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Top 10 Microlearning Articles worth reading by EI Design

Here are micro learning benefits and clarifies all your doubts on micro learning. Please add your faves to the list so I can discover more. And don't forget to vote for your faves!"


10 Benefits Of Microlearning-Based Training - EIDesign

Wanted to know 10 benefits of Microlearning-Based Training and why microlearning is a significant part of organizational training? Check out the article.

The Microlearning Solution: Is Microlearning Right For You? - EIDesign

In this article, I will outline why the microlearning solution is gaining momentum and how exactly you can use it. I will also share a checklist that you can use to evaluate if a given training would be the right fit for microlearning.

Why Adopt Microlearning – 15 Questions Answered

While the concept of content chunking to create short trainings has been there for decades, microlearning is the flavor of the season and for several good reasons. This article addresses 15 questions on #microlearning covering its #definition, #benefits, #usage, #impact, and why you should #adopt it. check it

5 Killer Examples: How To Use Microlearning-Based Training Effectively - EIDesign

Wonder how to use #Microlearning-#Based #Training effectively? Read the article on 5 killer #examples of using Microlearning-Based Training effectively.

How Can You Use Interactive Videos For Microlearning-Based Training

Check this article, I will showcase how the use of interactive videos can help you craft rich media, high impact #microlearning-based #training

How You Can Use Mobile Learning Apps For Microlearning-Based Training

Check this article, I will outline what mobile learning apps are and the benefits they offer. Using a case study featuring Gamified Assessments in the Mobile App format, I will showcase the impact they can create.

10 Ways To Use Microlearning To Make Your Corporate Training More Effective

The L&D focus today is on engaging #learning #strategies that facilitate application of learning and can create a positive ROI. This article showcases 10 #Microlearning formats that you can use (for both formal and informal training) to meet this mandate.

5 Must See Examples of Microlearning Strategies for Corporate Training - EIDesign

This article shows you how and where you can use these examples of Microlearning strategies to help transform your existing training delivery.

Microlearning in the Workplace - 15 Amazing Examples to Make Your Training Exciting - EIDesign

This infographic, Microlearning in the Workplace, provides organizations with insights on ways Microlearning can used to engage learners in training.

6 Amazing Examples - How You Can Use Microlearning Videos In Your Training - EIDesign

This article showcases how Microlearning Videos can be used organizations to create high-impact training for varied corporate training needs.

6 Amazing Examples of Using Micro Learning Videos in Corporate Training - EIDesign

This article talks about 6 amazing Microlearning Video examples that organizations can implement in their training strategies, for formal training as well as for performance support intervention.

5 Ways To Use Microlearning In Compliance Training - EIDesign

This article offers 5 pointers on how organizations can use Microlearning to uplift their Compliance Training mandate and make it more engaging.

Virtual Reality In eLearning - Using VR As A Microlearning Nugget For Induction And Onboarding - EIDesign

This article portrays how the approach of Virtual Reality in eLearning can be used to create immersive learning experiences for induction and onboarding purposes.