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SugarCRM & SuiteCRM Plugins, Portals & Apps

AppJetty have a best sugarcrm plugins & add-ons which help you to manage additional applications with in sugarcrm and create strong relationships with your customers.


NPS® Survey with Survey Rocket

Find out your Net Promoter Score ® quickly. Calculate your score with our NPS survey template and get the feedback you require.

Skip logic changes what question or page a respondent will see based on the answer of the current question. Known as “conditional branching” or “branch logic,” it lets you create a custom survey flow.

Advanced Data Piping in Surveys

Learn all the ins and out about data piping and how effectively you can apply that in your surveys.

Automated Surveys | Survey Automation Software | Survey Rocket

Survey Automation help to schedule surveys at the desired time from your CRM. Automate periodic feedback collection with Automated Surveys with Survey Rocket.

Integrated CRM Surveys: An Unbeatable Business Solution - SugarCRM

In a world of business where you have boundless competition, CRM is your treasure box. You can use it to track your customers’ needs, their data, sales details, etc. to achieve your organizational goals.

Which is the advanced plugin for a SugarCRM survey?

Survey Rocket is an online Survey Module and an ideal solution for the business owner who wants to conduct online surveys through their SugarCRM system. Survey Rocket helps you to receive feedback from your online customers as and when they provide with their answers right from your CRM system.

Nine Key Features of a Winning Mobile CRM App

Tips, trends and best practices from the #1 ranked vendor for customer experience. The SugarCRM blog covers all the latest in marketing, sales and service.

Best Odoo Themes and Apps: Looking Ahead with Odoo 13

If you're looking for Odoo 13 themes and Apps for your business. Here we have listed some of the best odoo themes and apps for V13.

What is an Acceptable Response Rate for Online Surveys?

Here is your guide to know an acceptable response rate for your online survey to be statistically valid.

Learn How to Pick the Right Survey Tool for Your Business

Confused which survey tool to invest in? Learn how web-based surveys are different than CRM based surveys and make a smart investment in the right survey tool!

Step into the Future of Operations with SuiteCRM Mobile App

Imagine you are visiting a client in LA. Would you rather carry bulky paper presentations or rather just have online PowerPoint presentations which you can access from anywhere? It is the same with customer data. You don’t have to stick to your computer to be able to understand your customers. There are mobile CRM apps which give you the flexibility to work from anywhere.

How to Craft a Perfect Survey for Maximum Response Rates

Surely by now, you’ve conducted many surveys using trial and error. Every time you send one anticipating a certain number of responses, more often than

How to Utilize Surveys for Optimized Business Operations

Surveys can be the best way to know your customers and take advantage of your CRM systems. CRM and survey is the best combination for enhancing the capabilities of CRM and expand your market reach. It helps you build strategies to make a win-win situation for business and customers

A Guide To Choosing the Right Odoo theme for your E-store

A right theme for your online store defines the functionality, as well as the look and feel. Make sure you choose the best theme, by going through this helpful guide!

SugarCRM Survey Rocket

Survey Rocket - a SugarCRM survey tool is equipped with all the features that will take your surveys and the data gathered to the next level. Maximize your efforts and investment with our survey module having intuitive features like survey automation, survey customization, data piping, skip logic, etc.

What’s a Good Survey Response Rate? (+14 Hacks To Improve)

Survey response rate could be crucial to your next business decision. See where you should be aiming and how to take your survey to the next level.

8 Must-Have Features in an Online Survey Tool: Otherwise Don't Buy Them

Did you know, you can add a survey plugin to your SugarCRM?! This lets you use your CRM database to conduct surveys. A survey tool is more than a fancy toy for your analysts. The right survey tool will enable you to get specific details dynamically.

The Importance of Survey Automation to Conduct Surveys

Survey automation can help you execute the surveys more efficiently and at the same time creating a hassle-free experience for your customers and personnel.

How To Use Surveys To Grow Your Business

Online Surveys can be a great way to know your customers tastes and preferences ensuring better customer satisfaction and thus more growth

Importance of Data Piping in Creating Surveys

Learn more about data piping in surveys and how Survey Rocket uses the data available in your Sugar CRM for forward and backward data piping in your surveys.

CRM Mobile Apps: What Freedom Feels Like

How CRM accessibility on mobile devices can be liberating for professionals who prefer to be out there in the field.

Salesforce Customer Portal

Now, you can quickly create a Customer Portal by integrating Salesforce with WordPress. SalesPort is the easiest way to create a customer portal through the user-friendliness of WordPress and scalability of Salesforce CRM.

Rocket Fuel for SugarCRM Survey Integration

Survey Rocket is a flagship sugarcrm survey module that provides wide range of features such as Survey Automation, Data Piping, Skip Logic, Advance Logic, Scoring, NPS, and more. Start 30-days trial now!

The Advanced Guide to Conducting Surveys

To execute your business’ vision statement, it is necessary to put constant efforts behind improving business services. And the first thing we need to do to make this possible is – Data Analysis.

Why should you integrate surveys to your crm system?

Here are the few good reasons you should have a survey tool integrated within your CRM software, whether you have a less customers or thousands of them.