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Updated by App Jetty on Dec 14, 2018
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SugarCRM & SuiteCRM Plugins, Portals & Apps

AppJetty have a best sugarcrm plugins & add-ons which help you to manage additional applications with in sugarcrm and create strong relationships with your customers.


Online Survey Best Practices for Effective Results

Here are 8 best practices for creating and sending online surveys that work. If you are not following these you are killing your survey’s chances of getting filled up.

Receiving Low Response Rates while Surveying Customers - Know Why!

Survey can be a game changer if done correctly. Manage the contact list to build the strategies and decisions creating win-win situation!

Oberyn’s Classic Guide to Defeat ‘Mountain’ Clegane

What if the Viper had a counsel? What would have happened if had listened to Tyrion and took the fight more seriously? AppJetty is that counsel you might need while managing your CRM.

Suite/SugarCRM Survey Rocket

Review of Survey Rocket. Find Survey Rocket demo, pricing, features & free quote and alternatives, competitors.

Sugar CRM and IoT: The Synergy That Will Drive the Next Level Customer Experience

IoT is changing the way we live and CRM is changing the way we work Blending both these technologies will take the customer experience to the next level. This blog talks about such a future solution.

How to Earn Best Survey Results in Less Time?

Opinions do matter. No matter how much we pretend that they don’t. And keep mulling over it for the next few hours. The scenario is a little different with businesses. You cannot just take opinions and do nothing with them. If your products and services do not receive acceptance and appreciation you expect, your business is sure to shut down. And the best way to garner opinions is – to conduct Surveys.

How to Leverage the Power of Surveys through Your CRM?

Conducting surveys through your CRM can prove to be challenging if you do not have the right technology in place. Find out about the ways in which you can leverage the power of surveys through your CRM.

How Can You Make Sure that Your Surveys Are GDPR Complaint?

After the advent of GDPR, business owners who often conduct surveys using Survey Tool need to be careful about the kind of data and information they seek from their customers. This guide will help them to conduct Surveys with ease.

Reason Why You Should Choose Mobile CRM and What is the Future of It?

CRM software are enriching the business processes. When you use this utility tool with mobile it gives you an edge over your competitors. Here you will get an idea why you should have a Mobile CRM and what is the future of mobile CRM.

How Can Customer Portals Add Value to Your Business?

Talking about portals, having just a portal in place doesn’t work. You need a portal that helps you to leverage your existing CMS and CRM systems. Check out the ways in which customer portals can add value to your business.

Top 10 Magento2 Delivery Date Extensions 2018

Find a list of the most popular Top Ten Magento Delivery Date extensions free and paid that take your business from good to great.

3 Reasons Why Your CRM App Should be Mobile Friendly

If you have a CRM system, having a Mobile App alone doesn’t suffice. You need to ensure that it offers the speed and agility you are looking for. And why is it necessary for a CRM app to be mobile friendly? Let’s find out.

An Intuitive Survey Plugin For SuiteCRM!

SuiteCRM customer survey tool conduct effective surveys or reviews online. Create, send or schedule surveys with multiple question types, templates and reports.

SugarCRM Customer Portal - AppJetty

Reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction by empowering customers to get online support, get their complaints addressed & access up-to-date transaction history.

When you opt for SugarPort - SugarCRM Customer Portal for WordPress you not only give your customers an alternative way to get fast and hassle-free support but also save valuable support hours. And the best part? You can deploy this portal solution with minimal investment as it integrates and leverages your existing CMS and CRM systems. Which means no headache of organization wide system restructuring or expensive manpower training.

6 Benefits of CRM for Small Businesses

6 Ways small businesses can benefit from a good CRM tool - better customer relationships, improved sales pipeline, marketing integration & data management

Explore the Organizational Intelligence with Salesforce Wordpress Portal

Salesforce is a portal that not only offers the assistance that your customers seek but also go a long way in enhancing the organizational intelligence for your business. Find out how through this blog post.

Understanding the Significance of Surveys and How Do They Help?

Let's understand the importance of surveys and check how it helps you to grow your business and stay ahead of your competitors.

TapCRM - Mobile CRM App for SugarCRM | SugarCRM Module

TapCRM, sales mobile CRM app for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM created by AppJetty for sales representatives and administrators wanting to manage their CRM remotely. Empower your teams with on the go access to the CRM data using TapCRM. It is a CRM manager created for SugarCRM / SuiteCRM which offers real time data availability.

SugarCRM Survey Rocket | SugarCRM Module

Survey Rocket from Appjetty is one of the best online survey tools and an ultimate solution for the entrepreneurs who want to conduct online surveys through their SugarCRM system. Customer survey tool for sugarCRM conduct effective surveys or reviews online. Create, send or schedule surveys with multiple question types, templates and reports.

CRM Mobile App

TapCRM, sales mobile CRM app for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM created by AppJetty for sales representatives and administrators wanting to manage their CRM remotely. Empower your teams with on the go access to the CRM data using TapCRM.

10 Best CRM Mobile Apps For Your Business!

Mobile CRM Apps play a crucial role for sales professionals who want to manage their customers while on the move. Go through the list of these 10 Best Mobile CRM Apps and share your thoughts about the same with us.

5 Best CRM Mobile Apps That Work for Any Business!

While the five mobile apps listed above work well for most entrepreneurs, there are dozens of CRM systems on the market to choose from. Depending on what you need to track and how you manage your team, you may find other apps that suit you better.

Salesforce Customer Portal For WordPress To Manage User Data

Salesforce WordPress customer portal allow your users to manage their own details and get on-demand support through an integrated system which connects WordPress and Salesforce.

5 Ingredients that Make a Perfect SuiteCRM Mobile App!

The perfect suitecrm mobile app help increases access to collateral, better performance and allows you to do a quick response to customer queries. Here are the top 5 elements that make it perfect.

Everything You Need To Know About Customer Portal Before Buying One!

Without customers, there is no company. And hence, excellent customer Service is the fundamental duty of any company. If you want to deliver the most excellent customer experience, you need a well-managed Customer Portal. Developing and deploying a customer portal is indeed a big decision for any business. With so many alluring solutions available out there, it becomes tricky to decide which one would be the best solution that resonates with your niche. Before making this big decision, here are the questions that you must ask before you invest your time, energy, and resources in your idea.