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Top Finance Tips

Finance tips to save money, budget planning, debt free life.


The average household in US owes approximately seventy nine hundred dollars to credit cards, a study held by CardHub in 2015 suggests. Though it is easy to swipe your credit card, it is pretty difficult to get out of the credit card debt.

Financial Situations

Whether you have it or not, money is stressful.  It can drive marriages apart, get you in debt, or give a false sense of happiness in life.  The older we get, the more weight is on our shoulders preparing for living arrangements, raising a family, and making sure you have enough funds to live off...

Money saving tips

It doesn’t take having plenty of money to be smart about where your money is going.  No matter the income level, it is important to live within your means and save for the future.

Maximize Saving

Whether you are just out of college with your first job, or are halfway through your career, it is never too late to save for future retirement.  Well, actually, it can be too late if you never save and are not left with much when it is time to enjoy your golden years, hoping to live off social sec...

Things to never buy without coupon

Most people probably think that coupons are in the form of the Sunday paper, sitting and clipping coupons to bring to the store to save off your grocery bill, but these days there are so many forms of coupons for virtually any item, you just may have to look in other areas such as Groupon, “junk m...

5 Ways to Save on Making Purchase

When it comes to making purchases, you can budget all you want, which you would already be ahead of the game as studies have shown that two thirds of Americans do not even follow a budget, but just buying an item when you are ready may not be all that is needed.

It is Best to Handle Household Finances as a Team

Let’s face it, whenever you hear of couples breaking up or ending in divorce, it is usually one of three things:  cheating, growing apart, or money issues.

How you Can Afford the Car You Really Want Without Breaking the Bank

There are plenty of great deals out there just waiting for you to make the most of, you just need pointing in the right direction financially. To help you out then, in this post are three ways you can afford yourself the car you really want, without breaking the bank.

Is a Rent-to-Own Lease a Good Idea?

Buying your own real estate makes sense. There are occasions when growth stops, or even reverses as in the recent recession. However in general real estate is a good investment but not at the wrong price. During the early 2000’s, real estate values grew at an impressive rate.

Life Can Be Difficult With Bad Credit

I wish that the importance of credit score was stressed to me when I was younger, even in college, and I suppose maybe it could have been, but it was the furthest thing from my mind at the time.

Money Tips for Couples

Getting in a serious relationship, whether it is marriage or a domestic partnership, takes plenty of work, let alone when you bring money into the equation.  Some couples keep finances separate, while others just lump all into a joint account.