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Updated by Wage Authority Group on May 18, 2017
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Jobs & Industries Most Vulnerable to Wage Theft

Certain types of jobs expose workers to a greater risk of wage theft, robbing them of compensation in violation of federal and state labor laws.

Wage theft is common in various industries, with many employers looking to boost profits and protect their bottom lines by cheating employees out of hard-earned wages and overtime.

Jobs and industries where wage and overtime violations frequently occur are:

Call Center Agents

Customer service is critical to many companies’ operations, which has caused the call center industry to grow significantly. Some companies staff their own call centers, while others contract with business process outsourcing providers.

Food Processing Workers

Meat processors and food producers don’t always pay hourly workers for time spent complying with mandatory health and safety requirements – and that’s against the law.

Hotel Workers

Minimum wage, overtime, and recordkeeping violations prevent hotel and motel employees from receiving all of the compensation they deserve.

Non-Exempt Salaried Workers

You may not know that many employees who are paid a salary are entitled to overtime pay, a fact that some employers try to hide.

Nurses & Aides

Nurses employed by hospitals, nursing homes, and home healthcare agencies are often the victims of wage theft and abuse.

Restaurant Servers

For many waiters, waitresses, servers, bartenders, hosts, and banquet staff, customer tips are a significant part of their compensation. When employers take tip money away from those workers – robbing them of wages and overtime – they violate the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Roadside Technicians

Roadside technicians and tow-truck operators who help drivers with vehicle problems are targets for wage abuse by their employers.


Working remotely has become a mainstay of the U.S. economy, yet some employers try to take advantage of telecommuting employees and cheat them out of wages and overtime.

Truck Drivers

Commercial truck and transport companies commit wage theft when they illegally deny wages and overtime pay from drivers.