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Cast Right With Plaster Casting

Gone are the days of traditional plaster casting. With the Cast Rite by Environ Molds, casting and molding have become much easier and safer. Cast Rite is specially heat treated for fine art casting and unlike the generic plaster of Paris; it holds great details and is also resist chipping and cracking.

Plaster and Gypsums

To get more information about plaster, gypsum, its uses, and plaster casting, you can count on ArtMolds to show the right process and the right products.

Resin- The Ideal Choice For Cold Casting

Looking for a product for cold casting? No product will be as useful as resin. There are three classes of the product and it includes polyester, epoxy and polyurethane resin. The advantage of polyester resin is that it is easy to use and is the lowest cost resin among resin products. EnvironMolds, LLC brings a collection of resin for casting purposes. If you want to learn more about Resin casting, then visit our site today.

Tips For Getting A Life Casting Done

Getting a life casting done has the makings of a special and unique experience for the model. But proper preparations and precautions are essential to ensure there’s no hitch in the proceedings.

How to Display A Casting?

A frame is requisite for displaying a painting or a photograph. But how do you present a three-dimensional artwork like a sculpture or life cast? A base and name plate will render a finished look.

Learning Mold Making with Kryger

There are few things that acclaimed artist, Michael Kryger does not know about mold making. You too can draw on his immense knowledge and expertise through the video series, Mastering Mold Making.

Why is CastRite better than plaster of Paris?

Want to replace plaster of Paris as you cast making material? Try CastRite Art Casting Stone which assures excellent slip castings when combined and properly mixed with water. Contact them to order online.

Tips for Storing Latex Rubber

Latex rubber is a natural material that is derived from rubber trees. It is versatile and easy to use. You can use it to make molds and casts or even to create special effects. It is equally usable for making masks and thin skin props or toys as for coating tools or making materials waterproof.

Using Sodium Silicate in the Art Studio

There is practically no limit to the varied uses of sodium silicate. It can be used in artwork and beyond to aid production in factories as well. The utility value in the studio itself is very diverse.

The Guide to Right Mask Making

If you are wondering where to get the latex mask of the best quality for your mask making requirements, contact them to order the product used to make high quality masks, body parts and as a skin over polyurethane foams.

A Life Cast in Metal

Did you know that life casts do not always have to be made in plaster or such materials? You can go beyond these regular life casts and get a reproduction of yourself made in a metal of your choice as well!

Bizarre Characters Come To Life With Life Casting

On-screen depictions of abnormal characters by real actors is possible thanks to the beautiful art of life casting. This requires consummate skill along with quality materials that are safe for the skin.

Pressure Pot for Resin Casting

A pressure pot is required for bubble-free and air-trap-free resin castings. This is especially critical in creating clear resin castings as trapped air can mar the appearance of a crystal clear casting. The ArtMolds Pressure Pot is designed for use in applying pressure to force air out of resin and to force resin into thin sections of a mold. This eliminates air bubbles and air traps in the cured castings.

Plaster Bandages – A Handy Product

Plaster is one of the most versatile materials that is widely used for making molds, casts and life casts. It is simple to use and serves useful for varied purposes. In fact, it is not just the plaster itself, even bandage rolls infused with plaster powder prove to be very handy in the studio.

Foot Printz Easy Cast Kit

Footprint molds of babies can be a precious heirloom memento that can be cherished all lifelong. Artmolds brings the Foot Printz Easy Cast Kit for those who wish to treasure their kid's footprint forvever. This easy to use kit is skin friendly, non-toxic and safe to use for two years and up.

Casting is Best with CastRite Plaster

CastRite Art Casting Stone is the usual product of choice of various artists for making figurines, statuary, picture frames, restorations or other casts and even life casts. CastRite is especially favored for making life casts. Apart from alginate, the plaster mix can also be cast in resin, silicone and latex molds. The inherent porosity assures excellent slip castings as well. In addition, the same plaster can also be used to make molds and shell molds.

Using Plaster in Art Studios

Plaster is commonly used as a building material. It can form a protective coating on walls and ceilings and can also be used to form decorative elements. Plaster is also used to make casts to set broken bones as well as to make dental impressions. Then again, artists use plaster to make molds, casts and even life casts. It can also be coated on gauze to form plaster bandages.