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Best Cat Trees 2017!

We have compiled the very best cat trees for 2017!

Nobby Ricco Plus Cat Play System Tower Tree

Nobby is back again and has upgraded his inventory from the Nobby Little Lazy Cat Tree  by producing the Nobby Ricco Plus Cat Play System Tower Tree for a more sophisticated cat, that requires additional levels of joyous play! They say a picture paints a thousand words, and i'm sure your mouth dropped like mine when your eyes first met with this amazing piece of engineering. The Nobby Ricco Plus Cat Play System Tower Tree is robust and well made — Each section of the tree is covered in faux fur and connecting the Tower Trees is a sisal covered ladder, and several other scratching posts that your cats can enjoy to their hearts content! Taking pride of place is a large "house", that provides the perfect environment for un-disturbed sleep. If your cat get's tired of sleeping, then there are additional toys connected which will keep your cats brain active and encourage a healthy active lifestyle! We currently have 45% off this product so get it now before they all go and Nobby retires!

Nobby Veneto Cat Play System Tower Tree

Nobby is back! This time with the Nobby Veneto Cat Play System Tower Tree which is different from your traditional pillar styled cat tree... As you can see from the picture, The Nobby Veneto Cat Play System Tower Tree is built up of boxes rather than the poles which are commonly seen on alternative models like the Nobby Little Lazy Cat Tree. Cats love a box!  and they will love you when you present the Nobby Veneto Cat Play System Tower Tree to them so they can scratch away on the sisal coverings straight away, and sharpen their claws!

The Luxury Curvynest

The Luxury Curvynest Cat Tree is a fabulous product which you can find more information about by (CLICKING HERE)

Cometa Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree

The Cometa Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree is a mammoth piece of architecture and can be installed in rooms with ceiling height 233-263 cm! This is like the Petronas Tower of the cat tree world and a great workout for your cat if they ever make it to the top of course... Legend has it only one cat has ever navigated successfully to the top of this feline Everest so why not set your own cat the challenge of a lifetime and buy them the Cometa Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree to test their skills! If you cat works for NASA, then the Cometa Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree provides an excellent training application for altitude sickness... The plates and the cave are covered with plush warm cosy fabrics and thus offer comfortable places to sleep, while the sisal scratching trees provide a good way to sharpen claws. As with all our product, delivery is fulfilled by Amazon so you can be sure that your items will be received quickly and efficiently and you wont have to wait long until your cat is having the time of its life! Click on the images below to view the product information for the different colours it comes in :)

Europet Cat Tree

The Europet Cat Tree is for the Mariah Carey's of the feline world. When it comes to cat trees — this is as good as it gets — This is not just a tree, but a kitty palace! If you are looking for a plush, exclusive, mind-blowing cat tree, that your cat will be forever grateful for! Then please join me in a minutes silence as a sign of respect for the Europet Cat Tree..... ...... ......... Every part of the Europet Cat Tree has been hand-built to absolute perfection. The detailing is second-to-none and every square inch is covered in premium material, that your cat will simply love. We advise breaking the news to your cat gently that you have purchased the Europet Cat Tree, as the news can bring an early on-set of cardiac arrest for many... When cats go down to the pub on the weekends, they don't talk about girls or handbags? They talk about the Europet Cat Tree, and how one day they will be lucky enough to scratch themselves against it. We all have dreams, and this is your cats — I appreciate this is a large investment, but can you really put a price on making your feline friend dreams a reality!?

FoxHunter Deluxe Multi Level Cat Tree Activity Centre

The FoxHunter Deluxe Multi Level Cat Tree Activity Centre is a mouthful to say —but aside from this tongue-twister, the product itself will leave you speechless... (Did you see what I did there) Yes— The FoxHunter Deluxe Multi Level Cat Tree Activity Centre has been sent down by the heavens purely for the pleasure of your cats, and boy is this thing good! With several play areas, hammocks, toys, platforms and sleeping areas— the only thing that this is missing is the kitchen sink! Although I hear this is being introduced in the The FoxHunter Deluxe Multi Level Cat Tree Activity Centre 2..... Even if your cat has been neutered, they are still going to get those feelings down below when you assemble this gargantuan piece of architecture. All of the platforms are lined with faux brown fur, so your cat will feel like the King Of Tonga as they majestically parade themselves around the various levels — At £39.99 this is a steal!!!!

Hand Woven Banana Leaf Cat Tree

The Banana leaf is a recently rediscovered natural material that is now an important part of everyday life in certain cultures. The Hand Woven Banana Leaf Cat Tree utilises the banana leaf to create this elaborate and beautifully hand woven scratching furniture for your cat! The unique character of this natural material gives The Hand Woven Banana Leaf Cat Tree a special aesthetic character that appeals to animals and humans alike! It really is a gorgeous design that pictures can never fully give it justice too. The Hand Woven Banana Leaf Cat Tree brings a touch of class and elegance to your home and it’s unique design gives pleasure not just to your cat, but anyone who is fortunate enough to lay their eyes on it! — The Hand Woven Banana Leaf Cat Tree is pussy paradise… As you can see from the picture — The lower den has a smaller opening, making it the perfect place to hide, especially if your cat wants to escape from he stresses of daily life and if they do want to play then there is a nice little bobbling ball which your cat will find simply irresistible!

Kilimanjaro Cat Tree PLUS (Brown / Beige)

The Kilimanjaro Cat Tree PLUS (Brown / Beige) is the bigger brother of the famous Kilimandjaro Cat Tree and has been upgraded to include a larger penthouse platform that can accommodate a couple of felines with ease.. The penthouse platform of the Kilimanjaro cat tree offers a beautiful bed so your cat can laze around at a staggering height and see everything that is going on around your home. Without feeling like they are missing out on all the action. Puuuurfect for nosy felines! The Kilimanjaro cat tree has been tested up to an amazing 23kg making it one of the strongest and most stable cat trees available on the market. This is particularly great if your cat is a larger breed such as a Maine Coon. Or, is particularly energetic! The Kilimanjaro has a large entrance on the front side of this cat tree and they can use the conveniently placed half-pipe which will take them up to the higher level. One step away from the cosy penthouse platform bed! The Kilimanjaro Cat Tree PLUS has been built with your cats thoughts in mind and everything is tailored to ensure they have the best time possible.  The beatiful brown / beige finish looks stunning and will make a fantastic addition to your home. A truly eye-catching design!

Cat Temple Extreme Activity Centre

The Godzilla of the cat trees has just arrived! Cat trees simply do not get any bigger than this. In fact, this is not a "tree" but a full blown forest! This Cat Temple Extreme activity centre gives your cat everything they will ever need, and too be honest if they are still not happy, trade them in for a dog. This is the ultimate in pussy entertainment my friends! With a staggering 45 scratching posts, this makes the Cat Temple Extreme activity centre the most steady construction ever. We do not recommend buying this product if you are tight for space, as the base plate alone measures 215cm x 60cm and weights more than 40KG. In other words, this is an unquestionable whopper! In the middle of "The Beast" you have 3 hanging mats where your cats can sit and watch the world go by from a great height as they proudly survey their surrounding like the diva they are. Cats also feel protected from greater heights, so your feline friend will never have felt so content. This Cat Temple Extreme Activity Centre is built to last, it was designed in Germany and manufactured in Europe so you can be sure that this will stand the test of time. Also included, is a nice play rope of 100 cm to make it complete!

Wall Mounted Kerbl Dolomit Pro Cat Tree

The Kerbl Dolomit Pro Cat Tree is a wall mounted cat tree that will bring life to any "dead" wall space and provides an interactive play tree for your cat to go "cray cray" on! Just look a the joy being displayed by our feline friends — They are having the time of their lives! The Wall Mounted Kerbl Dolomit Pro Cat Tree is great for cats of all sizes. Even really fat ones... The Wall Mounted Kerbl Dolomit Pro Cat Tree has no weight restrictions so your cat can go to an all you can eat fish buffet every night and still be safe as they play on one of the levels included. The individual design offers your cat opportunities for climbing, playing, cuddling and to hang out. By attaching the DOLOMIT Proo to the wall it makes it compact and provides more space on the floor, your cat will feel right at home! This will provide a great talking point for your guests and provides entertainment as you watch your cats play away. It beats the TV any-day!