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6 Reasons Why iPhone 7 Is So Coveted

The latest and greatest Apple’s best-in-class iPhone can be purchased worldwide today. There are many admirers of this gadget. But what makes this device so desired? There are some great iPhone features available, but it seems that there are not so many visible changes in comparison with the previous versions of iPhone. However, people all over the world are craving to steer it back into their fold. Why? Let’s find out!


Heavy Duty

The new processor is more efficient and powerful. A10 Fusion system-on-a-chip is better than Samsung’s Exynos, it is faster and more productive. In combination with iOS 10, it brings great results.




Screen resolution, on the one hand, is one of the main disadvantages of iPhone, because if to compare it with Android gadgets, Apple device is inferior. On the other hand, the new screen of iPhone is much better than all previous ones, it is 25% brighter, more colorful and vibrant. All photos viewed with the help of this device look juicier.


32 GB

Taking into consideration the size of videos, photos, apps, etc., starting 16 GB of storage looked like an insult to any user. Today starting storage for iPhone 7 is 32 GB, so there is no need to turn your sight to pricier and more spacious models… at least, not so far. Of course, there are configurations with 128GB and 256GB storages, but most users may be pleased with 32 GB.


New Colors

New Colors

The new trendy color is black again. Traditional colors are always stylish and winning, so no wonder that Apple designers have selected even two black colors: Jet Black and standard Black. It is true Jet Black looks fancier. However, even designers admit that this color catches scratches faster and they are more visible. Matt black versions are also available, and they are more practical. However, it is up to you what color to choose.


Liquid Resistance

The year 2016 was marked by the arrival of two great water-resistant flagships: Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. IP 67 Certificate given to this device means that you can forget your favorite gadget in a bucket full of water for a half an hour and it won’t harm it. Of course, slashes of liquids pose no hazards to the device, so the next time you drop your iPhone in a pint, there is no reason to panic.


Great Photos

Great Photos

Of course, the new lens of iPhone 7 Plus are beyond any expectations of an average user. However, the simple camera of iPhone 7 is also great. Everything here goes with an -er: wider f/1.8 aperture, brighter LED flash, better and faster focus. Samsung cannot offer such possibilities for its camera, so if you want to make better shots with the help of your mobile phone, then Apple gadget is a better choice.