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You can try these streets to taste some of the popular Tianjin food

Tianjin is one of the five most significant metropolitan landscapes of China, and is an essential city to hit if you're a foodie since there are entire streets dedicated to food.


Shiyue Food Street

This is widely considered as one of the most prominent food streets in Tianjin. Within the stunning variety of eateries available here you're bound to discover a wide range of cuisine encompassing all the different styles of the culinary arts present in China. Withi Shiyue Food Street you ware all the iconic dishes that Tianjin is known for, making it the best place to head to if you're looking to sample cuisine relevant to the city. Almost any source of accommodation, including serviced apartments Tianjin has to offer such as the Somerset International Building Tianjin will recommend a trip to this delectable destination.


Heping District Food Street

For a comprehensive assortment of Chinese food, featuring northern, southern, western as well as eastern flavours, head down to Heping District. This definitely the definitive one-stop experience for Chinese food. You will find everything from Tianjin pancakes to fried dough twists, some of the most famous street foods in all of China. The latter are visually appealing as well, since they consist of a knotted pastry made of dough that have been deep fried and then filled with a bean paste. In the Heping District you will also find many vendors selling Bao Zi, steamed dumplings which are one of the most globally recognised Chinese delicacies. You can also find their fried alternatives, Jiao Zi, which are sure to be a bit more indulgent. Featuring fillings ranging from mushrooms to spicy pork, these are an essential culinary experience.


Nanshi Food Street

This is located at the heart of the city, where all the action takes place. It has a very historic and elegant touch since many of the buildings are large and built like palaces. Instead of vendors and stalls, this street has a wide selection of restaurants to choose from, offering a variety of upscale luxury dishes encompassing a variety of culinary influences. Within these restaurants you will find cuisines such as Shandong, Gongdong, Italian and Russian cuisine too. Since it has a prominently port-side location, you will plenty of fresh seafood within the eateries of Nanshi Food Street. With vintage buildings and international cuisine, this is definitely a unique experience on your Tianjin culinary adventure.


Five Great Avenues Food Street

As you might have guessed from the name of this street, it is definitely a place worth exploring. In addition to food, this district contains a smorgasbord of architecture, with styles inspired by the renaissance, European styles such as French and Greek, and even Gothic and Romantic elements too. This is essentially an upscale residential area, so the cuisine is equally elegant. You will find eateries with a variety of themes such as bistros, cafes and of course restaurants. Much like Nanshi street, you will find a wide variety of restaurants containing familiar styles of cuisine as well as authentic Chinese food.

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