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What Do Old Age People Need?

As our loved ones approach their golden years, we, the people that surround them, start to face a number of difficulties. We are all aware that growing old is a reality of life that we must all face and it is something that we really can’t avoid. However, there are just times when things don’t make sense to us. We try and try to understand but it seems that our patience is never enough. Today we are going to talk about the right attitude to have when facing these difficulties. — Read More

Understanding Skin Aging in the Elderly

Considering that the skin is the largest organ of the human body, it is not an exception to age-related changes. In fact, the skin is most likely the most affected part of the body from the external forces such as sun exposure, weather changes, dust, and other forms of pollution. — Read More

5 Useful Tips to Practice Proper Walking Exercise

Staying active through an appropriate exercise is very important especially for elders who have higher health requirements. Exercise does not necessarily mean they would lose weight. Exercise allows proper blood circulation and balance of the hormone distribution in the body leading to a good mood and feeling. — Read More

Harmful Effects of Falls Seniors Should Watch Out For

Being old brings about new challenges not only to an individual but also to the people around him or her. As a person grows older, he or she is prone to experiencing falls. And when we talk about falls, nothing good can ever come out of it (except for falling in love). — Read More

Harmful Effects of Falls Seniors Should Watch Out For (Continuation)

If your body does not move, there is a high possibility that your muscles will grow weaker and weaker. Once this happens, various diseases and conditions may catch up. — Read More

6 Tips to Avoid or Lessen Health Complications for Seniors

As we age, our body and health will also deteriorate. This makes seniors susceptible to illnesses, mobility issues, and accidents. But did you know? You can actually help avoid or at least lessen the possibilities of your senior loved one from experiencing health complications. — Read More

Fall Prevention Tips: Keep Your Seniors Safe at Home

Falling is one of the most common accidents that seniors deal each day. You might think that falling is not that serious but, you’re absolutely wrong. In fact, a lot of falling accidents have led to death or other serious injuries. Hence, if you’re living with a senior at home, make sure to keep him safe. — Read More

Easter Holiday: What Better Way to Celebrate It with the Elderly?

Do you have some ideas on what to do during the Easter holiday with your elderly loved one? You can actually take this coming holiday as another opportunity to have fun, eat delicious food, and spend quality time with them. Make it extra special for the seniors by doing things that are exciting. You can even invite some friends over. — Read More

The ‘What Not to Do’ When You Reach Retirement Age

Retirement is a crown of glory for most seniors. It is a time when all time and efforts are paid off! It is not easy to deal with life – more often than not, you have to shed sweat, tears, and blood for success. However, when you’ve made your way to the finish line, it is all going to be worth it! — Read More

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day with your Aging Mom

Mother’s Day is the celebration of your relationship with your mom and because it is approaching, you should start planning for the celebration. Often, seniors appreciate the time they can spend with their family. A visit or call from her kids will surely be a gift no material thing can ever replace the significance of. — Read More

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    Covenant Premium Senior Care is a locally owned and operated family business that provides in-home care to seniors in the Fort Bend and Harris Counties. Our founders, Claudia and Dr. Derrick Jackson started the business as a result of aging parents. Back then, Derick’s time was predominantly spent hiring, evaluating and auditing staff for assisted living senior care facilities around the U.S. During his time working with these companies and hundreds of seniors, Dr. Jackson realized that in many cases seniors just wanted to live happy lives in the comfort of their own homes – rather than in senior care facilities away from their families.

    However, many seniors did not have the support or resources to make this happen. As the Jacksons had many conversations and sleepless nights about this dilemma they made a Covenant with God that if given the opportunity, they would do their very best to care for as many of the seniors as they could by providing a premium service to everyone they meet. This was the inception of Covenant Premium Senior Care – a home care provider that is grounded on integrity, compassion and kindness.

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