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Pill Pack in New Port Richey, FL - For more questions on Compounding, Flu Shots and MTM, call 727-807-7050.

Common Side Effects of Antibiotics

Most people take antibiotics for certain health conditions. However, it can also bring a lot of side effects that can make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, side effects can even affect the health condition you’re trying to recover from. Here are some of the most common side effects that you may experience after drinking or taking an antibiotic medicine. — Read More

Home Sweet Home After a Hospital Stay

When someone gets sick, there is a huge deal of money waiting to be spent most especially if there is a need for the patient to be admitted to the hospital. And when the patient is discharged, he/she may feel difficulty in adjusting back to his/her usual environment. How can you help your loved one or someone else adjust from hospital discharge? Here are some ways: — Read More

Why Nutritional Supplements Are Important

Nutritional supplements complement the daily nutritional requirements of a person. The modern-day lifestyle somehow reduces the chance of a working individual to get the right vitamins and minerals that are highly needed for the physiological processes in the body. — Read More

What You Should Know About Long-Term Medication for Chronic Conditions

Long-term medication for chronic conditions can be very burdensome and inconvenient to the family. Whether it is a disease, disorder, illness, or condition, it needs a long-term plan since it is going to be a lifetime endeavor. — Read More

3 Amazing Benefits of Vaccination

Measles outbreak, pneumonia, rashes, fever, encephalitis and other possible brain illnesses can cause permanent damage to the body and the brain of an individual. Some might acquire allergies while others might have physical deformation caused by the viruses that once infected the body. These are just some of the possible diseases that your body can get if they are not given ample medication right away. — Read More

What You Need to Know about Troches

How do you treat fungal infections? Do you need to take certain medications or do you just let it run its course? For most people, they will choose to leave it alone, as long as it will not bother them or there are no severe infections caused by it. They generally think that it is harmless and benign. — Read More

4 Easy Tips for Effective Medication Management

Medications need to be taken accordingly in order for its benefits to take effect, which is mainly to help your health recover. If not taken properly, it may not help you on your health recovery and at worst case, it can even cause further health complications. To avoid such circumstance, it would be best to take medicines according to how your doctor instructs you. — Read More

3 Primary Benefits of Compounding Medication

We believe that everyone is unique. We also have our unique needs and tastes. The same thing happens when it comes to medications. Not everyone can enjoy the perks of certain medicines due to certain factors such as allergic reactions to certain medicine components, difficulty in swallowing, taste issues, and others. This is where the importance of compounding medication comes in. — Read More

Five Helpful Tips to Manage your Elderly Loved One’s Medications

People take medicines for various reasons. And those taking multiple medications may find it hard to take the right medications at the right times. Failing to manage medications properly can have undesirable consequences including drug interactions and exacerbation of the disease the medication is prescribed for. — Read More

Mother’s Guide: Frequently Asked Questions about Immunizations

Immunizations for your little one are extremely important for the overall well-being of your child. Ever since its advent, there had been debates whether or not this is considered ethical and necessary. And of course, science and surveys both say that it is indeed essential in the child’s development. — Read More

Side Effects of Taking Multiple Medications

“Side effects” is usually a term associated with medicines. It refers to the secondary effect caused by a medicine. These effects are typically undesirable, so we classify them as a disadvantage of using such medication. — Read More

Home | MaxCare Pharmacy in New Port Richey FL: Rx Refills and Pill Packs

MaxCare Pharmacy is a family-owned and operated business. It is our mission at MaxCare Pharmacy to help set a standard of what Customer Service should be especially when providing pharmacy services and convenient MTM programs using Pill Pack in New Port Richey, FL. Our customers, will always be at the heart of business but we back our age-old values of service and care with state-of-the-art technology.

About Us | MaxCare Pharmacy in New Port Richey, Florida

Being a family-owned and operated business, MaxCare Pharmacy deals directly with customers and patients. Service is more personalized and customers experience better quality in shopping for their health when we provide pharmacy services and MTM products like Pill Pack in New Port Richey, FL.

Pill Pack | MaxCare Pharmacy in New Port Richey, Florida

MaxCare Pharmacy, Medications and Healthcare Products, Pill Pack, Drugstore, Pharmacy, Retail Pharmacy

Pill Pack Strip - How It Works | MaxCare Pharmacy in New Port Richey, Florida

At MaxCare Pharmacy, we understand the importance of delivering the right drug to the right person at the right time. With this in mind, MaxCare Pharmacy developed a compliance delivery and packaging program for our patients. We provide medication therapy management services like the Pill Pack in New Port Richey, FL. THIS SERVICE IS FREE!

Hospital Discharge Program | MaxCare Pharmacy in New Port Richey, Florida

Our Hospital Discharge Program incorporates a multi-step process that spans the discharge period – with our on-site pharmacists working in collaboration with your clinical healthcare team.

Pharmacy Services | MaxCare Pharmacy in New Port Richey, Florida

Our pharmacist is certified to administer flu shot, pneumonia and shingles vaccine. At MaxCare Pharmacy we provide MTM options like Pill Pack in New Port Richey, FL and the following services: Compounding, Immunizations/Flu Shots, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Refill Rx, Transfer Rx, Personalized Consultations, Free Home Delivery, and Payment Plans.

Experienced Pharmacist | MaxCare Pharmacy in New Port Richey, Florida

Experienced Pharmacist in New Port Richey FL: Rita Shoukry, PharmD. — Read More

Contact Us | MaxCare Pharmacy in New Port Richey, Florida

We are located at 6624 US Highway 19, New Port Richey, Florida 34652. Note: Location is right next to Enterman's Bakery in the Waffle House Plaza. You may contact us through Phone with this number: 727-807-7050 or Fax: 727 807 6050.

What are Pill Packs?

Basically, a pill pack or strip packaging is an easy way for you to handle and manage all of your different medications. This kind of packaging is designed to be easy to use and convenient. Taking the right amount of medication and making sure that you to take it on time can get complicated especially if you have plenty of meds to take on a daily basis. This is why pill packs are a great way to keep everything organized and easy to remember.

How Can Pill Packs Help with Traveling?

Do you plan on traveling and you need to bring along your medication? It can be a nightmare to keep everything organized, but through the help of some of the best Pill Packs in New Port Richey, FL it does not have to be a huge headache to keep everything organized. Here is why pill packs are so amazing and how it can keep your meds organized when going on a trip:

Traveling Abroad: The Importance of Immunization

Traveling is a fun and memorable experience, that is, if you do not get sick along the way. There is nothing worse than falling ill on the other side of the planet during your vacation. So how can you prevent this? MaxCare Pharmacy offers a way that will protect you from possible diseases while traveling and that is through immunization. Here are some reasons why immunization is such an important service to think about before traveling to the other side of the world.

Why Pill Packs Can Help You Organize Your Medications

If we have tons of tablets and capsules to take in a day, there is a big possibility that we might get confused with these medicines. Taking the wrong medication on a specified time can have fatal effects on our health. It can either worsen our health ailments or it can lead to another illness.

Getting Smart with Hospital Discharge Programs

Going in and out of the hospital can be stressful for both patients and their respective families. There are some situations wherein they have to be readmitted because prevalent symptoms of their disease are reappearing. Some patients who have undergone surgery may also have to go through therapies to fully recover from their injury.

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    Being a family-owned and operated business, MaxCare Pharmacy deals directly with customers and patients. Service is more personalized and customers experience better quality in shopping for their health when we provide pharmacy services and MTM products like Pill Pack in New Port Richey, FL. The same level of quality and attention to detail are applied in our products as well as in the way our staff treats customers.

    You can even talk to our pharmacist in a private consultation. We listen to you when you tell us about your challenges in managing multiple medications or in your struggles with taking your medications on time. Because we are closer to customers like you, we can provide more effective solutions to your day to day problems when taking your medications.

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