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What are the differences between Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Discos and Lounges?

A pub is quite often a whole building in itself and the passage is almost at road level. They quite often have windows and it’s normally conceivable to see in from outside. It’s not required to take a seat in a pub. It’s very regular for some clients to remain in a pub, especially in bustling pubs in downtown areas. Pubs don’t have staff that can show a free table to you. It’s normally impractical to book a table in a pub unless it has a solid theme related to food. This is possible only if there is an assigned feasting zone with a few tables.

What are the Top 5 Reasons to Travel Solo?

You wish to travel, however; your companions don’t have sufficient energy, the cash or basically simply don’t find any interest in roaming around the world. So what are you intended to do? Remain at home, hold up until one of them alters their opinion or simply go in any case? It might appear like a frightening idea however voyaging solo is entirely the ascent for men and ladies. Also, there’s never been a superior time than such a situation to simply get up and travel to offbeat locations. In the event that your companions are altogether coupled up and your accomplice abhors flying then there’s literally nothing to prevent you from voyaging alone.

The Best Winter Holiday Destinations in India

India is a huge country, and its geographical diversity means that its winters are not the same everywhere. Even though temperatures fall in most parts of the country, there are variations. While the Himalayan regions witness sub-zero temperatures, seaside destinations experience the transition from hot and humid conditions to something more pleasant.

Thailand's Most Underrated Beaches That You Should Not Miss -Help Traveler Online

Undoubtedly, Thailand is one of the most incredible beach destinations of the world. The tropical islands towards the southern part of the country make the place more gorgeous. Travellers plan holidays here to enjoy the calm and clear seas, the white sands, the cool sea breezes and the nodding palms. Most of you have heard about the amazing beach escapes of the country, which include Phuket, Koh Samui, and Koh Phi Phi. These spots always remain crowded with a number of tourists almost all round the year.

8 Best Beaches in Goa You Must Visit -Help Traveler Online

Situated on the south-western coast, Goa is one of the most popular and sought after vacation destinations in India. Goa is the smallest state of India (area wise) and is known for its high-quality living. The state boasts over 50 beaches and is popularly called ‘land of beaches’. It is quite difficult to shortlist any 8 beaches in Goa as almost every beach is amazingly beautiful and has its own topography and charisma. Goa has always attracted tourist from all across the globe. Every year tourists visit Goa not only to explore the beaches but also the state host the most happening parties in the country.

Parvati Valley: The Cultural Capital for Cannabis in India

Cannabis, or marijuana, is known by many names. Some call it weed, some call it grass, while others settle for pot. Today, cannabis is the world’s most widely used recreational drug, even though it is illegal in most countries around the world.

Places to See on a Manali-Leh Road Trip

The Manali-Leh road trip makes for one of the grandest experiences in the Indian Himalayas. The road trip starts from Manali, a picturesque tourist hotspot located in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, and ends at Leh, the capital city of the Leh District in Jammu & Kashmir.

Famous Temples You Simply Cannot Afford to Miss

India is a land of diversity marked by varied religions, cultures, rituals, traditions and ideologies. From mountains of Himalaya and Ladakh to the lost villages of south India or the barren deserts of Rajasthan, India has temples and shrines in every corner. Every temple has its own history and story to tell. The massive structure and intricate and artistic carvings are enough to leave you awestruck. Every year people from all over the world visit these temples to gain spiritual enlightenment. Here we are providing you with a list of best temples in India.

Best Places to Visit in North India for Summer Holidays -Help Traveler Online

As we are approaching summer, the schools and other educational institutions are officially closing down for the season. The summers in India are not considered the best time as the mercury can go soaring making it quite unbearable. As the summer heat is at its head, it is the time to escape to some cool vacation destinations. The North India provides you with some of the best vacation getaways. Have a look at these famous attractions in North India where you can go on a family vacation during the summer holidays.

7 Famous Mosques in India -Help Traveler Online

India is a diverse land and Islam is one of the most followed religions in the subcontinent. The Mosque is the place of prayer for the Muslims. These holy structures speak a lot about the glorious past of the country. Visit these monuments to explore the different architectural detailing and styles. India is blessed with some of the magnificent mosques. Here we are providing you with some of the famous mosques in India.

Gangotri Tapovan - Help Traveler Online

The trek from Gangotri Tapovan goes through the snout of Gangotri glacier where a fast flowing river is rushing out of Gomukh.

Khatling Glacier Trek - Biggest glaciers of Himalayas

Khatling glacier is a vast hanging glacier in the remote Garhwal region of Uttrakhand. The glacier is the source of Bhilangana river.

Mount Jopuno , Sikkim - Peak Climbing

Mount Jopuno in Sikkim was declared as an Alpine peak by Sikkim government in 2006. Ever since there have been many successful peaks climbs at Mt Jopuno.

Bandarpunch - Himalayan Trek

Bandarpunch is a spectacular peak of Uttarakhand Himalayas, and strikingly visible from several parts of Uttarakhand. This peaks foot is 12-km long.

Ways to Carry Out a Dream Honeymoon -Help Traveler Online

The Honeymoon is one of the most memorable events in the lives of couples. Thus, it requires a lot of planning to make it a wonderful one. A honeymoon destination should be exclusive, exotic and secluded. Some of the best honeymoon places are Seychelles, Maldives, Fiji Islands, Mauritius, Phuket, Bali, Lucerne and much more. After deciding on the best place for the honeymoon, you have to prepare a checklist of the things you need to do to plan your honeymoon effectively.

Stok Kangri Peak Trek - Help Traveler Online

Stok Kangri Peak Trek is 6150 meters, yet is very easily accessible on foot. It takes just two days of the trek to reach the base camp of this peak.