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Palms Pharmacy

Affordable Pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach - Visit our pharmacy at 3491 South Congress Ave. or call 561-513-9161 for more information.

Why You Should or Should Not Buy Medicines Online

Why not? It may not be as reliable. The primary reason why patients have qualms in buying medicines online is the fact that they are afraid to get defrauded; and these worries stand on some sensible grounds. Indeed, there are various bogus websites in the World Wide Web, but when you choose one which is duly licensed, you’ll be in good hands. — Read More

Choose Drug Compounding Now

For most people who are not familiar with the pharmaceutical industry, the term “drug compounding” must be vague. Also termed as pharmaceutical compounding, a pharmacy who offers drug compounding provides a solution to those patients who have special medications which are rarely available in pharmacies. — Read More

Compounding Pharmacies: Things You Need to Know

Compounding is the practice of preparing personalized medications to meet the needs of a particular patient. They are made based on a medical professional’s prescription in which ingredients are mixed together in the same strength and dosage from that required by a patient. — Read More

The Convenience of Modern Pharmacies

Modern day pharmacies are pretty amazing. They offer a wide range of different kinds of services and products while making the entire process convenient and hassle free for you! Many affordable pharmacies in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, such as Palms Pharmacy, even offer delivery options, in order to make your shopping experience even easier for you! When you need a drugstore that you can count on, you have come to the right place! — Read More

What You Need to Know About Compounding

Compounding is a service offered by many different kinds of pharmacies that allow you to alter or customize your medication to best suit your needs. Imagine that your child is sick and you need to provide him/her some medication to help him/her get better. — Read More

Why Rely on Your Medicinal Needs to Palms Pharmacy?

Your health is not a matter that should be taken lightly. You must be careful with what you eat and what you do. Unhealthy habits may lead you to complications and ultimately, a shorter lifespan.In keeping your body in the pink of health, sometimes, you must rely on medicines. And in order to be fully safe with your medicine intake, choosing a good pharmacy will make a lot of difference. Better trust only Palms Pharmacy.

Health Conditions that will Require Immediate Medical Help this Summer

When the word summer is uttered, there are three common things that would come to mind: sun, beaches, and parties. However, this season should not be faced mindlessly. There are critical things that one should always consider.

How Can You Use Our Compounding Services?

Palms Pharmacy is a Compounding Pharmacy that aims to provide you with the medication you need for a better life. So how can you use our compounding services to benefit yourself or your family? Compounding can actually be used in a number of ways such as:

Pharmaceutical Delivery Services: The Convenience

Do you ever wish that you can just have your medication or medical supplies delivered straight to your door? Palms Pharmacy can do that for you! When you have a busy day, you may not have the time or the energy to drop by a Drugstore to get the supplies you need. This is why we offer delivery services at your convenience. Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy!

Pharmacist’s Advice: Things You Need To Know About Your SSRI

As a pharmacist, I am bounded by the duty to educate every patient about the medicines they are prescribed with. For every client purchasing SSRIs at the drugstore, I find it necessary to supplement the amount of knowledge their physicians have given them.
SSRI stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and this medication class is typically prescribed by physicians to treat depression and anxiety problems. The most popular brand name under SSRI is Prozac, which you probably have heard of. Spending 10 minutes in the physician’s clinic may not be enough to fully understand what the drug is all about. Thus, I would like to lay these important points across:

Great Health Products to Consider | Palms Pharmacy

There are many different kinds of drugs and products out there that are designed to improve your health. Palms Pharmacy is an Affordable Pharmacy in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach that offers a variety of products for you, at your convenience. Here are some products that you will want to keep in mind of when you want to improve your health:


Recognize How You Can Benefit from Compounding

Recognize How You Can Benefit from Compounding

Compounding is a service that is used to modify your medications to meet your particular needs. There are many different benefits from using this service as it can not only make your medications easier to take but it can also enhance their effectiveness to help you get back to better health faster. Palms Pharmacy is a Compounding Pharmacy that can help tailor make your medications to suit your needs.

What Happens to the Body When You Are Stressed

Stress is not friendly to your health. Once your body is stressed out, it will lose the energy necessary to keep you healthy.

What our Pharmacists Want to Tell You

We have the knowledge and resources to assist you with your health and medical needs.

4 Qualities That Separate Palms Pharmacy from Other Pharmacies

Pharmacies play a significant role in public health. It is the place where one gets their desired medications.

Pharmaceutical Compounding: Who Can Benefit from It?

Pharmaceutical compounding does not only apply to oral medications.

What Is Compounding: The Basics

This service is for the customization of your medication.

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