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Best Day Trips from London – The Best Ways to Spend a Day out of London

London is one of the most iconic cityscapes in the world with many instantly recognisable attractions. The city is also very close to a wide selection of equally captivating places.



One thing that London is famous for is her royalty, and many luxurious districts such as Mayfair, where you can find many a luxury Mayfair hotel such as the COMO Metropolitan London. It's always good however to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind, and one place you can check out is Windsor, the famous site of the Windsor castle. This is a market town so there will be no shortage of shops for you to explore and indulge in some unique retail therapy. Windsor also boasts the only Legoland in England, and the largest of its kind in the word in terms of space.



This is one of the most historic places in the country, and a certified World Heritage Site since 1987. Incredibly, the entire city used to be a spa during the days of the Roman Empire when they built various baths here, along with a temple. You could still take a dip in the naturally heated springs that Bath is known for should you wish. The city's striking architecture is also a beautiful sight to behold with a vast selection of archaeological sites scattered through the cityscape. Definitely a worthy retreat if you're considering taking a ride out of London.



This is probably the most famous university town in existence and is a venture best fit for an intellectual since there are so many museums and galleries to explore. You could experience the UK's largest library system by taking a visit to The Bodleian Library and take a look at the many historic rooms within it. The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford is the world's first University museum, which is bound to be a significant addition to the list of places you have seen. There's also a multitude of famous artists based in Oxford so there's never telling who you could run into.



One of England's greatest concepts is theatre, and if you ever find yourself in the country you should definitely visit the birthplace of the man who re-defined the art form. Given that William Shakespeare was born and raised here, there are many concepts centred on his work. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre as well as the Royal Shakespeare Company are both based here, so you could catch some incredible renditions of his famous plays. Among the various attractions there's also a pub called The Garrick Inn which has supposedly existed ever since the medieval times.


Warwick Castle

This massive castle was so popular as a tourism site during the late 1800s that the Earl who owned the premises forbade any tourists from entering it. Currently however, it is a tourism hotspot, and many come to experience the massive castle that was built based off the original built in 1068 by William the Conqueror. There are many seasonal events that take place at the castle, ranging from bird shows to archery displays and even jousting. If you ever wish to experience the middle-ages, there are few better places than this.