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Updated by Edwards of Tadley on May 18, 2017
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The 5 things you need to know about men’s shirts

Whether you are in the zone to stock up on new shirts, or generally need to know how to prolong the life of this wardrobe staple, our 5 top tips will help you get the best out of your shirts for many years to come.


The fit

The fit

The fit is probably the most important aspect of any shirt. Collar size can change over the years, so fit should be checked for adequate spacing. Length is important too - not too long, not too short, but perfect for your height. The shape of the shirt is vital however. Slim fit will work for some, but not others. It is important not to err on the large side because a baggy shirt is not good news for anyone and certainly doesn’t flatter.


The colour

Now we all know that the white shirt is an essential part of any man’s wardrobe and can be mixed with any set of trousers or suit. That doesn’t mean we cannot embrace colour though. Every man has a range of colours that suit his complexion so we are not going to tell you what colours to buy. Coloured shirts need to be cleaned and cared for meticulously however, as even low washes can cause colour loss in quite a short space of time. At Edwards of Tadley, we are experts in colour care.


Let’s be plain

Let’s be plain

When choosing shirts, you will know from experience what suits you best, but once in a while, you need to just try something new. Plain shirts are easy to wear, and easily match with your other clothes, but do not avoid the patterned choices that are in fashion. Think you don’t suit a striped shirt? Try again. The colours and the width of the stripes can make all the difference. More intense patterns may only seem suitable for those with the perfect physique but with some trial and error, you will find there is a pattern for everyone.


Clean and fresh

There is nothing nicer than a crisp, clean and freshly laundered shirt. Whilst your washing machine is perfectly able to do this job, prolonging the life of your favourite shirts can be achieved more easily by the professionals. At Edwards of Tadley, we pride ourselves on the ability to make every shirt feel like new.


Storage matters

Assuming you have the right shirts, how do you keep them in tip top condition? Where and how you keep them, is important. A good, aired wardrobe is a must. This may mean decluttering because if the wardrobe is crammed with your clothes, the shirts will become crumpled and won’t air sufficiently. Storing shirts on solid wooden hangers is a great way to help them keep in shape. Folding them also works. At Edwards of Tadley the shirts we clean can be expertly folded so that they need no ironing when you select them for wearing.