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The Benefits of Dead Sea Mud in Skin Treatments – Natures Remedy

Dead Sea mud is enriched with 26 types of minerals; penetrating deep into the skin as the mud possesses the quality to brighten and rejuvenate your outer shield. Read on for more.


Enjoy Lively Skin Rich in Moisture

The mineral rich mud has a tendency to penetrate deep into your skin. This excellent property provides deep moistening and hydration to the skin cells. The action in turn encourages free flow of oxygen. Improved oxygen flow to the skin simply means your skin is given a new lease of life with increased liveliness and a smooth texture.


Save Your Skin from Pollution

Your skin pores contain many harmful toxins and pollutants; especially after a sojourn in the city. Dead Sea mud has an excellent quality in absorbing these toxins and opening up pores. The result is a healthier texture and visibly younger looking purer skin. You should know that Dead Sea mud is collected from the lowest points on the globe, this in turn offers many benefits not just for the skin but as an aid for cancer. The minerals in the mud have curative properties that offer some cancer remedies and bone cures, what's more the mud bursting with many types of minerals works as a muscle relaxants and pain killer.


Triggering Nutrients via Minerals

The mineral rich mud has a unique quality to emphasise and enhance the absorbent properties of other herbs and ingredients used in body wraps. This fine amalgamation results in body wraps working to perfection, offering an enhanced flow of oxygen, reduced pain of joints and lighter skin tone. It is therefore a cherished ingredient during the holistic hands on healing sessions at most spas. Many enjoy these universal treatments while on holiday and indeed they do come highly recommended for rejuvenating mind body and soul. Look around there are lots of holistic wellness centres across the globe just like COMO Shambhala.


Relish a Silky Touch

Dead Sea mud facial masks work wonders to clarify and purify the skin on your face. Enjoy the velvety feel after one of these treatments that will leave your skin looking smooth and refreshed. The mud acts as a seal on the skin helping to fast track functions of oxygen flow and cell rejuvenation. The mask will help your skin to absorb proteins and vitamins much faster.


A Smooth Outer Skin is Promised

This wonderful mud helps skin cells to function better. Especially facial masks and body wraps assist the skin enhancing rejuvenation qualities. Particularly if your skin is prone to abrasions this process will help the minerals and vitamins to be absorbed faster quickening the healing process. The result is a smooth outer skin that glows with health.


A Relief for Psoriasis

People with skin irritations and extreme dryness will love the effects this mud has on the skin. Unfavourable skin conditions like psoriasis is often cured with Dead Sea mud and the fabulous minerals it possesses. What's more the treatment later acts as a protective, shielding the skin from adverse effects.

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