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Landscaping Maintenance

We have the best team for residential and commercial property maintenance.

Commercial property maintenance in Toronto can save you a lot of work as well as result in some indirect benefits as well that makes it a sound investment.

Professional Grass Cutting Services by Lawn Maintenance Company in Toronto

Professional grass cutting services in Toronto will help ensure that your lawn is always looking green and healthy. Thus, saving your time as well as effort.

Garden and Lawn Fertilization Service Toronto

Are you looking for Garden and Lawn Fertilization Service in Toronto? The professionals at Greenbloom Landscape Design offer exceptional services! For more details, skim through this guide to everything about fertilizers including N-P-K & weed and feed.

Toronto Core Aeration Service

Want your lawn to look healthy & inviting? Here is everything you would like to know about core aeration that gives remarkable results. The professionals Greenbloom Landscape Design provide the top-most aeration service in Toronto!

Toronto Weed Killer Services

Are the weeds in your lawns troubling you? Greenbloom Landscape Design provides quick & effective Weed Killer Services in Toronto! We offer the best services for which results can be seen in 24-48 hours and make your lawn look lush green.

Toronto Mulch Services

Looking for Mulch Services in Toronto? Greenbloom can help you out! Here is a detailed guide to mulch your lawn, consisting of the reasons, the types & colors of mulch. Take a look at it for better understanding


The Best Winter Plants for Your Landscaping

The Best Winter Plants for Your Landscaping

Most green thumbs hope that winter will hold off just a little bit longer. After all, the temperatures are too frigid for most landscaping.While winter takes away many options, it is not without any at all. Read More: The Best Winter Plants for Your Landscaping


How to Properly Prepare Your Garden for Winter

How to Properly Prepare Your Garden for Winter

It might be almost winter, and while you are not planting new flowers or harvesting vegetables, it does not mean you should neglect your garden. Read More: How to Properly Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Toronto Grub Lawn Treatment

Grubs are unwelcome pests that live in the soil of your lawn and eat the roots of your grass leaving brown, unappealing spots.

Lawn Overseeding Service

Over-seeding helps restore the overall density of your lawn, as well as helping to fill in sparse areas, keeping your yard looking it’s best.

Artificial Turf Installation in Toronto

If you’re looking for the beauty of a vibrant green lawn without the costs and time that comes with maintaining fresh sod, look into artificial turf.

Sod & Seed Lawn Maintenance Service

A lush, green lawn is something to take pride in. Whether you’re laying new grass or maintaining your existing lawn, contact the professionals at Greenbloom.

Soil Types and Natural Soil Amendments

The lawncare professionals at Greenbloom Landscape Design can assist you in deciding which amendments are best to improve your soil, helping your plants to grow lush and beautiful.

Aggregates for Landscaping

The professionals at Greenbloom Landscape Design can assist you with selecting the right aggregates for your project to ensure it will last for years to come.

When you are looking to remove a tree on your property, a permit may be required, and your replacement tree will need city approval. The experts at Greenbloom can help.

Tree Wrapping for Winter Protection – Burlap

When the winter approaches, it is wise to take measures to protect your trees against the elements to ensure they will be healthy for years to come.

Landscaping Trees and Shrubs Toronto

Planting a tree or shrub requires some thought and consideration when it comes to its purpose and location. The Greenbloom team can assist you with preparing and planting.

Planting Trees, Shrubs and Perennials Toronto

Preparing to plant a tree, shrub or perennial requires some preparation. The experts at Greenbloom can help you effectively prepare your plants and soil to promote healthy growth.

Landscape Design for Home and Commercial in Toronto

Landscape design is "interior decorating" for your outdoor spaces. The landscape design experts at Greenbloom can help you create attractive and functional outdoor spaces.

Landscape Consulting Services

When planning to remodel your property, it’s recommended to meet with a landscape consultant to help coordinate your remodeling project to ensure it turns out as expected.

Vegetables and Herb Garden Design | Garden Planning, Planting, Maintenance

Growing your own vegetables and herbs can be a rewarding experience, but also one that requires care, planning, and time. With the right mix, your garden will thrive.

Landscaping Plants and Garden Maintenance Services in Toronto

Maintaining your garden and plants requires time, patience, and some considerations to keep them healthy and flourishing. Consult the experts at Greenbloom for help.

Gardening Is Good For You

Keeping a garden is a great hobby and adds significantly to the curb appeal of your home. On top of the beauty, there are a number of other benefits that gardening provides.

How Landscaping Can Be A Capital Improvement

When performing landscaping yourself or through a professional company, some of your costs may be deductible. There are conditions that must be met in order to deduct these costs.

How to Read A Plant Tag

There is a variety of information on a plant tag. This is helpful for letting you know the size the plant will grow, sun requirements, bloom information, spacing needs, and more.