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Updated by Nathalie Martin on Dec 30, 2017
Headline for Knowing These 5 Hacks Will Make Parenting A Lot Easier
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Knowing These 5 Hacks Will Make Parenting A Lot Easier

Parenting is probably one of the hardest, longest and most rewarding jobs anyone will do in their life. There are unbelievable highs and there can be very low lows, however there are ways you can make parenting a little easier. See how these 5 parenting hacks will help you manage your children and if you have any you like to add, please do!


Save Time By Adding Laundry Labels

Save Time By Adding Laundry Labels

Doing the washing is stressful enough with one child, but what if you have more than one? Little clothes often look similar and can easily get mixed up with each other. To combat this, label each piece of clothing. This can simply be done by marking the inside label with a shape or a dot. The dot method is a popular way of identifying items of clothing. For example, one dot for the first child, two for the second and so on. If you are wanting to be more organised, you can purchase personalised labels too that need to be sewn on.


Give Them A Safety Tattoo

Give Them A Safety Tattoo

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare to lose their child at a busy event. One minute they are there and the next they have wondered off! Write your phone number on your child’s arm, this way anyone who finds them will be able to contact you. Wearing an identity bracelet is also an option, however, they could be more inclined to fall off. Children can often be picky with what they want to wear – telling them that they are having a tattoo turns it into a fun thing! There are even temporary tattoos available, these have spaces for medical information as well as contact information


Find Alternative Ways To Administer Medicine

Find Alternative Ways To Administer Medicine

Medicine and children just do not mix. Getting your child to take medicine can be a fight, especially when certain medication is in the form of pills or tablets. It is not uncommon for older children to also suffer from the inability to take medication as well. It isn’t just the form medicine can come in, the taste isn’t always very nice. Using liquid medicine can help make the process easier, as not only does it come in liquid form – they can also come in different flavours.

Tech Advantage of Tech

Some are afraid that their kids will become tech addicts doing nothing useful. However, don’t shoot the idea of tech down just yet. There are plenty of apps and online activities that can help keep your child busy and your life easier. There are a range of educational apps that can help further you child’s learning and keep them quiet at the same time! There are also apps available to help reinforce good behaviours and teach them right from wrong.

Pack Travel Essentials

Long car trips and journeys can be draining on a parent. You are all in a contained space for such a long while and it is only a matter of time before the ‘I need a wee’ or the ‘Are we there yet’ starts. All is well and good to begin with, you set off and they are preoccupied with their tablets. Then they run out of charge. Don’t be unprepared! Pack an extra charger or give their eyes a break with some print our activity sheets.

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