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Tips to Enhance Your Preschooler’s Interest in Reading

As a parent, it feels amazing to witness your kids show potential in becoming future achievers. You can see your kid’s excellent development in their early skills in playing and sports, their enthusiasm during arts and crafts time and roleplaying activities, or their incredible social skills. However, there’s no better feeling for a parent to see their kids excel academically, don’t you agree? It’s amazing to see your kid becoming, not only a free thinker but also an enthusiastic learner. And do you know what’s the most common early trait great learners have? Love for reading. Sure, your preschoolers may not have the skills to properly read yet, and the same goes for most kids their age, but having the early enthusiasm and interest to read and listen to stories and reading circles can take them a long way. That’s why, at Wonderful Virginia Academy, we make reading time a highlight of our daily sessions and each story circle be interesting for the kids. You, as a parent, have all the power to train them to become future achievers as early as now. Enhance their interest in reading the following tips: — Read More

Simple Ways to Make Your Kids Comfortable in Childcare

As parents of toddlers and preschoolers, there can be many reasons for you to send them in a childcare in Virginia. Other than the fact that it’s geared towards the early holistic development of your child, childcare centers like Wonderful Virginia Academy also create a safe, secured, and nurturing environment for your little loved ones. However, as enthusiastic parents can be in sending their kids to childcare in order for them to have a much better growing-up experience, most kids just don’t understand the need to be away from their parents while they’re playing and learning with other kids. Having to frequent a public environment outside home without the attention of their parents can be uncomfortably unfamiliar and scary for kids at first but you can always prepare them and help them ease into childcare with these simple ways: — Read More

How to Raise a Respectful Toddler

Your toddler is still very young and must be consistently taught to understand how important being respectful is. He has to practice to learn to show respect. And because his language skills are still developing, you cannot expect him to answer you in an understandable way how he is having fun with his toys when you told him it is bedtime. Being a provider of the Best Childcare in Woodbridge Virginia, we want to help you teach your toddler respect. — Read More

Asthma Awareness Month: Working with your Little One’s School

Children suffering from asthma usually have symptoms at school so parents must involve the school in caring for their asthma sufferer. This is essential even if a child only experiences mild asthma. Because many schools have children with asthma, their teachers and nurses are familiar with helping kids having this health problem. Still, this Asthma Awareness Month, we wish to suggest that parents take some steps to make sure their young child gets adequate attention.

Making Sure Your Child is Healthy

We all want to make sure that we can keep our children in good health through the Best Childcare in Woodbridge Virginia. However, when it comes down to health, the best cure is preventive medicine!

6 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Child Care Provider

Being a parent never gets easy, right? From pacifying a crying baby at night to changing their diapers, now you’re stressing about choosing a provider of Child care in Virginia.

3 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Clean

Health experts would say that if you want your kids to be healthy, then you must keep their teeth clean always. In other words, the condition of their health is directly related to how clean their teeth are.

Truth Be Told: Poor Health Affects Children’s Learning Ability

A balanced diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep are three timeless reminders for overall health. When it comes to your children, it is important for holistic wellbeing not to be compromised as it greatly affects young ones’ learning ability.

What to Teach Your Child About Safety when Playing

As advocates for Early Childhood Education in Woodbridge, Virginia, we greatly believe that playing is an essential activity for children. Not only will this help promote physical agility, but it can also improve their social skills and enhance their mental wellbeing.

5 Simple Tips to Build a Child’s Reading Skills

Every child will need early childhood education in Woodbridge, Virginia. Yet, the child doesn't have to be in kindergarten first before they learn how to read. As a parent, you are capable of teaching your child reading skills. Here are five simple tips parents you can do to build your child's reading skills.

Easy Steps to Teach Your Child Proper Handwashing

As parents, we are at the forefront of our child’s overall health. When children are healthy, they can also learn better and faster, especially if they are receiving Early Childhood Education in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Helping Your Child Grow Better

The most crucial stages of a child’s development are in their infant, toddler, and school-age years. As parents, you always want what’s best for your child. So, your priority should be looking for the best childcare foundation. Those early periods of their lives will become their groundwork for the many years to come.

Providing Your Children the Best Education

Sometimes, it is hard to make the best choices for our child especially when they are still at the early stages of their childhood. We are often unsure of some particular decisions and hope that we are doing the right thing. Every parent would want them to grow healthy and smart. For this reason, Wonderful Virginia Academy focuses on early childhood education in Woodbridge, Virginia, to help you and your children.

Why Is Childcare Important?

What makes childcare or early education important? The best childcare keeps children healthy and safe. It also helps them develop particular skills that they will need for success, not only in school but also in their lives outside the premises. Wonderful Virginia Academy is a provider of childcare you can trust. We will not let you or your little ones down. We can guarantee that every hour your children spend here will always be worthwhile.

Dealing with Bossy Preschoolers: What Am I Doing Wrong?

Believe it or not, you’re doing nothing wrong. Being a provider of child development in Virginia, we have had our own handful of bossy preschoolers.

Establishing Routines for Your Preschooler

Even if you enroll your child in the best Preschool Programschildcare center, the upbringing at home will continue to affect their behavior. That is why routines come in handy to easily manage their behavior.

Responsible Parenting 101: How Do I Motivate My Child?

“How do I motivate my child?” - It is perhaps one of the most asked questions for parents knowing that they only want nothing but the best for their kids. That is why many of you decided to enroll your kids in an Early Childhood Education in Woodbridge, Virginia, so you can ensure they get the right education to prepare them for their future. However, truth be told, not every day your kids are excited to go to school and learn. If this concern continues, their performance will surely be affected.

How Important Is Play in Preschool?

Children, during their formative years, tend to be very energetic. Their restlessness makes it difficult for them to focus in school. Fortunately, preschool is not as intensive as formal education in the higher years.

Benefits of Child Care for Infants and Toddlers

Parents often need to find a child care facility to take care of their children, especially working parents. Here at Wonderful Virginia Academy, a trusted of early childhood education in Woodbridge, Virginia, we provide your children with benefits that will help them have a healthy development at their young age.

Factors to Consider When Upholding for Your Kids’ Holistic Growth

A huge part of the life of successful people can be traced back to how well they’re reared up when they were kids. This is why many parents look for the best childcare in Woodbridge, Virginia to give their kids an excellent head start. Are you planning to do the same? If yes, make sure you avail of early childhood education programs that focus on developing the following holistic growth factors:

How to Deal with Temper Tantrums in Toddlers

It is common for children to suddenly throw a temper tantrum. As part of proper child development in Virginia, parents are encouraged to teach the child how to cope with their feelings instead of reprimanding them for it. After all, teaching a child how to deal with their emotions can help them grow into better adults in the future.

CDC Reports That Kids Spreads COVID-19 to Their Families

With Early Childhood Education centers slowly beginning to allow children to return to in-person classes, many parents are concerned about their child’s and the rest of the family’s health and safety. Many want to know if their children are at risk of contracting COVID-19 while at school.

Choosing Appropriate Toys for Your Toddler

Toys are essential to your child’s early childhood education. As they have fun and play, they also develop various skills, such as thinking, physical, language, and social-emotional skills. Choosing the appropriate toys for their age can help nurture these skills.

Are Nursery Rhymes Important in Early Childhood?

In early childhood education, nursery rhymes remain an essential part of the learning process. But, does singing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” or “The Wheel’s on the Bus” and other nursery rhymes help children develop, or are they just a smart way to burn time in class?