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laptop Service

Here i have mentioned the best laptop service center in Chennai. And accessories also available for all brands.

Laptop Service GBS is one of the best laptop service center in Chennai. Here you can also get service and accessories for all brands.

Top 5 Laptop Maintenance Tips to extend its life expectancy

Every year new laptops are arriving and replacing the old model. Unless you buy a new device, you have to maintain the existing laptop for longer lasting. The laptop service center in Chennai has…

How to resolve overheating problem in Laptop?

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Motherboard Problems

Motherboard is an important component in a computer or laptop. It was connected with important and other small components. There are many motherboard issues we are facing the issues of daily use, but not aware of it. If the problem is small, then it is not a big issue, but sometimes the motherboard problem may be expensive and depends on the failure of the components.

Top 5 Common Laptop Problems

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How to Maintain your Laptop Good and Speed?

   Maintaining your laptop is an art, most of the people in Chennai are using laptops but only few of them are maintaining it perfectly. If you forget to maintain your laptop then laptop service center in Chennai is the right choice for people to repair their laptops. Here are some basic…

Laptop Service GBS

Tips To Avoid Expensive Laptop Repairs.
Laptops have more benefits when compare to desktop computers. It is small and less in weight, and also it has a powerful processor and computing power. It is best to maintain your laptop in good condition instead of gets repair.

Some repairs will be more expensive and fix it on best laptop service center in Chennai. They should be expert or be an experienced one. The following are some ways to avoid expensive repairs.
Back up your data regularly: Always set up cloud service to save all important data. And perform data backup on a monthly basis for data recovery when your laptop is an expensive repair. Mostly the data recovery helps when the hard drive failure.
Protect your Software: At least your laptop should have antivirus software, malware scanner, and firewall should be installed. And try to keep all software up to date to enhance security.
Clean the vents and fan Monthly: The laptop will work better in hard surface or flat like a table. If you cover the vent with blanket or lap, it will not flow the air and makes as overheating. To avoid overheating, use a cooling pad or padded laptop.
Use safe browsing habits: Don’t open the email or an attachment which is not trustable. And also don’t download the toolbars, smileys or screensavers. You can quickly encounter the virus by using a secure browser, updated software and safe browsing.
Use high-quality surge protector: Laptop is light in weight and fault outlet will break something. Lightning can send a surge via cable and may cause damage to other components. The laptop service in Chennai says that surge protector will save your laptop from expensive repairs.

Laptop Service GBS

How to improve laptop battery life in Windows 10? Today most of the laptops are powerful when compare to past model. Whatever the model...


Maximum of the people in Chennai are using laptops to their personal or official works but the main thread, in this case, is how we are maintaining or using our laptops. If you fail to maintain your laptop in a proper way then definitely you need to pay a visit to Laptop service center in Chennai.