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Akshara Foundation: Education Foundation Bangalore, India

Akshara Foundation is charity organization, helping underprivileged children in Bangalore, India. We have a team of hardworking, dedicated, professional people who are working hard to let kids admit in schools and get the education, which is their right. It is one of the popular foundations in India for kids education.

Akshara Foundation: Educating Underprivileged Children in Bangalore, India

Akshara Foundation is charity organization in India helping underprivileged children in Bangalore, India by providing quality education. Our main aim is to encourage children to go to school.

Charities Aid Foundation Bangalore, India - Akshara Foundation

Akshara Foundation is charity run aid foundation in Bangalore, India. Our team is very dedicated and work hard to take every children to school. Our prime aim is to provide pre-school and primary school education to underprivileged children’s in Bangalore.

Akshara Ganitha: Akshara Foundation’s Mathematics Programme

Akshara Ganitha is Akshara Foundation’s Mathematics Programme intended to support primary school students who are studying in government primary schools. We assist government school kids to learn mathematics easily with fun.

Akshara Foundation’s Mathematics Programme - Akshara Ganitha

Akshara Foundation’s Mathematics Programme, Akshara Ganitha is very helpful for children of government primary school in Bangalore, India. We support the children studying in government primary schools in Karnataka.

Akshara Foundation’s International Donors

Akshara Foundation always receives donations from many organizations and people around the World. We are serving the society by educating kids at pre-school and primary level. We feel pride when we get support from international organizations, individuals and groups.

Donate to Akshara Foundation - Charitable Trust in Bangalore

Want to donate to Akshara Foundation? Donate us and help underprivileged children’s in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Your small effort can change the life of many children who are helpless. We are charities aid foundation in Bangalore helping to educate children.

Meet Akshara Foundation board of trustee. The members in trust are working very hard for the Foundation. They are dedicated and giving their valuable advice and experience for the betterment of unprivileged children in Bangalore.

Know who are the member in management team of Akshara Foundation. It is hard work and dedication of the members that the foundation is one of the leading foundations in India for girls education.

Akshara Foundation: Pre-school Education for Girls

Since its inception in March 2000, Akshara has impacted the lives of over 150,000 children in the pre-school age groups. It is one of the leading Foundations in Bangalore which takes care unprivileged girls education.

Akshara Foundation: Reports

At Akshara every programme has a definitive goal, a vision built in at the design stage, of children learning better and acquiring the foundational skills for academic progress. Our Research and Evaluation team enters the picture to gauge how programs perform and whether end results have met the expectations on which they were founded.

Karnataka Learning Partnership: Akshara Foundation

Karnataka has over 46,000 public primary schools and 64,000 public pre-primary schools that, together, serve over 8 million children. Over 98% of children attend a primary school and 85% attend a preschool.

Akshara Foundation Teaching-Learning Material

Read amazing stories and Akshara news at our site. We are Bangalore leading kids Foundation for education. Akshara Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust dedicated to ensuring quality pre-school and primary education for every child in Karnataka.

Akshara Foundation Advisory Board

Akshara’s Advisory Board assists the Board of Trustees by providing insight, advice, and support related to programs, curriculum development and fundraising endeavors while providing links to the various stakeholder communities.

Akshara Foundation - Foundations in India for Education

Various foundations in India for education are making efforts to meet the toughest challenge to spread learning programs among the people. About 70% of the India’s population is within the rural areas and which seems to be a major challenge to run education programs out there.

Top Charitable Trust - Akshara Foundation

Akshara Foundation is a Bangalore-based Public Charitable Trust that was established in the year 2000. We have a range of programs that provide multiple solutions for universalizing elementary education. Our mission is "Every Child in School and Learning Well"

Education foundation India is playing a vital role in the rising literacy rate. These foundations are non-profit organizations that are privately owned, controlled, and operated differently from the school districts, public institutions, or local governments.

Akshara Foundation: Educating Poor Girls in Bangalore

Education is considered to be a great weapon to eradicate the poverty and empowers people to take a life changing decisions free from the shackles of the poverty. Akshara Foundation has taken the responsibility to promote the education to remove poverty from its root.

Role of Charitable Trust in Bangalore

While poverty is a major concern in a country like India, Akshara Foundation, the leading charitable trust in Bangalore is working tremendously to eliminate this huge social evil