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Things to Check Before Buying an Apartment – Best Tips and Advises

Buying an apartment is an exciting experience. Choosing the right location and amenities are important; in addition, there are other factors that need to be ticked off. Read on for the best advice.


Decide on the Location – The Main Factor when Investing in Property

Location, location and location is what any real estate agent will promote. And with today's busy lifestyles a central location is always the winning factor when choosing a home. Apartments in Colombo, Sri Lanka's commercial capital are extremely popular as they cut out travel time to major hot spots within the city. Check the area and general distances to schools, your workplace, supermarkets and other places you would visit on a regular basis. For instance, places like One Galle Face are city apartments that offer easy access to the central hub of Colombo.


Research and Make Sure you Get Value for Money

Don't rely on the advice of the apartment complex developer; do your own research and evaluations of the market. Make sure you are getting value for money through research done by independent real estate agents. This will be beneficial when you are purchasing an apartment from the plans. Check to make sure the finished complex conforms to the value you will be investing.


Visit Various Sites Before Deciding

It is best to check out various apartment projects in your selected area before investing in one. Check for amenities and value for money by comparing plans and location. Get a fair idea of what your money can buy. In the end, make sure the property fits your criteria and is a place that can eventually be called home.


Check for Recreational Facilities

When you decide to live in an apartment check for entertainment venues close by. These can include clubs, restaurants, and live music venues. This is mainly for noise disturbance and whether these venues will interfere with your way of living. Checking for traffic in the area is also recommended. For this plan, a visit during peak traffic hours to ensure the noise of blaring horns do not disturb your peace.


How Old the Building is Matters when Purchasing an Old Apartment

When buying an old apartment check for how old the building is and make sure there are no major repairs in the works.Get an architect or engineer to inspect the place before investing; this way unnecessary repairs and high costs are avoided. Also, ask about maintenance facilities and janitorial services on offer; this will help in the long run should you have sudden repairs at home.


Check for Proper Security and Parking

Ask about the security measure on offer. Will there be a 24hour security service to make sure unsavoury characters do not enter the building? Also, ask about security cameras and where they will be placed. Make sure you would feel comfortable coming home late at night and parking in the car park. This also brings up the next question. If you are a family of 2 cars will there be adequate parking facilities and will guests be able to park inconvenience? Most apartment complexes allocate a reserved parking bay for each occupant and this may vary from a 2 car parking bay to just one car.


Once you Decide on a Property Check Out its Location

Once you choose a property to check to see how far or near it is to your general destinations. These could be the workplace, schools, and grocery shops. This will help you plan out schedules for easy management of time.