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New Horizons Home Healthcare

New Horizons Home Healthcare | Ask for more details on Home Care, Skilled Nursing and more by calling us at 765-662-9751.

6 Helpful Oral Care Tips for Seniors

Seniors are often plagued with oral problems, such as tooth loss, dry mouth, and gum disease. First things first, oral problems are not part of the aging process. They are often a consequence of poor dental hygiene.

Top 3 Common Complaints of Elderly Adults on Care Services and How to Help

When it comes to comfort and reliability, age doesn’t really matter. All of us deserve the good things in life. All of us deserve care, understanding, love, and compassion. During our old ages, we deserve to be confident in ourselves and confident in the care other people offer us.

Eyes Here, Literally! 7 Ways for You to Maintain Good Eyesight as You Age

The risk of vision loss increases with age. In fact, blindness and low vision in the United States are majorly caused by age-related diseases, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. If you want to better your quality of age during your golden years, it is important that you protect your eyes.

How to Maintain Your Independence | New Horizons Home Healthcare

There is no arguing that old age can make it tricky to maintain your independence. After all, even the smallest things like cleaning or even taking a shower can become a huge hassle. But through an Indiana-based Care Provider such as New Horizons Home Healthcare, it is possible to find your independence once again. We are dedicated to helping you live the life you want, to the fullest. We do this through our healthcare services and homemaking support.

Health Care at Your Convenience

When you are elderly, disabled, or injured, then you may want to consider Home Health Care services. This is a service that allows you to receive compassionate healthcare at home. New Horizons Home Healthcare is a Healthcare in Marion Indiana. We can provide several different services for the benefit of your health in the comfort of home. Our services include skilled nursing, personal care, and homemaking.

Tips In Organizing Your Elderly Loved One’s Bedroom

A clean home offers a lot of benefits to the occupants. It keeps the occupants healthy since a messy environment can be a breeding ground for lots of disease-causing bacteria. Aside from that, the individuals will also be able to stay calm emotionally. — Read More

Personal Hygiene For Your Elderly Loved Ones: Pointers To Remember

Personal hygiene can greatly affect the overall health of your elderly loved ones. This is why it is important for them to stick to a good personal hygiene routine. Of course, they will need your assistance to do what they need to do in order for their bodies to stay clean. — Read More

Six Tips to Help Seniors Practice Healthy Eating Habits

Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet is important for older adults. Proper nutrition can minimize a senior’s risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. Also, a healthy diet for aging people can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as build up the ability of the body to manage a number of illnesses and chronic conditions a senior may already have. Also, the right choice of foods is necessary for better memory retention and sharper memory.

Four Eye Diseases that are Common in Elderly Adults

Studies show that one in three seniors experience some form of an eye condition that impairs vision by age 65. Some people have problems seeing at night or viewing objects up close. These are normal vision changes that don’t limit the ability of a person to live independently. However, an eye disease can decrease a person’s ability to do activities and increase the risk for depression for elderly adults who are already isolated. Below are the common eye diseases that often affect seniors: — Read More

Tips for the Elderly: How to Stay Safe while Gardening

The garden is a fun place to work in, especially when the spring season is right around the corner. And if growing flowers and producing your own food appeals to you, we are quite for certain that you are definitely not missing the chance to enjoy yourself gardening in your own backyard. — Read More

What all Caregivers Should Consider before Allowing the Elderly to Garden

After the holiday season, you would probably be bored as you sit on your couch the whole day. The same goes for the elderly. Now that the snow brought about by the winter melts, it is that lovely season again where the birds begin to sing and the flowers start to bloom. — Read More

The Vital Signs and Their Significance To Your Health

According to, vital signs are clinical measurements of the body’s basic functions. These include body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate (rate of breathing), and blood pressure. These are called ‘vital’ for good reason. They show how the body is functioning or malfunctioning. Vital signs are also often used to detect and/or monitor medical problems. — Read More

Caregiving 101: All About The Food

Food plays a vital role in the health and well-being of each individual. It is a source of all the nutrients that our body uses in order to function. When it comes to caregiving, the importance of food and nutrient intake goes up to a whole other level. — Read More

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    New Horizons Home Health Agency with its home office in Marion and a branch office in Kokomo, Indiana. We proudly serve the counties of Grant, Huntington, Wabash, Miami, Howard, Tipton, Madison, Delaware, Blackford, Adams, Allen, Hamilton, Jay and Wells.


    No other Care Provider offers as many amenities to its clients as New Horizons Home Healthcare. Our clients enjoy Cash Bingo Games every weekday, they receive an informative monthly newsletter that contains a Cash Prize Trivia question, we serve hundreds of delicious and nutritious hot meals throughout the year, clients receive Birthday and Christmas cards with gifts, we’ve assisted clients with food, furniture and shelter, and the list could fill this page. Why? Simply because…WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS AND OUR CLIENTS LOVE US!

    Non-Discriminatory Policy

    New Horizons Home Healthcare is a an equal opportunity employer and provider. We deliver our services and employment opportunities equally regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, orientation or creed.

    When do I need home care, skilled nursing or home health care?

    To determine whether you need care at home, please answer the following questions below:

    Do you have/a:

    • History of falls
    • Severe weight loss or diminished appetite
    • Problems with walking or balance
    • Poor driving skills
    • Changes in grooming or hygiene
    • Recent injury that prompted rehabilitation
    • Loss of interest in social activities
    • Confusion or Memory Loss
    • Problem in taking your medications

    If you have answered two or more of the questions above or if any of these apply to a loved one, please give us a call at 765-662-9751 for a Free In-Home Assessment from New Horizons Home Healthcare, an Indiana-based Care Provider.

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