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Updated by David Bailey on Jun 10, 2017
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16 Best Spending Tracker App and Daily Expense Software [Personal Finance]

If you are looking for best spending tracker app in the personal finance market to help you track your spending habits, look no further. I've curated this list to help you find the best budget app with an expense manager and money manager.

Look through the list and vote for your favorite personal finance or best spending tracker app. And if you don't see a daily expense software on the list that you like, feel free to add it yourself because this is a collaborative list.

Here are some of the the best daily expense software tracker apps on the market to help you keep your budget under control and manage your money.


Mint: Money, Bill Pay, Credit Score & Investing

Manage your money, pay your bills and track your credit score with Mint. Now that's being good with your money. Sign up today! Helps users create budgets with numerous spending categories, warning users with brightly colored graphics when they are nearing the edge of. Provides credit score access. Price: Free

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Wally - Personal Finance App

Take control of your money with Wally. Understand where it goes. Balance income and expenses. Set and achieve financial goals. Seamlessly and intuitively.


Add past or future income and expenses to a calendar that calculates the impact on your balance, as well as spending by category. Price: Free

Prosper Daily with Bill Guard

Stay on top of your money, credit and identity. Keep track of you spending by type, month and location. Also get free access to your credit score and other identity protection tools like data breach alerts.




Over 250,000 people manage their finance & money quickly & simply with Fudget. Download it now FREE for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android. This no-frills, list interface is best for folks who have a handle on their finances but want a handy space to keep organized. Good for tracking short-term budgets for the holidays, vacation or for tracking work expenses.


Personal and household budgeting system for the Web, Android and iPhone. Keep track of money to spend, save, and give toward what's important in life. Recreates envelope budgeting of yesteryear for the digital world. Set a budget for each category and spend from that designated category. When the money run out stop spending.

LearnVest - Financial Planning Services & Resources

LearnVest empowers everyone to take control of their personal finances. We provide expert advice and resources, and financial plans that fit your budget. Categorize transactions by expense type, set and track goals and always have a handy net worth calculation on hand. Free; $19/month (plus startup fee) to partner with a financial planner

Level Money App to Spend With Confidence

Designed to recreate the experience of opening your wallet, the app subtracts recurring expenses and savings from your income before dividing up what's left to tell you what you can spend each month, day and week. Spend smarter, do more, live better. You know your bank balance, but do you know what portion of it you can responsibly spend? Level MoneySMhelps you plan ahead for essentials like rent and bills, and then lets you set a target savings goal. We call the money that's left over, your Spendable. LevelSM essentially replaces your bank balance with a Spendable number for the month. With this number you'll know how much you can comfortably spend on non-essentials, like coffee or eating out. With Level, it's easy to achieve balance between spending and saving.Price: Free

Award Winning Budgeting App | Mvelopes

The best online budgeting app which enables envelope budgeting on the go. Mvelopes is an award winning application that helps make managing your money easy. Like GoodBudeget, mvelopes is a spin on classic envelope budgeting but with account integration. Price: Free; $95/year to link unlimited accounts and to create more than 25 envelopes, as well as for a debt management tool

Penny: Friendly Finances

Meet Penny, your personal finance coach. Spend smarter, save more, live happier. Keep tabs on your finances via a text message like interface where "Penny" provides graphics and friendly banter about your spending habits.

Price: Free

Free Financial Software, Tools, Calculators & More | Personal Capital

Use Personal Capital’s free financial software and tools to monitor net worth, manage investment portfolios, find hidden fees, and track spending. In addition to sophisticated budgeting tools Personal Capital users can track investments and create models for retirement, college savings and other life events. Price: Free; also sells investment advice to people with $25,000 or more to invest for a percent of assets managed

Wallaby Financial

Wallaby maximizes your credit card rewards, saves you money and makes your life simpler with an intelligent credit card, mobile and web apps. Swipe Smarter. The app provides a sleek list of transactions with a focus on optimizing credit card rewards, telling you the best card to use at a given merchant and how much of your credit limit you've utilized.

Price: Free

YNAB. Personal Budget & Finance Software for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android

You Need a Budget combines easy software with Four Simple Rules to help you quickly gain control of your money, get out of debt, and save more money faster! stop living paycheck to paycheck, pay down debt and "roll with the punches" if something unexpected comes up. It's built around a fairly simple principle – every dollar has a job. YNAB helps you see what you need to do differently to balance your budget. The built-in "accountability partner" keeps you on your toes.

Save money, without thinking about it™ - Digit

Digit saves for you, so you don't have to think about it. Every day, Digit checks your spending habits and moves money from your checking account if you can afford it. Easily withdraw your money any time. You can withdraw from that savings account anytime, but you won’t make any interest off of it - Digit is free and runs itself with the interest it generates from the users’ savings account. The value proposition is that Digit helps you discover and save money that you would spent elsewhere.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma offers free credit scores, reports and insights. Get the info you need to take control of your credit. Besides offering free credit scores and reports, Credit Karma allows users to monitor their spending patterns by linking to their credit card and bank accounts. Based on that information, Credit Karma recommends better credit card or loan offers that can further improve your finances. Its offering now ranges from auto insurance to mortgages, and users are absolutely loving it. It has over 32 million users worldwide, and just last September, raised an additional $75 million, valuing the company at over $1 billion.

Invest Automatically With Acorns

Basically, every time you make a purchase with a card connected to the app, Acorns rounds it up to the next highest dollar and automatically invests the difference in a portfolio of low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that you select based on your risk preference. Acorns puts your pocket change to work in an utterly painless way – users say that they never even notice the difference. Wouldn't you love to find an extra $300 or $500 or even $1,500 in your investment account each year? Every purchase you make becomes an investment in your future. Join over 1 million people who have started.