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Updated by Stone Tech on Jan 25, 2018
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Stone Restoration Services in California - Visit our office at 9151 Atlanta Ave., #7223, Huntington Beach or call 800-750-7866 for more information.

3 Tips on Maintaining Your Home’s Beauty

As homeowners, it is our duty to maintain the beauty of our houses in the most effective way. When people look at our homes in appreciation, a feeling of pride and accomplishment fills us. When our living spaces are clean, we are able to find meaning and comfort in our home lives.
We want to take a look at our houses and feel that sense of contentment. We want to be proud of the efforts we’ve put to make them look as good as they do. When you no longer appreciate your home for its beauty then it’s time to make some important changes. — Read More

The Importance of Stone Restoration Services

If your house happens to be made of stone then you have to know the best ways to maintain it. We all want our houses to look good and function exceptionally well at the same time. It is our shelter and part of what improves our quality of life so it is only natural that we are very concerned about its maintenance. However, whatever methods you use to keep your homes in good condition, you must always make sure that they are safe and ideal for its material composition – in this case, stone. — Read More

Three Common Uses of Marble in Homes

Choosing marble for your house is a good decision if you value durability and elegance. Marble can be used on the floor, showers, and kitchen countertops. Marble boasts detailed and intricate swirl patterns, as well as sophisticated spotting. — Read More

Seven Reasons to Use Limestone in your Next Home Project

In terms of the material to choose for your flooring, you have lots of options out there. You can find various kinds of stone and traditional carpets. But limestone tiles are excellent options which stand out above the rest. Limestone flooring is an elegant option to create a stunning atmosphere in your house. With its different styles and muted tones, it has the ability to create a comfortable and clean touch for all your rooms. Below are the main benefits of limestone in your next home project. — Read More

Which Stone To Choose For Your Home Flooring

To celebrate the Easter season, you might want to change up a few things in your life. It may include giving your floor a revamp. You might decide to go with natural stone for your flooring at home. — Read More

Stone Tile Floors: Cleaning And Maintenance

Many homeowners choose to use stone tiles for their floors. Stone tiles add beauty and elegance to the interiors of any building, whether a residential or a commercial one. However, it is also important to maintain such beauty and elegance. — Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Decorative Stones for Your House and Gardens

It’s summer! That only means we get to enjoy the warm California sun and the beach. Summer could also mean we get to redecorate our homes just the way we want it too. There are times we would want to change the interior decorations or we want to beautify our gardens. Either way, we imagine decorative stones on our walkways or marble floors in our homes.

3 Floor Materials that Can Help Our Homes Cool Down This Summer

With summer fast approaching, a lot of homeowners are bracing themselves for the heat. Many of us will be seeking relief from the coolness the air conditioner gives. But there are other ways we can make our homes cool for this coming season. The key in creating a cool house for the summer is by building a sustainable home. With the right materials, we have the chance to lower the heat and as well as decrease the house’s energy consumption. It’s time to get smart about choosing materials.

Stone Tech. - How To: Care for Your Stone Decors at Home

Our homes are our sanctuary. We try to make it beautiful as much as we can. We want to maintain its beauty by cleaning it and arranging our pieces of furniture every now and then. Often times, there are just some accidents that cannot be prevented. We might spill liquid contaminants on our floors that could damage its color. There might be termites slowly eating out the walls of our house.

Stone Tech. - Why Sealing is Important

Stones are vulnerable to both natural and man-made elements that can cause irreversible damage. Stones require protection. Damage can be easily prevented by preserving stones through sealing. If you do not want to spend money for sealing because you think it is not important, then you might want to think about it again after reading this article.

Stone Tech. - 3 Signs That Your Floor Tile Needs to Be Repaired

Due to constant use and other circumstances, many things do not last forever. This includes our home tiles, granite fixtures, and even our marble flooring. This will eventually wear out and sooner or later, we will have to replace them.

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