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Best Raleigh and Durham Dental Resources for Parents

This is a list of all the best websites for Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill dentists and dental information. If you are in need of a regular dental checkup or need to have a tooth extracted, you will find useful resources on this page.

Raleigh Dentists • r/raleighdentist

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If you’re in search of a Raleigh dentist’s office, Lane & Associates is the ideal option. Our dental team with a location near North Hills and Interstate 440 is dedicated to providing patients from…

At Lane & Associates, our mission is to provide first-class dental care in a warm, welcoming environment. When you visit our Pinehurst, NC dentist’s office, you will be greeted by dentists and dental…

Lane & Associates is pleased to provide residents from Fuquay-Varina with high quality dental services. Our Fuquay Varina dentist’s office offers a wide variety of services, making us a one stop shop…

If you’re searching for a dependable Pinehurst, NC dentist, Lane & Associates is sure to exceed your every expectation. We are pleased to expand to the area and provide children, adults, and seniors with a wide variety of dental services. Our dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons are dedicated to helping each and every patient achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

Raleigh Emergency Dentist with Night and Weekend Hours

For affordable, high quality dental care in a comfortable environment, look no further than Wells Family Dentistry in Raleigh. When you choose us to care for your family’s oral health, you can expect cutting-edge technology and the individualized attention you deserve.

About Us

We hope our webpage will serve as your internet source for all things involving Pediatric Dentistry and also provide you with information about our Pediatric Dental Practice. We specialize in the dental treatment of infants, children, adolescents and children with special needs.  Dr. Hollowell, Dr. Porter and the staff at Triangle Pediatric Dentistry believe that a positive attitude toward dental care and prevention is a gift that will last a lifetime. With this in mind, our team works to provide the very best in compassionate, quality care with an emphasis on prevention and education. We strive to create a friendly, caring and comfortable atmosphere so that children look forward to their dental visits.

Wake Forest Dentist • r/wakeforestdentist

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Rolesville, NC Family Dentist

At Wells Family Dentistry, we understand that children and adults have different dental needs and are dedicated to addressing them all in a warm and caring environment. Our family dentists have served families in the Rolesville, NC area for years and pride ourselves on providing top-notch services that will keep you and your family healthy and confident.

Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening in Raleigh, NC

If you’re longing for a way to whiten your teeth and free them of yellowness, dullness, or stains, Zoom teeth whitening at Wells Family Dentistry in Raleigh is the way to go. In one appointment, this procedure can whiten your teeth by at least eight shades, drastically improve your smile and give you the confidence you deserve.

Wake Forest, NC General Family Dentist

To schedule an appointment or speak to a member of our friendly dental team, call Wells Family Dentistry at 919-266-5332.

Raleigh Emergency Dentist with Night and Weekend Hours

For affordable, high quality dental care in a comfortable environment, look no further than Wells Family Dentistry in Raleigh. When you choose us to care for your family’s oral health, you can expect cutting-edge technology and the individualized attention you deserve.

6 Year Molars Causing Swollen Gums and Face - What To Do - Wainright & Wassel DDS

The majority of children lose their first baby tooth at around 6 years old. While some children get nervous about losing teeth and are afraid to touch or brush them, others cannot stop playing with their teeth and showing them off to their friends and family. You can expect your child’s transition from baby to permanent teeth to last until they are 12 or 13 years old.

Most parents know that the age of 6 (years old) is important from an oral health standpoint. This is when the first permanent teeth come in. Children love playing with their “baby teeth” or “milk teeth” when they start to become loose. Some are even brave enough to try to pull them out themselves. Unfortunately, there are some children that have to deal with swelling when they are getting their 6 year molars. The swelling occurs when the permanent tooth is erupting from the gums and growing into an “adult tooth”.

TV Shows About Dentists and Orthodontists ← UNC Television

Although television shows about dentists and orthodontists currently do not exist, we believe that they would be quite entertaining. After all, dentists and orthodontists live very busy lives and are dedicated to ensuring their clients brush and floss properly and enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles for years to come. If a television show about a dentist or orthodontist does make a debut, it may centered around one of the following plots:

Dental Implants in Raleigh, NC - Wainright & Wassel DDS

In nearly every way, dental implants are a better solution to the problem of missing teeth. Dental implants are intimately connected with the gum tissues and underlying bone in the mouth. Implants are considered the standard in dental patient care for patients who qualify for implant therapy. We have the special knowledge, training and facilities that you need to have teeth that look and feel just like your own.

Dental Implants in Raleigh, NC - Wells Family Dental

Dental implants, artificial roots and teeth (usually made of titanium) surgically positioned into the upper or lower jawbone, look very natural and enhance or restore a patient’s smile. They replace missing teeth and provide a fixed solution to partial or complete dentures. Occasionally, normal wear and tear requires implants to be re-tightened or replaced, but most dental implants are very stable, strong, and durable for many years.

Does a Juul Vape or E-Cig Discolor Your Teeth? | Mile High Smiles | Lakewood, CO Dentist Brian S. Levitin, DDS

It is known that cigarettes cause teeth discoloration, but do Juuls, Vapes, or E-Cigs? With the popularity growing in vaping, the users are starting to ask about the effects that these devices have on their oral health.

Garner, NC Family Dentist | Moore Family Dentistry

In search of a top-notch dentist near Garner, NC? Moore Family Dentistry has you covered. We are pleased to offer a wide array of services to help you and your family achieve optimal oral health. Whether you’re in need of a routine cleaning and exam, a cosmetic treatment like porcelain veneers or tooth colored fillings, or gum disease treatment, we’re here to help. Patients from all walks of life consider our office a one-stop-shop for all of their dental needs. Here’s what you can expect when you visit us.

Garner, NC CEREC Same Day Crowns | Moore Family Dentistry

Dental crowns are essentially caps that fit over your teeth. So, what exactly is the purpose of dental crowns? Dental crowns can restore the size and shape of your teeth, strengthen them, or enhance their function. During a dental crown procedure, a crown is cemented into place to encase the tooth and protect it from harm.