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The list provides different educational solutions for all Electrical Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Linemen and all other community members, students working in the field of Electrical. Various weblogs, social media profiles are shared so as to provide authentic solution and helpful hand regarding Electrical.

Electrical Engineering A-Z

A Facebook page which provides authentics knowledge on Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Network Analysis, Computers, General Electrical products, Power Systems, Electrical Symbols, Power system protection, Analysis, Resonance, Transmission lines, Pylon, Poles and different electrical components such as Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors etc.

Electrical Calculators - Your Electrical Automation

Electrical calculators provide automation for solving Electrical problems and calculations such as Resistance color coding, Resonance frequency calculation, Parallel resistance solving, Impedance calculations.

Who is using HyperPhysics?

Physics Database by Rod Nave on different topics such as Conservation Laws, Circular Motion, Solids, Physical units, Vector operations, Fluids, Orbits, Torque.

Ohm's Law - Ohm's Law

A blog to learn the Ohm's Law. Ohm’s law explains the relationship between voltage and current in resistors.
The statement says: The current flowing through any resistor is directly proportional to the voltage applied across its ends.
Mathematically Ohm’s Law is given by: V = IR

Electrical Glossary

A collection of Electrical terms and definitions provided in alphabetical order from ABC to XYZ. Contains all Electrical, Electronics and Power terms.
At present the following terms are included: Active Power, Alternating current [AC], Amortisseur Winding.

Circuit Analysis: Theory and Practice

A book which makes you fall in love with. An amazing book which provides information on DC Concepts, DC Analysis, Capacitance and Inductance. Various laws such as Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Law, Electrical formulas are provided. AC analysis is also included.

Electrical Engineering Questions

A Reddit community for Electrical Engineers, Electronics Engineering, Power Engineers, Electricians, Linemen and other folks to ask their questions. Here you can also find the Electrical Resources, Guides and Hacks.