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Updated by Michael Kuwabara on May 29, 2018
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Top 10 Pawn Shops Near Atlanta Georgia (with images)

Looking for pawn shops in Atlanta? Avoid getting scammed by local sharks and choose from our list of top pawnbrokers in the ATL.

Chapes-JPL in Atlanta, GA - Call 404-504-7021

Chapes-JPL is by far the best pawn shop in Atlanta Georgia. It's difficult to find another broker that will loan more money while charging less interest. In addition to its lavish office, you'll enjoy a sense of confidentiality that can only be compared to a doctor's office. Take it from them, "Chapes-JPL is ranked Atlanta’s top pawn shop for one reason: We loan out more money at the nation's lowest rates. Click & Experience the Difference!"


Southland Pawn & Jewelry in Valdosta, GA

These guys make going to a pawn shop a family affair. You'll get that good ole "southern hospitality" and fairness that is rarely seen in pawn shops. Unfortunately, they're still stuck in the 90s and don't even have a website!

Acme Pawn in Jonesboro, GA

Customer service is the name of their game and they're good at it. They accept a wide variety of items including musical instruments and electronics. Acme is just as good of place to buy as it is to sell.


Jerry's Pawn in Atlanta, GA

Jerry's Pawn in Atlanta, GA

They were once one of the top three pawn shops in Atlanta but ever since they were acquired by EZCORP, they've been getting negative reviews. Nonetheless, they still rank higher than most pawn shops near Atlanta.

Dynasty Pawn in Norcross, GA

These guys boast an almost perfect rating on Yelp, enough said. Dynasty specializes in buying and selling jewelry. They've been in business since 1987 and are one the few places in Norcross that you can trust with your jewelry.

Norcross Pawn in Norcross, GA

Norcross Pawn is the smoothest pawnbroker you'll ever encounter in Georgia and that's a good thing. The process of pawning can't be made any easier and more efficient than the way Norcross does it. Kudos to the exterior and logo designer!

Delk Road Pawn in Marietta, GA

Delk Road Pawn is a great place to sell gold and silver jewelry. Their location seems rather new due to the store's low inventory. You won't find a wide selection of anything like you would in a larger and more notable pawn shop. However, that doesn't mean you can't find a good deal on used electronics, guitars and computers.


North Side Pawn in Atlanta, GA

North Side Pawn in Atlanta, GA

You can call these guys the K-mart of the pawn industry. North Side Pawn is known for their great selection of firearms and ammo. Their location is well secured and very clean, you won't be disappointed.


Cash America in Atlanta, GA

Cash America in Atlanta, GA

Although they're not known for customer service, their selection of items can't be beaten. You can officially call Cash America the Walmart of pawn shops. However, I wouldn't recommend a pawn loan from them as their interest rates can be steep.


Buford Highway Pawn in Atlanta, GA

Buford Highway Pawn in Atlanta, GA

Buford Highway Pawn is as decent as they come. Nothing really to rave about and nothing to complain about either. They made our list simply because their shop is clean and reasonably safe. Their prices and selection are decent also.