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List of Diving Equipment – A Handy Checklist

Whether you are a professional diver or novice eagerly heading off to some exotic beach location like the Maldives, this checklist of what diving equipment is needed will prove to be quite handy.


The Mask is Essential

A good quality mask is needed for you to see clearly underwater. It is an air-filled space that enables the human eye to see clearly. If you are buying or hiring make sure the mask fits well with the shape of your face. You can even try adjusting the straps and immerse your face in the water to make sure its seals well and does not let water seep through.


Fins for Agility

Fins are needed to move through water with ease; besides without fins, a fully equipped scuba diver would not be able to move through the water without much effort. Hence these tools are needed for moving efficiently underwater. Like shoes, fins too come in various sizes and should fit snuggly without being too tight or too loose. Walkabout in the pair and check for comfort before you purchase your fins.


Snorkel for Skimming those Reefs

A snorkel is needed for skimming the surface of the water, especially in areas with verdant coral reefs. If you are heading off to places like Adaaran Prestige Water Villas, a snorkel will prove to be very handy. Exotic locations like the Raa Atoll are teeming with all manner of fish and most guests find that slipping into the water from their water villa in Maldives for instance, lets them skim the surface and enjoy the sights below the crystal clear water.


Regulator for Smooth Air Flow

A regulator is part of the scuba diving equipment that supplies the diver with air from the oxygen tanks. It is a device that enables you to breathe underwater. If you are investing in one make sure to buy one of quality and to do a pre-check before every dive; this makes sure your equipment is working properly.


BCD – Buoyancy Control Device

This is the jacket that divers wear to help control their buoyancy as well carry the oxygen tanks. It should fit snuggly and all straps adjusted according to your body size. If you are a first timer or novice diver an instructor will get you kitted up and make sure the jacket fits well.


Diving Suit

A diving suit acts as a thermal body protector; especially if you are diving in cold waters. Tropical locations like the Maldives surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean do not need a fully covered diving suit. These are available as semi-dry, dry and wet suits.


Weight System and Diving Watch

These are weights that help divers stay below the waves in contrast to their natural positive buoyancy. A diving watch basically works underwater to let you know how long your dive is taking.


Tank for Oxygen

A tank or scuba cylinder is the vessel in which you will carry your Oxygen. It is essential for supplying air when you are below the water for long periods of time.

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