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10 things you need to do in college

You just got into college, and you're so excited! You already know that these are the best years of anyone's life, a time of adventure, parties and doing everything that you like. But did you also know that they go away before you know it? You might think that there is enough time to do everything you want during your college years, but before you know it the day will come when you will be called to the stage, pick up your diploma, pack your things and start the adult life.



College is a time for experimentation and new experiences and should be much more than just grades, classes and parties. This is the time when you get to know your real self, establish your values and your beliefs, make friends for life and collect some amazing memories that you will tell your grandchildren about.
There are people who loved this period in their lives and those who hated it. If you do not want to feel like you wasted the best years of your life, make a bucket list with things that you should do in college. This way you will reduce the list of regrets and will not long for the campus years that much. This is the best time to try new things, to test your limits, to overcome fears and to grow. College is an opportunity that will never come back, so do everything that you can to seize the moment.
Here are ten of the things that you should definitely do during the sweet college years.


10. Take a class you did not sign up for

10. Take a class you did not sign up for

There are so many classes that you can attend in college, so what stops you from going to one that you find really interesting even if it's not in your curriculum. There is so much freedom when you do not have to take notes or remember information just because you will have an exam at the end of term. Just sit there and absorb. You will see that you will remember much more because you like it and not because you have to learn it. There will be plenty of classes that you will hate, so at least have some that you really love.


9. Join a club or group

Joining a club means knowing new people, having fun, going to parties, make friends for live and feel that you belong somewhere. But if you also work to get a leadership position it will also look good in your resume. So just join a random club, group, sorority or fraternity and meet people you would not normally associate with. You can also expect to be put in situations where you will have to test your limits and this is not always a bad thing.


7. Surround yourself with good friends

Although college sounds amazing, things can get rough too. And when this happens you would like to have someone to talk to or why not someone to celebrate things with. It's hard to find true friends, but statistics show that the friends you make during college will be with you forever. If in high school you did not have many options, college is different. Students are coming from all over the country not just your city or even from other countries, so be patient. Meanwhile, avoid controlling and clingy people, with a life path that you do not agree with.


6. Pick classes that reflect and further your interests

6. Pick classes that reflect and further your interests

If you are in the situation when parents are paying for college, it would be hard to resist their pressure to pick the courses they want you to take. Try to talk to them and convince them that this is not what you want to learn and that you want to pick another career than the one they envision. After all, the most important thing is your mental health and happiness. Learning something just because you have to, will make you end up with a job that you hate and a life filled with frustration.


5. Go out

Yes, you can have fun in the campus too, but this does not mean that you should not go out to explore the city, find new places to eat, go hiking and take advantage of your ID student discounts. It does not matter what you do, as long as you are having fun and take your mind off the exams and class projects. You have no idea how much you will enjoy trying something new, especially if you are with your best friends. College is the best time to get out of your comfort zone and learn to appreciate the world around you. Some of the new things you try can become passions, hobbies, goals or permanent pastimes.


4. Ask for help with homework

4. Ask for help with homework

What? You though that you will not have to do homework in college? Sorry to let you know what college homework is a thing you have to learn to deal with. You will also have projects, presentations, book reviews and many other projects and essay that you will have to do. But if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of assignments you have, you can always check out the online writing companies and pay someone to do homework. This will help you turn the paper in time and avoid having your credits cut for missing deadlines.


3. Volunteer

Volunteering will make you feel good and useful. Helping others and not asking for anything in return will give you so much satisfaction. You can work in an animal shelter, help build houses for the people in need, tutor inner-city children or join an association for abused women and children. Experience the amazing feeling of changing someone's life and making it richer for you being in it. Volunteering is food the soul. You can choose from community, corporate, social, environmental or virtual volunteering, volunteering in an emergency, in schools or skills-based volunteering.


2. Study abroad

No matter if you decide to go to another country to college or just experience a semester or two broad, this is something that you definitely have to try. Imagine yourself living in Paris, London, Rome, Madrid or Berlin, making new friends, learning a new language, knowing a new culture and seeing new things. It will be an experience that will change your life and give you a new perspective on the future. Not many students have the possibility of going to another country to study, so if you have this chance, grab it and be grateful. Allow yourself to change and grow.


1. Get a part-time job

For many students college means getting away from their parents, having fun and meeting new people. But having a part-time job will give you the independence you seek, you will have money to have fun and see new places and you will also gain experience and have employer recommendations when needed to get a full-time job. You will not have to take money from your parents or borrow as much for college. Taking some financial burden off your parents' shoulders and yours, sound good right?
If there is one general rule that would apply to almost every college experience is that 'time flies.' Before you realize it, you will be framing that diploma and could not believe that it is over. Real life begins, family, responsibilities, job, mortgage and in no time your kids will go to college. What will you teach them? What advice will you give them?
“In college, you’re encouraged to find your bliss and experience life. That’s all good, but you should also be acquiring skills that will help you get started with your career,” says Alice C. Stewart, a management professor at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, S.C. and co-author of Making College Pay: Strategies for Choosing Wisely, Doing Well & Maximizing Your Return.
Depending on your experience they will have something to learn, and they will know how to make the best of the college years. Tell them that college is both fun and work, but that if you can find the balance between them, you will have the adventure of your life!


8. Get the experience of an internship

8. Get the experience of an internship

Did you know that, according to, more than 60% of the graduating seniors did at least one internship and from 10 interns 7 of them get full-time jobs from their employers? If you have to beg for an internship, do it. Even if it's not paid or does not bring you any credits. Will get experience, learn new things about a certain business and enrich your resume. No matter if you start with small errands, getting coffee and taking lunch orders, do not give up. The internship is a major bonus point when you will be looking for a job after college and can help you the job you want faster than your colleagues. This will help you stand out.