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Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions

Home Care in Florida - For more questions on Homemaking, Respite Care and Non-Medical Care, call 407-335-4676.

Beating Depression in Older Adults

Is your elderly loved one showing sudden moodiness or constant complaints about pains and aches? Don’t dismiss these issues right away because they could be signs that your loved one is suffering from depression. As a person reaches age 65, he can experience physical decline and some losses like loss of income and independence, loss of loved ones, or loss of health. All of these can lead to emotional issues and depression. — Read More

Malnutrition in Seniors: Home Care is Key

Malnutrition happens if the body does not meet its nutritional needs. A lot of older adults aren’t getting enough to eat while they age. Undernutrition results in poor health and worse conditions like falling and muscle loss. Also, overnutrition or obesity is an issue of poor nutrition for aging people as it can negatively affect the management of chronic medical conditions. — Read More

Caregivers: Guardian Angels of the Elderly

We all want the elderly members of our family to live happy and fulfilling lives, however, at their age, health issues often stand in the way of that. While we accept that this is the way of the world, we cannot just leave our loved ones to care for themselves without any assistance. — Read More

Enhancing Elderly Care: An Easy and Effective Solution

For a time, providing care for your elders may be easy. Easy in the sense that, you wouldn’t really mind doing so because of your love for them. You’d be glad to be of service to these individuals who have dedicated their lives to ensuring that you’re able to live yours. — Read More

The Value of Home-Based Adult Care Services

Daily living for you and your elderly loved one can be very challenging. As their needs become more complicated, taking care of them demands more time and effort too. A common concern among many of us is finding a way that will enable us to look after our elders without having to put our careers on hold. Perhaps, a solution that will not require us to bring them in nursing facilities on their own. — Read More

Tips on How to Make Your Home Safer for Elders

As many of our aging loved ones choose to receive healthcare services at home, it is imperative that we make their primary environment conducive for their recovery and overall well being. Here are some easy tips on how you can ensure the safety of your elders at home: — Read More

The Benefits of Home Care for the Elderly

Home care services can be a huge help for the elderly! As we get older, life becomes more and more difficult to do and the things that we once found simple or trivial are suddenly mountainous tasks. This is where a Home Care in Florida can help out. Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions offers a multitude of different kinds of services such as homemaking, personal care, and respite care as well. Life can be hard in your golden years, but you are not alone! — Read More

Exercising in Your Golden Years

If you want to maintain your independence and continue doing the things you love every day, then it is important to take good care of yourself. One of the best ways to make sure you are always in the best health is through exercise. — Read More

5 Foods Seniors Should Avoid

They say “you must eat healthy so you can feel healthy and you must eat bad so you’ll feel bad.” Whoever coined the phrase certainly knows how foods significantly affect different body functions.

Senior Care Tips: Keeping Dentures in Good Condition

If your elderly loved one has lost all their teeth, there’s a good chance that they become picky at the foods they eat. It’s difficult for seniors to chew food and even speak properly when one or even all of their teeth are lost.

Is It Okay for the Elderly to Own Pets?

Since time immemorial, history has taught us that men are capable of taming animals and of making them part of their households. The same holds true today. Pets have become closer to their owners and they have even made their humans’ lives more meaningful.

Best Plants to Grow at Home

Growing plants is one of the recommended hobbies that senior citizens can engage in. Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions also believes that through this hobby, the elderly will feel fulfilled from sustaining and maintaining life.

4 Reasons to Keep Elderly at Home while Healing

Having an elderly loved one at home is not an issue. It only starts to be difficult when our parents already reach the stage when they could not bear all the changes that happen to their body anymore. Our situation becomes even worse when they suffer from illnesses which could possibly change our parents’ lives. Nonetheless, we should continue caring for them at home and not give up on them. As observed by numerous health institutions and Home Care Services, senior citizens who stay at home, together with their respective families, recover from their illness faster than those who stay in the hospital or in nursing care facilities.

Safety Tips for Older Adults Living Alone

In the United States of America, it is common to see an older adult living alone. Just like any other person living on their own, there are benefits, as well as disadvantages to living by themselves.

How to Help Your Old Parents Avoid Depression

Depression is one of the major enemies of the older adult population. Unlike heart attack, diabetes, and stroke, it does not kill by blowing it hard in the face. It slowly kills its victim. And before we know it, it already has consumed the elderly individual and pushed them to the point of no return.

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    Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions is a home care provider based in Winter Park, Florida. We serve the cities and counties in the community with structured care – much like the same services in assisted living homes or senior care facilities. The difference is we visit you at home so you don’t have to move out of the home that you love.

    Our staff will take care of the elderly and the disabled who wish to remain at home for the duration of their recovery or as they retire into their elderly years. In such way, we are keeping families together for as long as possible. While clients enjoy the closeness of family, they still have access to professional care which is provided to them by Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions.

    Do you have a loved one who might benefit from our home care services soon? Call us at 407-335-4676 and get started with care right away.

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