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ITP Electronic Components Store in India

We are ITP India, an electronic components store in Delhi, India. We provide wide range of electronic products for all electronic service groups. Our approach includes door step facility whenever you need electronic components.

A good electronic component can influence the performance of a machine. If the machine belongs to a manufacturing unit, then it can simply produce more goods to meet the demand of the market.

Why choosing ITP India a good move

Are you troubled enough that you are at the verge to give up at finding a good Electronic Components Store and especially when you are trying to find electronic components online? To solve such issues, ITP India has come up with a concept of selling electronic components online.

Why choosing ITP India a good move

With ITP India, the online electronic components store, getting high quality electrical products is not a dream any longer. ITP believes in selling only quality electronic components online. Taking great care of the consumer’s expectations is one of the laudable qualities of this online electronic components store.

How Not to Get Deceived When Choosing The Correct Electronic Components Store

The role played by electronic components in the way the modern consumer uses technology, has been of paramount importance. Even though the need for separate electronic components store and electronic components themselves has not been around for too much time, they have inherently become a part of almost all businesses and trades in some way or the other.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Rechargeable Battery

If a rechargeable battery is constantly overcharged, there can be serious damage caused to the inner working and the chemical balance of the batteries. Continuing to overcharge is certain to cause permanent damage and the batteries might never return to their previous levels of retaining charge. Before buying a rechargeable battery online or from a store, customers should be informed about these facts.

Which Relay Is the Best for Your Need?

Electromechanical Relays -The most common option coming up for users searching ‘relay buy online’ on the internet is certainly the electromechanical relay. This relay is the most extensively used in ATE applications in this day and age.

What You Absolutely Need to Do Before Purchasing Electronic Components

Research - Simply typing some key phrase on a search engine and ordering a product is not the correct way of purchasing something from electronic parts distributors. All Electronic Components have individualistic characteristics, for example size, range or voltage capacity. Getting the correct size and voltage is essential as not doing so may result in the purchase of unstable components that turn out to be a total waste of money


Replacing an Electronic Control Relay Made Easy

The average car owner may treat his or her relationship with a relay only up to searching ‘relay buy online’ on the internet and receiving it, however, there is a requirement for them to understand the inner workings of this device in order to successfully replace it in time.

Why Conformal Coatings for PCBs are Unavoidable? – ITP India

In a normal scenario, a circuit board would get seriously damaged when left unprotected from these types of extreme situations. PCB conformal coating, however, manages to slow down these effects, making the circuit board last more.

ITP India — 5 Reasons You Should Buy Electronic Components...

With the advent of technology, the quality of our life has improved a lot. And electronic component is one of the reasons that we are living a hassle-free life. Our daily labor has been cut short by these elements. However, while buying any electronic component, we have to invest a considerable sum of money. Evidently, it is essential that we must make better judgments while buying them. Since the past decades, online shopping is booming.

How to Make Your Rechargeable Battery Last Long

Checking the Manufacture Date - The expectancy of a lithium battery begins to diminish just as it leaves the manufacturing station. It will be right to expect at least 20% of the charge of a lithium battery to diminish every year starting from its actual date of manufacture. How nicely one takes care of the battery is irrelevant. Hence, it is always advisable to check the manufacture date whether someone is buying the rechargeable battery online or from a market.

Why You Need to Switch Over to Rechargeable Batteries

The initial investment is a step which most people looking to purchase a rechargeable battery online hesitate to take. Since a battery charger along with a pack of rechargeable batteries is a lot more expensive than a standard pack of disposable batteries, people get disillusioned into thinking that the latter is a cheaper investment. What they do fail to see, however, is that in the long term, implementing a rechargeable system can be highly cost-efficient.

Why You Need Best Online Platform To Buy Electronic Parts?

Where to purchase electronic parts? - In this aggressive universe of gadgets, electronic equipment circuit designers can without much of a stretch discover a lot of electronic parts providers, merchants and shops, which supply surplus electronic or electrical segments.

The Basic Terminology Of The Relays

Contact material is the material used in contacts and generally shown in chemistry formula, for example, AgNi represents silver-nickel alloy contacts. The material used in the relay, its characteristics and its application environment can be seen in 1.2 ‘Contact material’ in chapter 2 ‘the principles for selecting relays’.

The Principles Of Selecting The Relays

Contact load - Before ensuring whether the load the relay can carry in order to meet with the application, we should confirm the type of the real load except for confirming the load value for different loads have different steady state value and inrush value.

Precautions While Using The Relay

Relays are used in the ambient temperature and normal humidity and in the atmosphere with less dust and harmful gas. The harmful gases include gases with sulfur, silicon and nitrogen oxide etc.

Things you must keep in mind while buying Rechargeable Batteries Online

Step by step instructions to Buy Rechargeable Batteries Online - Rechargeable batteries have turned out to be prominent for their proficiency. Rather than purchasing new batteries each time the power runs out in the electronic thing you are utilizing your batteries for, you need to charge your batteries back to full quality.

How to Protect Electronic Components And Prevent Catastrophes

If there is no proper grounding for the electrical outlets, even the UPS devices and surge protectors are unable to ensure proper safety. Ground wiring can divert the majority of power surges, so never compromise on it, as you get ready to buy electronic components online. Without appropriate grounding, some electronic components may suffer noticeable damage in the event of a power surge

Benefits Of Buying Conformal Coating For PCB

Conformal coatings are not only for PCB or LEDs. It is also used in defense, automotive and aerospace because of its high benefits. Also, this coating is affordable and at the same time helps in saving both money and effort which a damaged PCB can snatch. So, in order to protect your electronic components, you must buy conformal coating for PCB

Reasons You Should Buy Electronic Components Online

Competitive Price - Everybody knows that online shopping is cheaper than going to the mall for shopping. It not only saves the money of your fuel but also of the expensive food at the mall that you will eat after shopping. Needless to mention, you will save a great deal of time too. But the best part of online shopping is that you can compare products and buy the most affordable one for you. On the other hand, on the mall, the price will completely depend on your bargain. And those who don't know how to negotiate suffers a lot. Also, even after bargain, you will not get the correct price. However, electronic parts distributors try to keep the price as low as possible online to grab buyers.

Featured Products

ITP India, the most trusted electronic component company in India since 1967. At ITP India you can purchase any type of electronic component at very affordable price. Browse them from our site and get them at your door step.

Buy Conformal Coating Online with Great Deals

ITP India has a stock of conformal coating for PCB/LED. ITP India is electronic component store in India 1967 and known as the most trusted electronic parts distributor. You can easily buy conformal coating for PCB or LED from our online electronic component store, and will deliver at your doorstep. Or Call 91-124-4013647, 9891666333

Benefits Of Buying Conformal Coating For PCB

The conformal coating works as a shield for sensitive electrical components. It gives protection against extreme temperature fluctuation, moisture, chemical reactions, pollutants, reactants, and debris.


Buy Affordable Electronic Component in India

Buy Affordable Electronic Component in India

ITP India – an electronic component manufacturing and distributor in India since 1967. Here you can PCB/LED Conformal Coating, rechargeable battery, electronic relay, amongst other general and all electronic components.

Various Product of Conformal Coating (PCB/LED) at ITP India

Introducing Conformal Coatings (PCB/LED) is a specially designed coating that protects the printed circuit board. Buy it online at very affordable price with good quality. Get various selection of PCB/LED conformal coating from ITP India.