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Top Reasons to Visit Maldives

Even though sipping Mai Tai on a sun soaked beach is a good enough reason to visit Maldives, there are many other intriguing reasons to visit this spectacular island for your next vacation.


Luxury Resorts

Considered as world's top vacation destinations, Maldives overflows with a plethora of elite resorts and hotels tailored to cater to their ever-more discerning travellers. Endowed with World's major hotel brands, Maldives attract enthusiastic travellers from all corners of the world with their avant-garde luxuries. If a Maldives luxury resort is where you are planning to spend your next vacation, there are certainly many types of resorts with many varieties of luxuries to choose. Whether you wish to wake up in an underwater bedroom or in a cosy suite overlooking the turquoise beaches, Maldives is the ideal place that makes all of your vacation plans come true.


Awe-inspiring snorkelling

Although the travellers visit Maldives for its emerald beaches and turquoise lagoons, the spectacular marine and coral life Maldives entices all the snorkelling enthusiasts among us. Abundant with various species of fishes, stunning aquatic plants and about 70 species of coral reefs dabbed with almost every colour, Maldives is named as one of the most spectacular diving destinations in the world. A diver can encounter a wide array of fish species such as Trevally's, Dogtooth Tuna, Sweetlips and even a Napoleon wrasse when exploring under the clear waves of the Maldivian waters. Intrigued divers looking to garner that awe-inspiring experience can stay at resorts such as COMO Maalifushi, in the Maldives.


Carve through the waves

Enticing and adventurous, the endless surf breaks of Maldives have been drawing the surf enthusiasts to get on their surfboards and paddle into the deep blues since early times. Whether it is in the Male Atolls, Central Atolls or South Atolls, the swell of the waves, their size and the consistency are perfect for those looking to make their vacation that daring journey in the East.


Dive into the ocean depths

An unforgettable underwater experience, diving in the Maldives among its many pelagic species, is an excursion you cannot miss when in Maldives. Sometimes with steeps more than 40 metres, the otherworldly underwater destination of Malidves, lets the diver garner an experience that is almost surreal. Under the waves, the diver can expect caves, channels, soft and hard corals populated with many marine species.


Dolphin spotting

Another great joy of visiting Maldives, watching little spinner dolphins follow your boat in the late afternoon in the lagoons. As the dolphins come out of hiding from the lagoons into the deep waters, watch them leap into the air in joy. A rich whale and dolphin fauna, waters surrounding Maldives is home to around 23 species of whales and dolphins that range from Spinner dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Short-fin Pilot Whales to Risso's Dolphins.


Exotic culinary finds

Abundant with all kinds of dining option such as restaurants, snack bars, bistros and destination restaurants, Maldives provide flavourful culinary experiences for its visitors all over the world. If you prefer enjoying your meal a few metres above the sea level, restaurants like Ithaa Undersea Restaurant will surprise you with its wide array of dishes inclusive of its staple ingredient, seafood. With perfect renditions of international and local culinary finds, Maldivian cuisine caters to all the enthusiasts of different varieties of delectable food.

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