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Silent Disco: Enjoy Every Party on Your Own Terms

Heard of silent disco yet? No? We can’t believe you’ve been missing out on this revolutionary experience all this time!

5 Party Ideas for Beginners

Reading this article is a step in the right direction and an assurance that you’re going to do just fine.

4 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your House Party

House parties can either make or break you. You have to make sure that everything is in order and goes according to plan.

Silent Parties: A Unique Way to Get Your Party On

Those who say partying isn’t for everybody might just change their minds as soon as they step into the realm of silent parties. Unlike a traditional party, a silent one basically requires partygoers to put on a pair of headphones as a way to disengage from the outside world and allow themselves to focus solely on the music and their very own unique party experience.

How to Make Any Occasion a Party to Remember - CAPACITY - Silent Disco - Chicago, Illinois

Are you one of those people who love to throw a party every now and then? Do you have this weird obsession of having themes for every party you organize? Surely, this is not an easy task but it can be interesting as you go through the whole process. You need a whole lot of creative concepts stocked on your mind and you need to find the right places and supplies that will turn your idea into reality.

Dancing To Your Own Beat – Literally

Have you ever heard of a Silent Disco? Most people haven’t. This is a disco like most others, where the people of the night gather to dance until morning. However, this kind of disco is a bit different than you would expect it to be. When you walk through the doors of an event with @ Capacity, it will seem like a normal disco. You got your young folks dancing, you got drinks, a nice atmosphere, and a place to release some stress, but you notice something is off. People are dancing but there is no music! How is this possible?

Setting Up Your Own Silent Disco

Planning on hosting an amazing party? Why not give Silent Disco a try? @ Capacity can provide you with the equipment you need to make sure you are able to throw the best party ever. The amazing part is that, with the use of our Silent Headphones, you will not have to worry about disturbing anyone or having the police called on you because of too much noise. Here are some things that you will want to keep in mind of though:

It is Time to Try a New Kind of Party!

Are you planning on throwing a party but you want to mix things up a bit? You may want to try a Silent Party. A silent party is like most parties. You have your guests, some booze, good food, a great atmosphere, but there will be one thing different. It will be silent. - Read More

The Many Ways a Silent Disco Can Serve You

Planning on going to a Silent Disco? There are actually many different ways this kind of disco can benefit you. Even though most people will think of a Silent Party, @ Capacity can actually offer a multitude of services.

Dress Codes

Silent Disco Dress Code - Talk to us! Call 773-412-3969 to ask about Listening Parties, Silent Disco Parties and more Event Coordination Services.

Have a Silent Disco Wedding

Many couples have decided to opt out of traditional and conventional wedding celebrations. Since it is their important day, they want their family and friends to remember it for a long time as well. Everything should be memorable and enjoyable. One of the trickiest decisions when planning a wedding party is the music; whether you should go hire a band or a DJ. How about hiring a silent disco instead? Yes, that’s right. A silent party is now an option for your wedding reception.

Party Hard but Not Loud

Do you feel that the party scene no longer has anything new and exciting to offer? Maybe you’re feeling out of it or are just bored of the usual party scene. Well, a revolution in the party scene is coming. It’s fun and innovative; it’s silent disco! Yes, there is such a thing as a silent party. Companies such as @ CAPACITY offer silent disco parties to club, events and even weddings. Silent discos are quickly becoming the rage. — Read More

Silent Disco as Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Do you have plans for another grand celebration? Celebrate Mother’s Day in another exciting way! You can introduce to your whole family, friends and other loved ones a new kind of innovation when it comes to holding parties and events. Have you ever heard of the silent disco? Here are some things you need to know about Silent Disco: — Read More

How to Deal With Neighbours Who Hate Noise

Are you new to the neighborhood? Or do you have neighbors who requested you to minimize your music or your voices? Neighbors who hate noise are somewhat inevitable. And if you’re the type of person who loves music, parties or gatherings with your loved ones, this might pose as a big problem for you. How can you enjoy your activities without a little noise? Here’s how you can deal with neighbors who hate noise: — Read More

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