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Impact of the Industrial Revolution then and now

Continuing Ecological Impact of the Industrial Revolution

Today's global warming, environmental degradation and state of the human condition can all be attributed directly to the Industrial Revolution.

Impact of Industrial revolution on architecture

The Industrial Revolution, which began inEnglandabout 1760, led to radical changes at every level of civilization throughout the world. The growth of heavy industry brought a flood of new building materials—such as cast iron, steel, and glass—with which architects and engineers devised structures hitherto undreamed of in function, size, and form. Disenchantment with baroque, with…

Australia and the Industrial Revolution – Impact of the first railways

It’s 160 years ago this year (2014) since the first railway was opened in Australia in 1854. The railways were a vast improvement on the Cobb and Co. coaches, which carried people, and the drays and wagons, which carried goods, over the rough bush tracks. Pulled by horses or bullocks, wagons were slow and expensive, while the threat of being held up by bushrangers was a real possibility for coach travellers.

Child Labour in Britain, 1750-1870

Read the essential details about Child Labour. Links to content and primary sources covering Life in the Factory, Factory Reformers, Supporters of Child Labour, Biographies of Facrory Workers, Factory Acts and Statistics