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Updated by Caroline Allison on Aug 10, 2017
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Foreclosure Prevention Options

We are certified stop foreclosure agent, offering the best real estate advice or ways to sell a house before foreclosure in Houston.

Beautiful and Spacious Condo in Memorial for Sale - 2230 S. Piney Point Rd, Houston, TX 77063

The fully upgraded 2/2 suite is located in the heart of the Piney Point/Memorial area. The recently renovated condo comes with two spacious bedrooms, two full baths, and high-end kitchen. The stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and ample storage space make it a perfect modern kitchen.

How your Credit Rating is Affected by Foreclosure?

Foreclosure, a situation in which your lender takes the ownership of your house and sells it to recover the debt you owe on your mortgage.However, it's not only the loss of home that you need to go through during foreclosure but you also feel embarrassed in front of your relatives and other people. Another worth considering negative effect of foreclosure is drop in the credit score.

Plan your Finances Smartly and Stop Foreclosure

It's not when your lender sends you the notice for foreclosure that you would start planning for your finances; instead, the smart financial planning starts years before you actually purchase a home.

Reverse Mortgage - A Good Option to Stop Foreclosure

A reverse mortgage is considered as one of the best options for stopping foreclosure. It will not only let you avoid foreclosure but will also allow you to stay in your home; however, you need to ensure that you are getting the loan from a reliable lender.

5 Best Tips to Follow While Hiring a Foreclosure Attorney

A number of homeowners in Houston go through the foreclosure and a common mistake that they make is they don't consult a foreclosure attorney. And as the time passes, the options and chances to stop foreclosure reduce.

How Bankruptcy Can Help To Stop Foreclosure?

When a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy is filed by you, the court will issue what is known as Order for Relief. As per this order, an “automatic stay” is granted to you that lets the lender cease the collection activities immediately, without any excuse.

Different Attorneys Who Can Help You With Foreclosure

When it comes to dealing with the foreclosure like situation, almost everyone understands the importance of seeking help from a professional attorney.

What Happens When You Miss Your Mortgage Payments? – Caroline Allison – Medium

A question that every mortgage buyer has in mind is what will be the next thing in the case he misses a mortgage payment. Well, it depends on the number of payments you have missed and on the type of state you are living in. For an instance, if there is only one payment that you have missed and you are able to pay it along with the next payment, then nothing serious is going to happen. But if you have missed a payment and chances are there that you will miss the next ones too, then you can expect foreclosure and losing your home.

How Loan Modification Works to Stop Foreclosure?

The loan modification is one of the most preferred ways to stop foreclosure in Houston, that not only take the homeowners out of this situation but also helps them keep their home.

Valuable Tips To Deal With Foreclosure

You are not required to worry and get panicked if you have missed one or two of your mortgage payments, or are expecting that you would miss the one. Though there will be fear and stress, you need to take smart decisions for avoiding foreclosure. Know the options you can go for, make a plan and implement it. Do have some patience as it will take time and efforts to get the results.

Planning to Buy a Foreclosed Property? Know the Types First..

FForeclosure properties draw huge interest soon after they are listed the sale.Foreclosures are considered as a good investment option for the investors as they provide the investors an opportunity to yield high ROI.

4 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Foreclosure Attorney

If you have missed three or more of your mortgage payments, you are surely going to receive the notice for foreclosure.

Can Your Bank Really Help You With Stopping Foreclosure?

Foreclosure, a term that homeowners don’t want to hear and don’t want to face, is a situation when you (being a homeowner) fail to pay your mortgage and your lender takes the possession of the mortgaged property.

Things That Homeowners Must Know About Foreclosure...

As the foreclosure not only lets the homeowners lose their homes but it also affects their credit score and makes them go through the social stigma, you must be thinking that is there any alternative to that.

Is It a Good Idea to Stop Making Mortgage Payments During a Short Sale?

A short sale is considered as one of the best options to stop foreclosure; it lets the homeowners have a full control over the sale of your house and also saves them from the social stigma of foreclosure.

Foreclosure Prevention Options for Homes in Houston

If your lender has filed a foreclosure, you don't need to panic as there are a number of options for foreclosure prevention in Houston. You just need to consult an

experienced foreclosure agent who can guide you right to deal with the situation and avoid foreclosure. Caroline Allison can help you by recommending you the best

option depending on your financial condition.

Must-know Facts About Buying a Short Sale Property

A short sale is a process in the which the lender and the borrower (when he defaults on his mortgage) sign the agreement to sell the house before the foreclosure occurs.

Can't Afford a Foreclosure Attorney? Here Are the Options You Can Go For....

Foreclosure is such a situation when the homeowners go through financial difficulties; it is not only their house that is at risk but they also need to manage other costs effectively. And it worsens their financial condition further. There occur the cases in Houston when the homeowners are not able to afford an attorney's fee for representing them during the foreclosure.

Things you Need to Know About Getting a Mortgage After Foreclosure

If you are serious about getting a mortgage again, you must consult a real estate agent in Houston, TX who would be dealing with the similar cases, soon after the foreclosure..

Tips For Getting Your Offer Accepted at a Foreclosure Auction

Buying a home at an auction is not much difficult; you just need to consider some important things. And if still, you think that it would be hard for you to deal with the process, you can seek the help from a reputed Houston TX listing agent who would have experience with the foreclosure auctions.

Buying a Short Sale VS Buying a Foreclosure? Know the Right one for you…

When looking for the properties priced below the market rates, foreclosures and the shorts sales are the main motivations of buyers. Whether you are an investor or are looking for a house to relocate, these type of properties are a good option.

When to Refinance a Mortgage and How it is Helpful in Stopping Foreclosure?

Refinancing is replacing your current mortgage with the new one that would have a lower interest rate, extended loan term or a lower monthly mortgage. It is one of the best ways for stopping foreclosure in Houston.

Selling home before foreclosure? Know the tips to get success..

If you have received the notice for foreclosure in Houston, you must be feeling like you have lost control over the situation but you would be happy to know that still, there are many options you can work on for stopping foreclosure.

Sell Your House Before Foreclosure in Houston

There are different solutions to foreclosure like a short sale, refinancing, loan modifications, deed-in-lieu etc. but, a short sale is preferred by most of the homeowners who are sure that they would not be able to pay the remaining debt.