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Top fights in Naruto

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and it is still popular even after the completion of the anime. They have the best fight ever and the once which takes you to a different level of fights. The battles are just brilliant and here is a list of those best fight from the beginning of Naruto. Do add on to the list if there are more fight which you feel are amazing.

Kakashi Team 7 vs Zabuza Momochi

Mostly I would say this one is my favorite because this fight was the one which made Naruto one of the outstanding anime. So even thought there are many amazing fights yet to come this one was the start of it all and it always brings back memories of how they grow gradually. Unforgettable fight of all time.

Naruto and Sasuke vs Haku

This fight was kind of very touching and I would say they made it amazing till the end. In this fight Naruto feels that sasuke is not just a friend but a brother, and Naruto's first time releasing his power because of sasuke. To the end it moves you to tears.

Rock Lee vs Gaara

Mostly this fight showed how powerful gaara and lee was. It was one of the longest fights as well. Both have given extraordinary performance in this fight when no one expected the fight to go to that level. It was totally out a wonderful and a amazing fight.

Naruto vs Neji

When everyone thought that Naruto cant win, he made an amazing come back in this battle. This is again the first time he shows his kyubi power which he had learnt to control. He just stuns the people with his amazing fighting skills. And a brilliant come back fight by Naruto.

Sasuke vs Gaara

Since every one had already seen Gaara's fight between Gaara and lee, the expectation that Gaara was strong and Sasuke was in danger if he fought him was there at the beginning of the fight. But Sasuke gives a stunning performance which no one expects.

Sasuke & Naruto vs Gaara

Let us say this is a fight between the jinchuuriki's, well Naruto and Gaara both have the tailed beasts in them and this is the first them they face each other in a serious battle. The battle ends with a really touching scene.

Choji vs Jirobo

If you have seen this fight you would definitely agree with me that this was one of choji's best fight. When Sasuke leaves the village they fight to win him back. Here in this fight choji has just become the hero, he has given something he wouldn't usually do. When it comes to your comrade you will go to any extent is what he shows in this fight.

Sarutobi vs Orochimaru

The legendary battle between the hokage and his student. Well this fight is just a wonderful yet a sad fight. The battle gives the sense of disappointment in his student and also his strength proves that he is some to be feared. Even though the battle was equally fought between the two of them, the ending of this fight is not a good one. Sad yet brilliant battle fought.

Gaara vs Kimimaro

After Gaara fights Naruto he changes to be good and he supports team which was chasing Sasuke. So this fight is kind of short and yet a crazy fight I might say. Pretty well done battle, kind of sweet and good to know someone who is strong is on there side.

Rock Lee vs Kimimaro

Not all that great fight but its a come back for rock lee after he was told that he can never be a ninja again. So I think this should come in one of the fight list because he fights all the odds and comes back with a bang. The battle is weird but kind of great as well.

Sasuke vs Naruto

In the attempt to bring Sasuke back to the village, everyone fight each opponent and stays back as they move forward. So in the end when Naruto meets Sasuke and tells him to come back to the village and he refuses, it breaks out a fight between them. This is kind of a major fight in Naruto when they where kids. So it does deserve to be in one of the amazing fights. I personally love this fight.

Jiraiya,Naruto, and Tsunade vs Kabuto and Orochima

After all that Naruto had been through when they finally meet the person who takes away Sasuke shows up, how he fights them and how Jiraiya and Tsunade fight Orochima is all this fight is about. This fights brings the legendary sanin together in a fight. The battle is very intense and well doesn't end in favor to both the side. Still they find a new Hokage, that's something right.