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Mother of the Bride – top tips

When it comes to being mother of the bride, there’s no manual. However, there are things that you can do to make everyone’s life easier, including your own.

At Charisma Fashions, we’ve come across many women about to embark on their role as mother of the bride, and have therefore been able to put together a shortlist of the top five tips for wedding success:


Know when to step back

Many brides will tell you that the stress of a wedding doesn’t come with the planning, but with the people involved. Your daughter will undoubtedly appreciate your help, but telling her and her husband-to-be that you don’t approve of their colour scheme or choice of band may spark fireworks.

Avoid being a ‘mumzilla’, by stepping back and letting your daughter lead the way. Speak up when you have a good idea, but resist the temptation to run the minutia of the day


Be ‘mum’

Be ‘mum’

Wedding planning comes with its fair share of ups and downs. Do your best to be positive and upbeat, offering a shoulder to cry on in times of need.

Many brides will say that their husband to be doesn’t understand the stress that comes with wedding planning, expecting everything to magically be there on the day. By being there when she needs to vent, it may mean there aren’t wedding related arguments.


Meet the parents

If you haven’t yet met your daughter’s soon to be in laws, then there’s no time like the present.

If it hasn’t been raised by your daughter or her husband-to-be, it may be worth bringing up. Your daughter and her partner may be worrying about how you will all get on and may want reassurance that you are excited to meet them (even if you are not).

If you do meet up with the new family to be, it’s best to do so at a casual restaurant rather than at someone’s house as it will be neutral territory and more relaxed.


Money talks

Money talks

Your daughter and her partner may well have volunteered to pay for everything themselves. Hurrah! But if you would like to help them financially then it is good to have the conversation with them early. Letting them know how much you can contribute and when will not only make their planning easier, but will mean there’s less risk of them coming to you cap in hand at the last minute.


Dress to impress

Dress to impress

As mother of the bride it is only natural that you will be there with your daughter while she picks her wedding dress. But we don’t just think it’s the bride that needs to dress to impress.

As mother of the bride, you will be a main focus of attention for most of the day - meaning that you should both look and feel amazing. Choosing an outfit your daughter doesn’t approve of could cause chaos, so make sure you talk to your daughter about how she envisages your look.


How Charisma Fashions can help you choose the perfect Mother of the Bride Outfit

How Charisma Fashions can help you choose the perfect Mother of the Bride Outfit

At Charisma Fashions, we always advise women to choose an outfit with personality, believing that this is more important than choosing something ‘age appropriate’. We often find that one of the biggest stumbling blocks to picking a mother of the bride outfit is body confidence, so make sure we stock top quality designers that use clever corsetry to create beautiful silhouettes. From Condici and John Charles to Ann Balon and Ispirato, our range is second to none.

If you are looking for a mother of the bride outfit in or near the Isle of Wight or Cowes, then we would love to help you get ready for your daughter’s special day. If you would like any fashion advice, please call us on: 01983 29800.