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Some of the Must-Visit Attractions in Busan – Places to See in Busan

Heading to the south of the country? Here are some of the most popular sightseeing destinations in the South Korean city of Busan.


A Time for Eating

If you're in search of cheap and tasty food in abundance and are up for the challenge of going completely local, head to Changseondong Meokja Golmok, which loosely translates from Korean as 'Let's Eat Alley'. Once you make your way here, go ahead and claim yourself one of the plastic stools around the many tables and place your order. The 'auntie' or 'ajumma' who runs the stall will get started on whipping up your meal right in front of you. If your Korean isn't all that fluent, it is highly advisable to go with someone who can get by well in the language – unless, of course, you don't mind being surprised by whatever does arrive on your plate. Do remember, also, that Korean's tend to favour a spicy cuisine much more than some of their other Asian counterparts in the region. So if you're only used to mild Japanese cuisine, the food in Busan might pack quite a punch for you unless you specifically request otherwise.


Fit For Kings

Taejongdae is a nature reserve cum amusement park in the city of Busan, which was named as such after a seventh century Silla ruler, King Taejong Muyeol, who is said to have enjoyed practicing archery here. For those of you who might be wondering, the Kingdom of Silla was one of the ancient Three Kingdoms of Korea; these ancient kingdoms spread out across certain regions of the lands of modern-day Korea, China, Manchuria and Russia, between 57 BC and 668 AD. Taejongdae Park is located on the island of Yeongdo-gu off the coast of Busan and, in addition to featuring great views of the cliffs and sea, offers guests attractions such as a lighthouse, observatory and amusement park rides to enjoy while there. To make your way there, take a forty minute bus ride down from Busan Station.


The Call of the Ocean

When you're in Busan, you must pay a visit to Haeundae Beach. Conveniently situated around ten minutes away from hotels and serviced apartments in Busan such as the Citadines Haeundae Busan, the beach is said to have been named after the inscription left by a Silla scholar. The inscription which spelled out "Hae Un Dae", was carved into a stone wall on nearby Dongbaekdo Island in appreciation of the great view of the beach which the scholar could see from there.


Got Fish?

Want to procure the freshest of seafood catches and don't mind getting up close and personal with your soon-to-be dinner? Then check out Jagalchi Fish Market. This market is renowned all over the country and is said to be the biggest one there! A word of warning - don't dress up for the trip as you will have to navigate watery floors; the less squeamish among you may even decide to get your hands dirty in order to inspect and pick out the best of the merchandise! When you have chosen your prized hauls for the night, make sure to barter for them; don't just accept the first price thrown at you, or you'll not be getting the better end of the bargain.

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