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Updated by Nathalie Martin on Dec 30, 2017
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Top Tips For Having The Best Possible Posture

We have all been nagged to sit or stand up straight, with horror stories of how we will end up like the hunchback of Notredame. In fact, the nagging was for a good reason as having a good posture is essential to balancing.

From walking to rising from a chair – it all takes balance! If you feel you haven’t got the best posture, there are ways to improve it.

Work Out For a Great Posture

Yes, the age-old solution, but it does work. Engaging your muscles when exercising can help build strength you need to keep your body in the correct position. Reason exercise helps, is because if you have uneven muscles strength on each side of your body. The muscles can actually pull your upper body out of alignment. Simply running, walking and cycling can help improve the condition of your muscles to help support your lower and upper body posture.

Sit Your Way to a Straighter Back

Ever find yourself slouching in your seat? I am so guilty of this! Often, office workers and people sit for long periods of time, get into bad habits such as slouching in their chairs. Slouching in your chair may not feel uncomfortable however, it doesn’t mean that it is the right way to sit. There are many ways to address bad sitting posture, from stretches to changing chairs. There are many chairs available that claim to help your posture. One highly talked about chair is the one leg stool, this stool can help you sit with your back straight and move around without twisting your back.

Walk Tall in Proper Shoes

Believe it or not, unsupportive shoes can have a negative impact on your posture. Ladies, yes that means high heels are best avoided! Shoes with any slight heel can have implications on your stance, the angle can misalign your whole body and cause pain. Heels change your whole posture as you try to balance, this can cause ‘duck butt’ which is the pronounced curve in your lower back.

Stand Straight and True

Standing in an incorrect way can cause unnecessary stress on your muscles and joints. This may cause back pains and abnormal placement of the spine. It is possible to correct your spinal positioning with simple exercises. Leaning on one leg and standing with a flat back isn’t good for your posture as your weight is off balance.

Sleep Your Way to a Straighter Back

The impact sleeping can have on your posture is often over looked. When your twisting and turning in your sleep, you can get into all sorts of positions, some damaging to your back. Some mattresses do not provide the correct support for your back, talk to your doctor or go to a mattress specialist to ask for advice if you are experiencing severe back pain. To improve your posture whilst you sleep, it is best to sleep on your side or back. If this is uncomfortable, then place a pillow under your lower back/pelvis area

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