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Helping Angels Home Health Care, Inc.

Non-Medical Home Care in Virginia - We invite you to drop by our Norfolk office at 870 N. Military Highway, Suite 223 or call 757-998-2590 for more info.

Looking and Feeling Younger Despite Your Age

When we turn 40, we can clearly see the visible signs of aging. Examples are the wrinkles found on the sides of our eyes, the creaking bones and painful muscles that no longer support us and much more. — Read More

What Makes A Caregiver Remarkable?

Being in the service of others is a Herculean task not anyone can face, but it is also a task that is fulfilling. If you wish to be a caregiver, you must possess innate qualities of care and compassion. You must be able to put your feet in the shoes of the people that are receiving your care. It is not easy that you take care of both the people suffering from the debilitating condition and those that are well. — Read More

3 Steps to Make The Elderly Feel Less Lonely

Confronting the challenges of loneliness is never easy. More so, it will ever be easy for the elderly who are living in respite care. Their current physical condition coupled with the respite care environment will always predispose them to bouts of loneliness. In fact, loneliness doesn’t anymore attack season by season, it is a phenomenon that occurs all year round. The latest data estimates that there are around 9.2 million seniors who are suffering from feelings of being alone. This is a staggering number of people who are battling a silent phenomenon that, in one way or another, could affect their well-being, if left unnoticed. — Read More

Ways To Ensure Good Personal Hygiene In Your Elderly

As a person grows older in age, the functions of the different systems inside the body also slow down. These changes often make the elderly unable to do things, perform chores, and finish tasks. As such, they may require assistance from time to time. — Read More

What do you think about ‘Aging’?

Do you know the principle, “self-fulfilling prophecy” in psychology? This theory wants to imply that what you keep and continue thinking is likely to happen. For instance, if you consistently perceive that you would fail an upcoming examination, you would unconsciously act in a manner which would lead you to that failure. — Read More

A Tribute to the Moms who Continue the Fight

If you follow pages or groups at Facebook whose subjects focus on daily miracles like premature babies surviving their battle in an incubator, you might have been able to read about mothers who faced the question, “Should I let go or fight some more?” — Read More

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Helping Angels Home Health Care, Inc. is a company of angels. We are your guardians of health and advocates of your wellbeing at home. For several years now, our home care agency has proudly serve Chesapeake, VA, Richmond, VA, Culpepper, VA and their neighboring locations. We attend to the home care needs of the elderly, the disabled and children with special needs.

About Us | Helping Angels Home Health Care, Inc.

Helping Angels Home Health Care, Inc. is a licensed, bonded, and insured agency and all of our care policies, procedures, client service contracts, and client care plans have been approved and comply with the Virginia Department of Health regulations.

Home Care Services | Helping Angels Home Health Care, Inc.

At Helping Angels Home Health Care, Inc. we provide a network of skilled health care professionals which are ready to meet your needs for a single day, several weeks or for permanent placement arrangements.

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Please use our online form to apply. Qualified applicants will be shortlisted for an interview schedule. We appreciate your interest in joining our responsible staff at Helping Angels Home Health Care, Inc.

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Your questions and suggestions are most welcome. Helping Angels Home Health Care, Inc. is glad to hear from you. We will contact you in a little while with a response to your message.

How to Stay Safe this Summer

Most people find summer fun and relaxing. However, the heat and the sun do not go all friendly with the older members of our society. For elders and their caregivers, here are great tips on how to enjoy this summer:

How to Create a Safer Environment

When you are taking care of an elderly loved one, it is important to make sure they can live in an environment that is safe and convenient for them. This could mean renovating the house or installing different pieces of equipment that will ensure that your loved one remains safe and comfortable at home.

How Can Personal Care Make Life Safer and Easier?

As a senior citizen, you may have noticed that it is difficult to do the simple things around the home like getting dressed, using the shower, or even going to the bathroom. However, Helping Angels Home Health Care, Inc. is a non-medical home care in Virginia that offers exceptional personal care services that will help you achieve a stress-free lifestyle.

Diabetes Care: Effectively Managing Distress

Diabetes is nasty. Many people who have been affected by it have experienced considerable amounts of distress in relation to the lifestyle changes they need to undertake; the disease requires patients to be hands-on and actively involved in its management so they can have a brighter prognosis.


How to Make a Home Safer and Healthier for the Elderly

How to Make a Home Safer and Healthier for the Elderly

Old age brings forth changes in the physical, emotional, and mental state of individuals. In their advanced years, they often are susceptible to various medical conditions. As such, it is important for seniors and their family members to take the necessary precautions.