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05 Things to Know Before Going to Malaysia – How to Enjoy the Best

Malaysia is a multicultural tourist hub of many attractions. The place offers diverse experiences and a hodge podge of adventures that are better understood and enjoyed with insider information.


Cultural Heritage in Malaysia

Malaysia although governed by Muslim Malays is home to a large number of ethnic groups that add loads of colour and flavour to the nation. You will not be going to a strictly Malay Muslim society, instead look forward to experiencing a variety of religions and cultures that are made up of Chinese, Indians and other indigenous ethnic groups. These groups are a huge contribution to the country's popular culture, traditions and festivities. Due to this you can expect a rich tapestry of multicultural ethics and beliefs when touring Malaysia.


Is English a Popular Language in Malaysia?

English is quite prevalent in Malaysia and much more popular than most Asian countries. As such you will be able to get by with a basic knowledge of English regardless of your mother tongue. Here's a tip; learning a few words of Bahasa the national language, will earn you loads of respect and smiles especially when travelling outside of the major cities.


Cheap Flights To Malaysia are Possible

Air Asia brings budget flying to Asia. Offering affordable rates and easy travel the airline is now extremely popular, carrying passengers from main hubs of Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur. The phrase 'now everyone can fly' is well justified by the large number of village folk that are seen boarding the flights; mind you being a budget airline there are some restrictions on baggage as well as not much sympathy in terms of missed flights. Otherwise it is a great boon to the budget traveller more interested in reaching their destination than on-board comforts.


The Food in Malaysia is the Best Aspect

Food in Malaysia is considered to be one of the country's best assets and biggest lures. Every type of foodie is catered to with road side stalls and ritzy restaurants all offering delicious options to choose from. Penang is the gastronomic capital while the gorgeous Sepang Goldcoast home to AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort is loved for its delicious collection of seafood restaurants. As mentioned before Malaysia being home to varied ethnic groups has greatly influenced the nation's cuisine as well. Enjoy a variety of traditional dishes coming from local Malays, Indians, Chinese and other minorities. Each selection is a treat of perfectly seasoned and balanced flavours.


Explore Sepang Developed as an Eco Tourist District

Located in the State of Selangor Sepang was once a laid back rubber estate village. With the inclusion of the Sepang F1 Racing Track and Cyberjaya the town has grown immensely in population. While the F1 track speaks for itself Cyberjaya is Malaysia's very own Silicone Valley and well worth a visit for some futuristic experiences. You will find that booking a beachside Sepang hotel is not easy during the Sepang International F1 and Moto GP Racing events which are immensely popular annual events since 1999.