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7 Days of Diet

Whether you have been on a diet for a while, or have reached a point where you seem to not be able to lose anymore no matter how hard you try, you can always try the Marine Corps Diet to see some quicker results. This diet does not have any caloric restrictions, and you can lose up to 14 pounds in a week! We are going to show you a day by day breakdown of what you can eat so you can get the maximum results of the Marine Corps Diet.



Day 1: Eggs

Day 1: Eggs

The first day, you are going to eat 9 eggs, which is 3 for each meal. Each egg is about 75 to 80 calories, which means you will get about 700 calories for the entire first day. It is almost like fasting, which is good for the body in terms of lowing insulin levels and burning more fat. Having 9 eggs the first day will give you enough protein to have energy, and you will not be as hungry because eggs fill you up, unlike junk food.

You can cook your eggs in various ways to switch up the meals through the first day. You will get no carbohydrates the first day, and you might get sluggish at the end of the day. However, you will be burning more fat, even though you are taking in more cholesterol. This diet is not meant to be done often, as it is not good to do so, plus it is not meant for those with heart problems or diabetes.


Day 2: Sugars

Day 2: Sugars

On day two, you will be able to eat more, except you will not get more than 80 calories during breakfast. For breakfast, you can eat 1 egg or 1 grapefruit. As for lunch, you can have a fruit salad, which will give you vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Lastly, for dinner, you will eat steak, celery, cottage cheese, and tomatoes. You will have no more than 1,300 calories for this day.

Fruits will help you get fiber, which lets your body burn more fat. You will also feel less cranky than on Day 1, and you will be getting the proteins and fiber that helps with your metabolism.


Day 3: Iron

Day 3: Iron

You will be eating about as much or a little more for Day 3. For breakfast, you can have an egg or a grapefruit, which is your breakfast all week long. But when it comes to lunch, you will be eating fat burning foods such as fish with tomatoes and spinach with a salad. The proteins, along with the vegetables help you burn fat, because fiber cannot be digested. For lunch, you will eat about 600 calories.

For dinner, you will get lean lamb chops, tomatoes and a salad and it will be about 500 calories. Here, you are getting more protein and fiber, which not only burns the fat but helps you feel full. All of the iron from the fish, lamb, and spinach will help you lose weight faster. In total, you will get about 1,200 calories on this day.


Day 4: Fasting

For Day 4, you will take in less than 1,000 calories. You will have the usual egg or grapefruit fro breakfast. For lunch, you will have a green salad with tomatoes, and for dinner you get 3 eggs and dry toast. It is on this day that you are fasting again, but taking in a lot of vitamins (A and C) from the foods you are taking in. Vitamin A helps you with losing fat more than Vitamin C, but they are both working in your favor.

The food for Day 4 is so low in calories that you can actually eat more salad and greens, so you will not feel like you are starving. You will also come in under 1,000 calories for the day, even if you eat a pound of salad!


Day 5: Potassium

You will get a lot of potassium on Day 5 so you can speed up the weight loss, and keep your metabolism going. You will have the standard breakfast, and for lunch, you will enjoy fish with tomatoes and a salad. As for dinner, a lean ham salad with tomatoes and spinach is recommended. The lean ham salad includes eggs, celery, onion, and more that you can mix together and keep in the refrigerator.

With the fats and proteins working together, your metabolism will speed up and you will not feel hungry. The potassium is also helping you lose weight, and your muscles will not feel tired, thus they were will work harder. The potassium can be found in celery, relish and onion, as well as salad and tomatoes, along with spinach. On Day 5, you will not take in more than 1,300 calories.


Day 6: Celery Sticks

Day 6: Celery Sticks

You are working toward a quick fat burn, so you will enjoy the standard breakfast. With lunch, you will take in a lot of protein with 3 eggs and dry toast, which is under 650 calories. Dinner consists of celery sticks, tomatoes, and cottage cheese. Here, you are getting fiber, calcium and Vitamin C, along with healthy fats.

You can find many recipes for celery sticks, but you will need celery, onions, steak, water, soy sauce and corn starch. For this day, you will not go over 700 calories, with a Day 6 limit of 1,300 calories.


Day 7: You Did It!

Now, you are burning more fat and have lowered blood sugar and insulin levels, which is great. On this day, you will have your standard egg or grapefruit, for lunch you will have a fruit salad, and your dinner is lean lamb chops with tomatoes and salad. By now, you have increased your energy levels, and you can lose weight faster!

The great thing about the Marine Diet is that you can eat a variety of foods, and everything is balanced. Some items can be substituted, but overall you get portion control and a quick weight loss with this diet.