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Updated by Orlando Pharmacy on Feb 08, 2018
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Orlando Pharmacy

Orlando Pharmacy is a provider of Medications and Medical Supplies in Orlando, Florida.

Quick Tips That Can Prevent Hair Damage

The fashion game in this era has definitely upped several levels since the last millennium. Clothes, makeup, hair styling. Everything has become a form of self-expression. Trends evolve quickly, there’s almost a new fad every week.

Is It Good to Take Multivitamins? | Orlando Pharmacy

The food we eat is insufficient. Our body needs different types of nutrients to fully perform its daily functions. Although we try to supply all these nutritional needs every day whenever we eat our meals, the food we consume may possibly be not enough. If most of the food served on the table have been genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides, processed, and packed for our consumption, these food choices might not give us the nutrition they claim to supply. But taking multivitamins will fill these nutritional gaps.

The Different Kinds of Medications that We Have

As a Retail Pharmacy in Orlando, Florida, we aim to provide a vast selection of medications and medicines that are priced fairly. This will ensure your easy access to the products needed to improve and maintain your health today. It goes without saying just how important it is to have the proper medications to beat whatever kind of condition you may have. It does not matter if you have flu or if you are trying to beat a condition that is far more serious, we strive to provide the means you need to have a good health.

What Not to Eat while Taking Antibiotics

There are three ways food interacts with the medicine we take. The food will either interfere with how our body breaks it down, slow down our body’s absorption of the medicine, or block the absorption of the medication entirely. Consequently, taking antibiotics to stop infection inside our system is not a walk in the park. While the antibiotics kill the bacteria we need to eliminate in our body, it is also possible that the good bacteria will be affected.

Wound Care: It’s Pharmaceutical Management

It can’t be avoided that there will be instances where you’ll meet minor accidents such as a slip while you are walking in your backyard or probably a burn caused by oil spilling on your hands as you are sautéing the meat on the wok. For minor wounds and burns, it is imperative that you know self-treatment and first aid which are readily available in the pharmacy. The way you manage the wound and burn is critical in its healing process such that, infection is preempted and scar formation is totally averted.

Tips for Saving Money at the Pharmacy

Going to the pharmacy can be an expensive experience. Medications are not cheap, especially when you are looking for specialized drugs or prescription meds! However, you do not have to break the bank the next time you visit the pharmacy. With these tips, we can help you save money and some headaches at the same time.

First 100 Days: Mom’s Needed Nutrition during Pregnancy I

Pregnancy is an irony. It is both beautiful and exciting yet it can also be frightening. No matter how many times you have gone into labor, there are new things you will indubitably experience in the pregnancy journey ahead of you. — Read More

The Convenience of Modern Pharmacies

Modern day pharmacies such as Orlando Pharmacy are designed to be as convenient as possible. We know that there are many things you have to do throughout the day and time is a luxury that you simply cannot afford between work, responsibilities, and stuff at home. However, it is also important for you to get the products and the medication you need to maintain your health! For this reason, many retail pharmacies in Orlando, Florida are offering many convenient services to help you out! — Read More

Saving Money on Medication

If you are like most of us and do not have much money to spend, then you may want to consider finding ways to save money on your medication. Normally, when it comes to your health you want to get the best medical care possible but there are still ways that you can use to help you get the help you need while still saving your wallet! — Read More




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    Orlando Pharmacy is among the most trusted pharmacies in Orlando, Florida. Serving the Orlando community for over 50 years, we are in the business of building relationships. In our profession, we place a high value on our reputation for credibility, integrity, and always going the extra mile to meet the needs of customers.

    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to help improve lives of families and communities and make healthcare more effective while still being affordable for everyone by providing innovate products and services that ensures quality and efficiency.

    Even at the start, Orlando Pharmacy has always made it a point to serve with dedication and passion. We want to be able to satisfy more customers and become the premier provider of high quality and cost-effective drugs and pharmacy services in the community.

    Our lines are always open and you can drop by the drugstore for assistance anytime. If you have further questions about our company, the services and products we offer, or anything related to your health, you can always contact us at 407-898-1331.

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