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Assessment Tools

Don't miss out on digital tools for assessment! This list contains EdTech resources for quizzes, polling, and surveys.




Kahoot offers a competitive-style group assessment that can be used with even very young students. Kahoot's idea is to keep students interacting with peers and the teacher and keep eyes on the screen to a minimum. Teachers can create their own Kahoot quiz or search the database and use a quiz made by another teacher.

Google Forms

You can get as simple or as complex as you want with Google Forms.


GoSoapBox is a web-based clicker tool used by educators around the world to keep students engaged and gain real-time insight into student comprehension.


Log in as a teacher and build assessments through the app or via the web. Teachers can build multiple choice, true/false, short answer assessments, or exit tickets here. Build quizzes in advance in advance assess students on the fly.


Create fun and interactive presentations for your meeting, event, conference or classroom. Mentimeter is a free, easy-to-use software that you can use online.


Create your own quiz or search the database for existing quizzes from other teachers. Assign Quizizz in class or as homework. This tool implements funny memes to keep students engaged and having fun for the entire assessment.


Quizlet is famous for its digital flashcards, quizzing feature, and flashcard-based games, but the newest feature -- Quizlet Live -- allows students to work as a team to answer questions for an assessment or review. The teacher can create her own quiz or search the database and use one that was previously created by other teachers.


PollSnack is an easy to use online poll & survey software that allows you to create and publish market questionnaires and then view the answers in real time.

Great for exit tickets or short questions! Answer Garden is a one-page website where users can submit a short (character-limited) response. The more times that response is entered, the more that particular answer grows in the "garden." It's a great way to quickly assess students.

They've recently limited some of the free features in an effort to generate more revenue, but I still love Poll Everyone's option for image-based polling -- it's especially handy in the early childhood classroom!

Straw Poll

Straw Poll is the best place to create instant, real-time polls for free.

Perfect for the 1 device classroom, Plickers utilizes a special answer code for each student that the teacher can print one time and reuse for the entire year. Works with 1 iOS or Android device.


Collect ideas and vote. Free online tool for easy brainstorming and voting. For decision making, crowdsourcing and idea generation.




Nearpod is an interactive classroom tool for teachers to engage students with interactive lessons


Real time brainstorming and dot voting

All Our Ideas

All Our Ideas is a platform that enables groups to collect and prioritize ideas in a transparent, democratic, and bottom-up way. It’s a suggestion box for the digital age.


Make any video your lesson

PlayPostIt (formerly Educanon)

Very similar to EDpuzzle, users can embed questions inside imported or uploaded videos. (Formerly known as EduCanon.)




Teachers assign a question (or questions) to students. Students can log in via e-mail address or class PIN, which makes this tool ideal for young learners. Students answer the question(s) in video format, and the teacher can respond if needed.

Create your own game to check knowledge. Students have to drag items to the correct "bin." The quicker they are, the better their score.

Seesaw: the Learning Journal

Seesaw is an ePortfolio tool geared toward young learners. Students can create within the app or import a variety of different types of assignments before turning it in to their digital journal. Take advantage of Seesaw Skills and private teacher notes to assess students using this ePortfolio tool geared toward young learners.




Padlet is such a versatile tool! Use it to stage virtual debates, gather exit ticket information, host a homework Q&A, post research resources, share various media, and more. Upload your own background or take advantage of new formats such as columns for sorting.

Allow students to type, submit images, or show their work with drawings.

Use Today's Meet as a backchannel tool for discussions, homework Q&A, debates, and more. Sign up for a premium teacher account to gain access to other features, such as permanent transcripts, paused rooms, better access controls, password protection, and more.