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The purpose of this list is to empower the DIY’er to create a World Class Internet Marketing System for their business.

My specialty Niche is Real Estate and Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers, so you might notice that I reference that genre often. However, the principles and strategies are the same for all businesses.

My team and I will blog about “Internet Marketing” – Website Design, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media, Video Production, Gr


Adclarity- Media Intelligence

AdClarity is the leading Competitive Intelligence SaaS Solution for Digital Media. With AdClarity you can see which campaigns, creatives and traffic sources (i.e. websites that sell ad inventory) are working best for your competitors, and where they're not cost-effective.

Vimeo or YouTube: Which is best for business

What video hosting site is better:

Vimeo or YouTube?

Well, that all depends on why you’re creating videos and putting them on your website. It’s important to know what attributes of a video hosting site is most important to you, the creator.

Which Social Media is the most adapted to my business?

You probably use Social Media in your private life. You might even have used it for your own business. Since the Social Media trend appeared worldwide in early 2007, more and more companies have seen opportunities in using such platforms. People tend to use what they know: if you are a heavy user of Facebook in your private life, you might tend to use Facebook as well in your professional life for promotion purpose.

How to Drive Traffic To A Wordpress Blog

Blogging For Business:  How to Drive Traffic To A Wordpress BlogIn previous articles we learned why Blogging is Important, the 1-2 Punch Lead Generation System, The Basic Blog Design, How To

Free Advertising Sites

Best Free Advertising Websites. Best Free Classified Ads Sites.Free Ads Foums,Free Ads Communitys, Choose the best advertising website that best fits you.

Top 40 Most Engaging Images On Facebook by Top Brands

Top 40 Most Engaging Images On Facebook by Top Brands How do you get people to engage with you on your Facebook Page? You might just need to pay for it... but that is a post for another day. And even if you decide to pay for a Facebook ad, or a promoted post, you will ...

How to make Money on Youtube - Video Marketing Guide

100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. According to Google, "thousands of channels are making six figures a year". Massive traffic can be funneled to your offer so let`s grow our online business with video marketing.


Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Evince Development has Large team of Internet marketing Services, Which include the Social media marketing, SEO, web Marketing, E-mail Marketing, PPC, Search Engine Marketing and Get the Traffics to your website through Social Media Optimization.

Internet Marketing Services

Techmagnate - Internet Marketing

Techmagnate is a leading Pay Per Click (PPC) services company. Be choosy with a PPC or pay per click campaign you can be choosy about who comes to your website. Techmagnate helps you to outline, evolve and employ proficient, best priced and top-notch Internet Marketing Services (SEO, PPC, Social Media) to empower your business.

TECHMAGNATE - Internet Marketing Agency

Techmagnate is a top-tier Internet Marketing, Inbound Marketing & SEO agency based in New Delhi (India). Techmagnate brings multiple channels of digital marketing together to create the perfect digital journey. Its major services under digital marketing includes SEO, PPC, SMO, SEM, Web Development & Web Designing services.

Christmas Marketing Ideas - Download Your FREE eGuide Full of Marketing Ideas!

With millions of shoppers primed and ready to purchase, capturing the attention of your customers is never more important. In this eGuide, you'll find 13 practical ideas that you can easily and quickly implement to help you make the most of the festive period.

3 New Social Media Marketing Challenges to Overcome in 2019 Email address:

Social media has become a popular channel for marketers to reach their target audience as it is the preferred platform for today’s ‘always online’ customer. But social media presents itself with a set of unique challenges. We break down three of them for you, and how you can overcome them in your social media strategy.

  1. Establishing Trust and Transparency

2018 was a turbulent year for social media users. The disclosure of Facebook’s user data leak to a political firm — Cambridge Analytica, fake news, and data manipulation didn’t only shake people’s faith but made them wary of trusting the platform. Users today are more careful about sharing their information and rightly so. They now want to be aware of how their data will be used.

  1. Balancing Privacy and Personalization

In another significant development, EU General Data Protection Regulation was enforced in May 2018 in Europe to safeguard EU citizens’ data privacy, harmonize data privacy laws, and ensure compliance across organizations.

Marketers are now caught in a Personalization Privacy paradox.

Personalizing social content and interactions and generating meaningful engagement are crucial for delivering an enhanced customer experience. On the other hand, marketers should be sensitive to customers’ privacy and not invade their lives.

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How Often Should I Blog?

Great question... How Often Should I Blog?  There is no exact answer and depends alot on how much you want to blog.
When me or my team set up your Internet Marketing Campaign we strongly recommend t

Blogging For Business: The 3 C's To Turn Leads Into Sales

The 3 C's To Turn Leads Into Sales
 In previous articles we learned why Blogging is Important, the 1-2 Punch Lead Generation System, The Basic Blog Design, How To Set Up a Blog

Best Ways To Use Facebook For Business

This is probably the question that I have been asked the most in 4 years as an Internet Marketing Professional:  What are the Best Ways to Use Facebook For Business?  Until the wonderful people at H

Marketing in the Digital Era « David Clevenger Communications

I have just finished reading a new book I’d like to recommend to those who want to increase their chances of success in today’s marketing world: Marketing in the Round: How to Develop an Integrated...

This Related Content Plugin is Awesome

This Related Content Plugin is Awesome My Related Content Plugin Timeline: Recent Posts > Related Posts >YARPP > LinkWithin > NRelate And unless something significant happens I will be sticking with NRelate Related Content Plugin! What is a Related Content Plugin? A WordPress plugin that displays content (posts and/or pages) that relate to the page it is on.

Blogging For Business: 9 Steps to Maximize Blog Exposure

 In previous articles we learned why Blogging is Important, the 1-2 Punch Lead Generation System, The Basic Blog Design, How To Set Up a Blog, How To Post Your First WordPress Blog

What Are The Local SEO Ranking Factors? [Report]

What Are The Local SEO Ranking Factors? [Report] Thank you to the Moz Team for putting together their awesome "The 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors" report. Local SEO has been a thing for a few years, I have been asking Real Estate Agents and Small Business owners to get a Google Place for years....

Free SEO and Social Media eBooks - Ballantine Digital

Learn more from the 3 free eBooks we have written, two on search engine optimization and the other on social media marketing. You can get instant access to them..

10 Steps to Building Your Google Author Rank

10 Steps to Building Your Google Author Rank What is Google Author Rank? Officially it does not yet exist, but most of the top Search Engine Pros agree that it will and maybe does. Put simply: The stronger your online profile the higher the content you author will rank.


Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing