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Updated by Future Generation Early Learning Center on May 25, 2017
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Future Generation Early Learning Center

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How to Handle Your Newborn Baby

Future Generation Early Learning Center is not just a childhood learning center in Bloomfield New Jersey; it provides a caring and nurturing environment for infant so that they can experience everything positive. We also cater to the needs of parents who cannot be with their children in the day because of work and other responsibilities. — Read More

Qualities of a Good Parent

How do you raise a kid who is honest, compassionate, disciplined, independent, cooperative, cheerful, and kind? It is said that you can have that type of kid if you yourself are a successful parent to your children. It is the primary duty of every parent to give safety and security to their family not just in terms of shelter and all but also from negative behaviors and circumstances such as anti-social behavior, anxiety and depression. — Read More

3 Critical Elements of Healthy Child Development

It is a settled fact that the early years of child development are among, if not the most, the critical stages of human development. This is when children learn so much about their environment because the brain develops most rapidly during these first few years. — Read More

Three Commonly Known Facts about Education

Modern society gives much value to education. In fact, it is so important that in many cultures, educational attainment it is a major determining factor of social status. It only makes sense that many, if not all, parents desire to send their children to the best possible institutions of learning such as Future Generation Early Learning Center, a childhood learning center in Bloomfield New Jersey. — Read More

How To Build A Solid Parent-Teacher Relationship

As a top childhood learning center in Bloomfield New Jersey, we at Future Generation Early Learning Center, care greatly about your child’s development and education. However at Future Generation Early Learning Center, we also firmly believe that our relationship with you, the parent, is also a vital factor in your child’s overall development as well. — Read More

How Learning And Play Go Hand-In-Hand: How Your Child Benefits From Play

Do you want your child to learn and at the same time have fun as well? After all, you don’t want them to miss out on their childhood by letting them focus too much on academics alone. At Future Generation Early Learning Center, we offer you and your children wonderful learning programs that allow your child to learn, discover, and play at the same time. — Read More

Parents and their Child’s Development

A child is the most precious gift a parent could have. They will give him nothing but the best, from his early life until such time that he will develop full autonomy. Primarily, a child’s development will start at home, with his parents and other relatives as the first influence of socialization and development. — Read More

The 3 Most Important Values to Teach a Child

Most people say that, “You will be what you choose to be.” They say that as a parent, you will have minimal effect on what your child will become in the future because in the end, it will be their own choices which will mold their future. Be that as it may, Future Generation Early Learning Center thinks the otherwise. You can have a big influence on your child’s successful future by teaching them how to choose the BEST OPTIONS. — Read More

How to Keep Track of your Child’s Progress in School?

Enrolling your child in school does not mean you can leave them in the care of teachers and just stop parenting. When you do let the school operate them, it is your responsibility to keep track of their activities, the things your child is doing and of course, the progress of your child. — Read More

What Your Child Learns in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the most crucial level in the development of your child. It is in this level that they sharpen the skills they learned at home and that they find new skills at school to be used at home and their everyday experiences. That is why we provide quality education through our childhood learning center in Bloomfield New Jersey. — Read More