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In-Home Care Carrolton Texas - You can get more details on In-Home Care by calling Bright Home Health Care at 972-820-8240.

Why Physical Therapy is Better at Home

Physical Therapy supports people of all ages who have medical conditions, illnesses, injury of those who need to recover gain back their ability to move around and function. This process helps a patient gain back his or her strength and abilities. This can be difficult for anybody who has to undergo this tedious process, especially if they need to undergo therapy or rehabilitation in a facility. — Read More

Helping Senior Adults Prepare Healthy and Wholesome Meals at Home

As you age, eating well can have long-term benefits. There are many benefits to preparing and eating healthy meals such as improving mental acuteness, boosting energy levels and improving resistance and immunity to illnesses and diseases. — Read More

Why Home Care is the Most Beneficial Choice for The Elderly

Home is where the heart is. Surely, we have heard of this globally used definition of home in our entire lives. As cliché as it may sound, something in between those lines explains the reason why our elderly loved ones refuse to secure the services of health care residences, even after all our efforts of making them understand their needs. — Read More

5 Helpful Home Modification Tips to Prevent Falling Accidents for Seniors

Weakening mobility is a major dilemma that all seniors face due to aging. As years pass by, the elderly people become more vulnerable to illnesses and diseases due to the changes in their eyesight, balance, and strength. Falling is the most common cause of fractures and serious injuries on seniors which lead to costly surgery operations. — Read More

Why Home Health Care Is Favourable To You

The choice as to where to put a patient who is recovering from an illness or injury has become a tug of war between two players: nursing home care on one end, and home health care (known also as in-home care) on the other. — Read More

What Is ADL And Why Is It Very Important?

When someone is unable to perform the simplest of things, then living becomes complicated. Just imagine yourself not being able to eat by yourself, to take a bath, to go to the toilet, to move around or to control your bladder and bowels. — Read More

How Your Life Insurance Can Save You

At the later part of our life, we are then due for retirement. We get to see the fruits of our labor at a bigger picture. We see our achievements, gains and loss. It is the time where we get to rely on the investments that we made during our active years. One of the best investments that we can focus on is Health Insurance. — Read More

Top Facts that you should know about Bright Home Health Care

Patients needing chronic medical care can count on us. We have highly qualified nurses who can perform specialized nursing procedures at the comfort of your own home. This is a great help for our clients experiencing the complications of diabetes. Needless of traveling to different medical facilities for monitoring, laboratories and diet consultation. — Read More

The Difference Between Skilled Nursing and Home Health Care

For those who are not very much acquainted about home health care, more time may be needed to fully grasp the concept of being cared for at home and much more the kind of services that are being offered. Even when you check on the list of services, you may still find it difficult to choose which kind of service to get from an in-home care in Carrolton Texas. In Bright Home Health Care, for example, we offer skilled nursing and home health care. So you ask, which one do I really need? What kind of services should I get? — Read More

Why Occupational Therapy Matters For Over-all Wellness

Occupational therapy is often required when a patient has suffered an accident which led him to being temporarily limited in terms of mobility. It may also be needed by some senior adults who needed help in getting back in shape due to muscle and bone degeneration brought about by old age. — Read More

4 facts about Gait Training

One of the things physical therapy has to offer is gait training. Gait training is essential for those who have difficulty in walking. Walk the talk today as we introduce to you the importance of gait training in five facts. — Read More

A Quick Guide to Enteral Feeding

You might have seen a person lying in a hospital bed with a tube around his/her nose or even in the neck. Feeding patients who cannot intake food orally is still possible with the help of some medical equipment. Equipment such as a tube can be inserted near the nose, neck or other areas of the body that can accept food. Today you will get to know what enteral feeding is and what it can do to patients. — Read More

5 Tips for Blood Sugar Management

High blood sugar can lead to other health issues, especially when unmaintained. As a concerned in-home care Carrolton Texas, we, at Bright Home Health Care, will share to you some tips for blood sugar management. — Read More

The Personal Care Your Senior Parents Need Most

As we grow old, we experience lots of changes not just in our physical body, but also in our strength, mental capabilities and overall well-being. As a son or daughter, we can’t just abandon our parents when they become seniors, as they never abandoned us when we’re young. — Read More

5 Tips to combat SAD in the Elderly

Seasons are changing once again and winter is fast approaching. Have you ever heard of the term “SAD”? Or have you ever felt lonely during the winter? Psychologists and other health experts have established studies about the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); whether it exists or not. — Read More

5 Ways to Prevent Arthritis

Is your elderly loved one complaining about the pain he/she feels in his/her body? Does the pain stay and make your elderly loved one have difficulty in moving around? This might be the case of arthritis. Arthritis may be frustrating since simple tasks like walking, climbing a flight of stairs, bending and etc. cannot be performed easily. Arthritis can strike you anytime, especially if you have eaten something to trigger it. But there are ways for you to prevent arthritis. Here are some: — Read More

5 Things a Good Physical Therapist will not Say to their Patient

Common stereotypes revolving around physical therapists are integrated like a masseuse. An extensive training in anatomy, neurology, physiology and biomechanics for roughly 4 to 6 years in college does not do this profession any justice if it is only viewed as such.

What Does a Home Health Aide Do?

Bright Home Health Care has been attending to the needs of our patients in their respective homes through our in-home care Carrolton Texas. One staff we require to achieve our goal of helping as many patients as possible is a home health aide.

What You Can Do To Prevent Severe Respiratory Failure

People over 65 years of age are increasingly admitted in emergency departments due to acute respiratory failure (ARF). Acute respiratory failure occurs when there is too low of oxygen and too much of carbon dioxide levels in your lungs. It is actually one of the key symptoms of congestive heart failure. In such a way, the lungs cannot remove carbon dioxide from your blood and therefore, disrupt the normal flow of your physiological processes.

Aging Concerns: Fast Facts on Addison’s Disease

Addison’s disease or commonly known as adrenal insufficiency is a condition when your adrenal glands malfunction. The adrenal glands, located on top of your kidneys, produce the hormones that your body needs for physiological processes. However, the problem also happens upon the damage of your adrenal cortex that is source of vital hormones such as cortisol (regulates metabolism and reacts to stress) and aldosterone (controls blood pressure and regulates sodium and potassium in the body).


5 Benefits of Hobbies to Senior Citizens

5 Benefits of Hobbies to Senior Citizens

We all come to a point in our lives when routines are what keeps us productive. Especially as we age, we find a sense of obligation and responsibility to carry out our productivity on a daily basis. No matter how much ease we feel when we finish what must be done, we need a break. We all need an activity to fill in the empty time slots every day.

The Perks of Staying Home While Recovering from an Illness

There can nothing be more comforting a shelter than one’s own home. Even when an illness strikes, more patients find ease recovering in their own residence.

Yummy and Healthy Meals and Smoothie Ideas for Grandma and Grandpa

We know it’s hard to think of meals for your elderly loved ones. You have to make sure that what you’re cooking is good for them. You might resort to simply feeding them mushy, blend veggies, or dry, flavorless fish. But your friends at Bright Home Health Care, a provider of home care services in Carrollton, Texas, are here to tell you that food for your elderly beloved doesn’t have to be repetitive and boring! Check out these dishes. Tasty and jam-packed with the nutrients seniors need:

What to Do When the Elderly Refuse to Receive Care

Taking care of seniors who don’t wish to be helped is a level of difficulty on its own. As a provider of home care services in Carrollton, Texas, we are familiar with the elderly resisting care. The first step to helping them is not by forcing your help on them, but by understanding why they resist it.

The Less Stress Seniors Experience, the Better

One of the many benefits of enrolling your elderly loved one for home care services in Carrollton, Texas is that it lessens the stress they feel from the trips to and from elderly daycare centers.