Massachusetts is aware that as you get older, you may be at risk for vaccine-preventable diseases due to your age, job, travel, or health conditions, which is why we have listed some important vaccinations for senior adults: — Read More

Avoiding Medication Mistakes Among Senior Adults

It is important to have proper medication management among seniors. Being negligent and careless about taking medication may have dangerous and fatal health consequences. According to government estimates, more than 125,000 die annually, in the United States due to failure to take medication properly. It is very common to acquire home health care to get assistance with some services, one of which is medication management. Prestige Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts is proud to provide such service to senior adults. — Read More

How to Handle Senior Adults Complaining About Medicating

It is very common to experience resistance or hesitation when it comes to having your senior loved ones take their medication. It is important to understand that this is normal and that your frustration isn’t warranted. Prestige Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts understands this common predicament. Our home health care in Worcester, Massachusetts have trained, skilled and compassionate caregivers and nurses who deal with having to gently convince senior adults to take their medication on a regular basis. Reluctance to take medication can be due to a number of factors, including: — Read More

Uranium: Frequently Asked Questions

In a public health statement from ATSDR’s Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences (DTHHS) determines uranium as one of the most hazardous substances in the environment. It is a naturally occurring radioactive element, when the contaminant (uranium) is released in industrial plants or in a bottle, it can harmfully affect one’s health when one inhales, ingests, or has it in contact with the skin. Because of its strong radiation, when one is constantly exposed to it, it can result in cancer. — Read More

Senior Health: How Recreational Activities Let You Gain More Years

Recreational activities are all about making the most of your time. It is about recreating the things that you used to do when you were a younger adult or when you were a child. These activities have helped you in the development of certain aspects in your life and now that you are in the process of losing them, well, you do not have to lose them anymore and this is because of recreational activities. — Read More

Getting Older: 4 Strategies on How You Can Cope with Aging

Most people are very much afraid to accept the fact that they cannot live alone due to the threats of their health and all that. Whether it is pride or fears that makes most seniors difficult to talk with when it comes to assistance, Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. can help you and your elders survive the problems when dealing with aging. We provide the best home health care in Worcester, Massachusetts to answer the needs of your loved ones and today, we give you the best advices we have to help your elders deal with aging: — Read More

The 5 Common Health Problems Among Seniors

As we enter stages in our lives, our bodies undergo different changes. You may notice the wrinkles on a grandfather’s face or the weak sense of hearing from a grandmother. You may also notice your parents being forgetful in the age of 40 to 50. All these cannot be ignored. With aging comes different problems that will affect one’s daily functioning. You should be aware of these as you grow older so that you can make use of what you have today. Here are the five common health problems among senior citizens. — Read More

Three Reasons Why Home Health Care Will Not Work For You

You notice that a lot of the other patients in the hospital that you are in have packed their bag and have gone home in the last few months. Your family members have, for long, been asking you to consider getting Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts. But no, you don’t want to even think about home health care or personal caregivers.

We Help your Seniors Deal with the Loss of Taste

The aging process is characterized by the loss of stamina and energy, loss of physical health, agility and flexibility, loss of memory, loss of tight skin, shiny hair and toned muscles. It seems that the wisdom we gain from many years of experience comes at a cost and the consequences of aging affects everybody. In seniors, the loss of taste is another example.

Facts You Need to Know About Home Health Care

Home health care is probably one of the most preferred care services seniors opt for. It is convenient, personal and professional. A senior could easily be satisfied with this type of service for he or she does not have to adapt to the environment. Plus, it is even of great comfort for the older adult for the service can be given in just a call away.

Balance Exercise for the Elderly

Prestige Health Care Services, Inc. is one of the many providers of Home Health Care in Worcester, Massachusetts that you can rely on. We offer various treatments like the following: