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Light L16 News Highlights

Curated news about the Light L16 Camera

This is the Final Design of the Light L16 52MP 16-Camera Camera

Update from PetaPixel (Source is of course lightRumors)

Mac Edition Radio

As exciting as new digital photographic equipment is, most of it isn’t that different then the cameras of Nicéphore Niépce, Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, and William Henry Fox Talbot. They all featured a single lens, and light sensitive material at the focal plane. For all their technical wizardry, the vast majority of digital cameras are the same, except for a digital sensor in place of light sensitive metal, glass, paper, or film. The new Light L16 camera is a radical departure that could shake the foundations of current camera design.

How Light plans to put a DSLR in your pocket - ExtremeTech

If you lug a camera bag, imagine having its contents fit in your pocket. If you don't, but have always ...

Fox News - Check It Out: Tablet-sized camera packs professional power

Douglas Kenney reports on Light camera. Includes a brief walk & talk segment with Light co-founder Rajiv Laroia.

Community Q&A with Rajiv Laroia, co-founder and CTO of Light.

Say goodbye? Full-frame DSLRs gone by 2025 claims Dr. Rajiv Laroia, of imaging startup Light.

Will full-frame DSLRs be a thing of the past, 10 years hence?

And interview with Rajiv Laroia & Dave Grannan, co-founders of Light, explaining the technology and promise of their new approach to computational photography.

How This Magical 16-Lens Camera Will Actually Work

It has 16 lenses, 16 sensors, and a compact form factor. If the Light L16 performs as advertised, a revolutionary new type of camera is on the horizon.

ON Semiconductor Partners with Light on the L16 Camera

ON Semiconductor is pleased to be part of the new L16 digital camera. This groundbreaking device uses many products from the ON Semiconductor portfolio including Autofocus controllers, Back Side Illumination CMOS sensors, and various power supply regulation devices. Recent advancements in image sensors, DSP processors and optics now allow manufacture of unique camera configurations such as the L16.

Letting the Light In

Light set out to develop a camera that combined the convenience and portability of a cell phone with the high image quality of a DSLR rig. They turned to Dynacast to meet their extraordinarily tight specifications.

Character Adds Light to Their "Branding" Portfolio.

Character is a San Francisco-based branding & design agency.

"From the get-go, Character saw that Light was a brand that would appeal to the iPhone 'upgrader' while maintaining credibility with prosumers and evangelists. This meant creating a simple, concise story that focused on the magic of capturing the moment as well as the ease and simplicity that only Light can deliver."

Light Founders On Creating Smartphone Cameras That Will Put DSLRs To Shame

We feel proud to present an exclusive interview with the Founders [Rajiv Laroia & Dave Grannan] where they talk about photography, their research work, limitations, and future plans. Read on!

IEEE - Inside the Development of Light, the Tiny Digital Camera That Outperforms DSLRs

The creator of the new Light digital camera explains his new idea how he made it work.

Light - Mostly Cuba

"In March [2017] we took a few of our L16s from the EVT4 build (completed in February) through the deserts of California and the tropics of Cuba. We were testing the camera in different environments and collecting images for our upcoming launch. These are some of our favorites."

Josh Anon – The Light L16

As some of you know, I was a product manager on the LYTRO ILLUM. I’m quite proud of the camera, and I’ve had people tell me it has the best shooting interface they’ve ever used. But the thing that always bugged me was the image quality. ... I’ve seen the initial images [of the Light L16 camera] at 100%, they exceeded my expectations, and they’ll only get better.

Light L16 to Launch Soon - QWTJ Live

Light, the well-known company popular for the manufacturing of cameras, is all set to launch its new device. The company will be soon launching its Light L16 camera. What is so special about this camera? Well, this device has 16 lenses that totally justify its name. Let us have a look at the features and the specifications of the new Light L16.

More heat for Light: ‘SLR-killer’ camera maker wins $25 million in new funding; we have the interview.

Yesterday, photography start-up Light, whom we’ve introduced and interviewed in the past, announced it had secured $25 million in Series B funding ... We talked with with Light CEO Dave Grannan and CTO Rajiv Laroia to learn what this means for the company, and the prospect that their next-gen camera tech will be in consumers hands soon.

ON Semiconductor Imaging Technology Plays Integral Role in World’s First Multi-Aperture Computational Camera  

Through close collaboration with Light, ON Semiconductor was able to supply specially customized sensor devices, based on its 1/3.2-inch format AR1335 CMOS image sensor product offering.

AR1335: 13 MP 1/3" CMOS Image Sensor

The Light L16 camera is rumored to be built around custom imaging sensors based upon the On Semiconductor AR1335 sensor.

"The AR1335 is a 1/3.2-inch CMOS active-pixel digital image sensor with a pixel array of 4208H x 3120V. The AR1335 digital image sensor, features breakthrough 1.1µm pixel technology that delivers superior low-light image quality ... The AR1335 sensor can generate full resolution image at up to 30 frames per second (fps) and supports advanced video modes including 4K 30fps, 1080P 60fps and 720P 120fps."

Light Announces Manufacturing Partnership With Sunny Optical Technology

Light today announced a manufacturing partnership with Sunny Optical Technology to bring Light's imaging technology to market. With this partnership, Sunny Optical will build and assemble Light's camera modules, which is a core component of the imaging technology.

Dynacast Partners with Light

Dynacast partners with Light to create black anodize aluminum chassis for new L16 camera.

Light - Launching the L16 Camera

Even/Odd is a production company & creative studio founded by filmmakers.

"We worked with Light to unveil the new multi­-aperture L16 camera — a breakthrough in photo technology — by creating a film that focused on a variety of real-world scenarios showcasing the camera's versatility and features."

Light | Introducing the L16 (Anthem film for the launch of the Light L16.)

Website Portfolio of Filmmaker Mohammad Gorjestani.

ExtremeTech - How Light plans to put a DSLR in your pocket

Imagine having all the capability of a multi-thousand dollar DSLR camera in your pocket — maybe even as part of your smartphone. That’s the promise of startup Light’s innovative array camera architecture.

How Light Designed the Camera of the Future

This is how the L16 came to life.

"Smartphones are good, but none of them take photos as impressive as we’d like. DSLR and mirrorless systems are great too, but they’re often not with us when the perfect photo opportunity presents itself. To solve this problem, Light are attempting to break the camera industry with a product that can be both portable and powerful, and that’s how the L16 was born. To arrive here, however, there was a lengthy design process that can be broken down into four sections ..."