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ITP Electronic Components Store in India

We are ITP India, an electronic components store in Delhi, India. We provide wide range of electronic products for all electronic service groups. Our approach includes door step facility whenever you need electronic components.


Read Why an Online Store is The New Shopping Paradise

Shopping from any store could give a troublesome shopping as you may end up getting the worst quality product at a pricey rate. To avoid such hassles, you can look for the online electronic components stores and can get your desirable product at the cost-effective price.


How Can You Save Big Time by Buying Electrical Components Online?

Browse electronic components online and place your order by adding the desired product in your shopping cart. Rather than finding any electronic component in the physical store, buy it with the convenience with the online stores and get the product delivered right at the given address.

Promote Your Business of Electronic Components with Traditional Marketing Tools —Articles For Website

A business of electronic components is something which is not at all unusual. But the techniques that are adopted in order to promote the business of an electronic distributor are something which has to be very unique and engaging.


Online Businesses Get Happier Customers. Shift Your Electronics Business Online!

There are several electronic components stores across the world which really do not get the recognition that they require in order to fight the tough competition. Despite of having the best of electronic components like diode, Lithium ion Rechargeable Battery, resistors and more, that too of the best of models, these stores are often overlooked by the customers just because the online business has simply managed to rule the market , eventually making people very dependent on virtual shopping.


Introduce Your Business of Ceramic Disk Capacitor Through Flyers

When it comes to flyers and brochures, they are highly preferred by businesses of any type because they are extremely economical and lands directly in the hands of the targeted audience when the distribution sets out to introduce your business of multilayer ceramic capacitor to your potential customers.


Promote Your Business Of Electronic Components With Traditional Marketing Tools

If you have a great collection of Ceramic disk capacitor/ Multilayer ceramic capacitor then you must highlight about it in the leaflet/brochure/flyer so that you can connect with the targeted audience in a very short span of time.


Expand Your Business By Simply Shifting Online

If you have the best of collections on relay, Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, capacitor, resistors and other electronic components and you sell them through offline shores, then it is highly recommended to you to go online. There are several benefits of having an online electronic components store in India. Let us look at them one by one.


Online Purchasing: The Boon to Mankind

To simplify the situation for yourself, you can effortlessly look up for some online electronic components store in India. This way you will simply be able to get whatever electronic components you want in a blink of an eye.


The Basic Information About Capacitors

Capacitors could be very much simple and at the same time they could also be slightly difficult to understand. It becomes very crucial to choose the right capacitor and for that understanding the key elements of those capacitor is too very important.


What are the Specialties of a Ceramic Disk Capacitor?

A ceramic disk capacitor decreases customer energy consumption, improves voltage profile which in return increases the revenue. So, because of reduced equipment stress, a capacitor control also results in longer equipment lifetimes. Hence a ceramic disk capacitor is used so very commonly.


Why was it so Important for Electronic Stores to go Online?

Genuine electronic parts distributors always make sure to keep the terms and conditions clear to the buyer while a distributor of electronic parts distributors who is not genuine will never keep the terms and conditions clear to the buyer.

Why do People Look for Electronics Distributors Online?

We are ITP India, an
electronic components store in Delhi, India. We provide wide range of
electronic products for all electronic service groups. Our approach includes
door step facility whenever you need electronic components.

Why Would Someone Look For Electronics Components Online?

Matters of the pocket- It has been noticed that the online electronic parts distributors sell electronic components at a much economical rate as compared to the offline shops

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Research a lot - All electronic components have unique and individualistic characteristics---size and voltage capacity. To understand the right requirement of size and voltage is essential. As purchasing electronic components online with improper knowledge can simply be a wastage of a purchase.

Electronic components online in India are not always genuine because fake products are everywhere. Hence crosschecking about the distributor before placing your order and especially if you are intending to pay online becomes a compulsion. Hence the safety of your money is in your own hands. Choose wisely. Choose well.

Why online shopping is a great choice

Proper quality check-Competitive prizes do not suppress the quality of the components. The quality of all the products is as good as per the expectations of the customers. Special care is taken for all the online products as the slightest of defects can simply make to buyer go away for good.

A good electronic component can influence the performance of a machine. If the machine belongs to a manufacturing unit, then it can simply produce more goods to meet the demand of the market.

Why choosing ITP India a good move

Are you troubled enough that you are at the verge to give up at finding a good Electronic Components Store and especially when you are trying to find electronic components online? To solve such issues, ITP India has come up with a concept of selling electronic components online.

Why choosing ITP India a good move

With ITP India, the online electronic components store, getting high quality electrical products is not a dream any longer. ITP believes in selling only quality electronic components online. Taking great care of the consumer’s expectations is one of the laudable qualities of this online electronic components store.

How Not to Get Deceived When Choosing The Correct Electronic Components Store

The role played by electronic components in the way the modern consumer uses technology, has been of paramount importance. Even though the need for separate electronic components store and electronic components themselves has not been around for too much time, they have inherently become a part of almost all businesses and trades in some way or the other.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Rechargeable Battery

If a rechargeable battery is constantly overcharged, there can be serious damage caused to the inner working and the chemical balance of the batteries. Continuing to overcharge is certain to cause permanent damage and the batteries might never return to their previous levels of retaining charge. Before buying a rechargeable battery online or from a store, customers should be informed about these facts.

Which Relay Is the Best for Your Need?

Electromechanical Relays -The most common option coming up for users searching ‘relay buy online’ on the internet is certainly the electromechanical relay. This relay is the most extensively used in ATE applications in this day and age.

What You Absolutely Need to Do Before Purchasing Electronic Components

Research - Simply typing some key phrase on a search engine and ordering a product is not the correct way of purchasing something from electronic parts distributors. All Electronic Components have individualistic characteristics, for example size, range or voltage capacity. Getting the correct size and voltage is essential as not doing so may result in the purchase of unstable components that turn out to be a total waste of money


Replacing an Electronic Control Relay Made Easy

The average car owner may treat his or her relationship with a relay only up to searching ‘relay buy online’ on the internet and receiving it, however, there is a requirement for them to understand the inner workings of this device in order to successfully replace it in time.

Why Conformal Coatings for PCBs are Unavoidable? – ITP India

In a normal scenario, a circuit board would get seriously damaged when left unprotected from these types of extreme situations. PCB conformal coating, however, manages to slow down these effects, making the circuit board last more.